Strings of love Starlife update Thursday 27 June 2024

Strings of love 27 June 2024: Sahiba asks Angad if the diamond is really fake. Angad nods yes. Chopras tongue lash Angad for selling them a fake diamond. Angad says he really didn’t know that this diamond is fake. Malhotra says he is Ludhiana’s biggest diamond dealer and can’t go wrong, they are sure he must have got this fake diamond prepared.

Sahiba warns them not to wrongly accuse Angad as Angad can never do wrong with anyone. Angad says it’s his mistake and he will not let them suffer. He asks Pam to return Malhotras’ money. After getting their money, Malhotras treaten Angad to speak to Diamond merchant’s federation now and walk away. Angad’s employees discuss that if the issue reaches diamond federation, they will not spare anyone. Jaspal tells Angad that they lost

money and even diamond, above all diamond merchant’s federation will trouble them now. Angad asks Jaspal and Sahiba not to let family know about this issue.

Japjot tells Manveer that she will prepare kada prasad today for the festival. Manveer asks Gurleen to join them. Gurleen still in shock says she can’t get out of it and wants permanent solution for this. Manveer says she knows what to do and calls Mongas. Mysterious man calls Seerat. Seerat says she will enter Angad’s room and open his locker when family gets busy preparing kada prasad. She walks into room and is about to enter changing room when Simran stops her and asks what is she doing here. Seerat gets nervous and asks what is she doing here. Simran says she came to take colors and asks why is she here. Seerat gets angry and asks her to mind her business. Inder walks in and tells Simran that Japjot is calling her to serve kada prasad. Simran insists Seerat to accompany her and forcefully takes her along while Seerat refuses.

Angad calls Akaal to office and explains him the situation. Akaal says he trusts Angad and Angad is free to take decisions. Anticorruption squad forcefully enter Angad’s office and inform that Mr Malhotra has complained against him for selling a fake diamond, so they will check that transaction and all past transaction of Brar jewelers. They warn all Brar jewelers’ directors not to leave office until the raid is over. Akaal shares his difficulties when he opened this business.

Manveer calls Mongas home and accuse them of encouraging their daughter Keerat to trap Veer and marry him. Ajith and Santosh refuse allegations and warn her to mind her tongue. Gurleen joins her and they continue their accusations. Akaal with Angad and Jaspal returns home and silently watches the drama. Angad asks Manveer and Gurleen that they can speak to his Sahiba’s parent’s like that. Jaspal warns him to mind his tone. Angad apologizes Gurleen and says she can’t wrongly accuse his in-laws. Santosh accuses that Veer proposed Keerat and they are accusing Keerat instead.Drama continues. Sahiba says let them ask Veer and Keerat itself. Keerat says even she loves Veer.

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