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Angraj in Deception creates drama for Pooja and Naren

    The Arrival Of the Angraj will cause a dangerous tension between Pooja and the entire Vyas family.  Angraj make his entry this Thursday, Pooja...

Deception April 2020 teasers

Deception April teasers 2020: Pooja is faking her madness to hide a truth that could destroy the vyas mansion forever What happens when the...

Download Deception Zee world sound tracks here

Deception is a series on zee world focussing on naren and Pooja, two different personalities that fate has destined to be together. Here are...

Deception Zee World: Full story, Plot summary, casts, teasers

Deception Zee World full story: focuses on Naren and Pooja. Naren does not like to socialize and keeps himself away from the world. He...

Deception January 2020 teasers

  Anticipate! Here are the first teasers for Zee World new series Deception coming January 2020. A supernatural tale like never before seen... Zee world: Deception...