Strings of love Starlife update Tuesday 22 August 2023

Strings of love 22 August 2023: Jasleen follows Santosh and Seerat and notices them leaving in an auto. She thinks Mr perfectionist Angad got a nice choice. Angad imagines Seerat in diamond and gets lost in her dreams. Seerat returns home and excitedly informs Ajit that she won a dance competition. Taiji says she knows Seerat is the best. Seerat shows her prize. Ajit says its a precious diamond pendant, where did she get it from. Santosh walks in and rudely asks him to not question her anything as she is tired. Seerat asks what must be the cost of this pendant. Ajit says its priceless as she won it. Santosh arrogantly says it has value or else she wouldn’t have gone there, she will get her daughters married in a rich family and shut her neighbors’ mouth. She continues her drama.

Angad asks his secretary to get him guest address. Secretary asks if he wants all guest list of one whom he was lifting. Angad feels shy and sends her away. Seerat continues to boast about her winning dance. Ajit asks if she knows to dance. Seerat gets nervous. Keerat says let her massage her as she must be tired dancing. Seerat permits her. Keerat takes pendant from her and says it should reach its real contender and fixes it in Sahiba’s neck. Seerat warns her to return it or else she will. Keerat asks if she will get her bones broken. Sahiba returns Seerat’s pendant. Seerat pulls it harshly. Saiba writhes in pain. Keerat notices Sahiba’s injury and informs Ajit that Sahiba incurred it while protecting Seerat and instead of thanking her, Seerat humiliated her in front of everyone. Ajit in a shock asks what was her mother doing.

Santosh applies ointment to Sahiba’s wound and traps Sahiba with her long emotional backmail, humiliating Ajit repeatedly in between. Seerat starts her emotional drama. Santosh hugs her all 3 daughters and shows her fake love for Sahiba and Keerat. Taiji notices Seerat’s earring missing. Sahiba says that earring was their grandmother’s last gift. Seerat says once she becomes Brar bahu, she will gift a jewelry set to Sahiba and excitedly describes how her wedding would be India’s most lavish wedding. Santosh says it was their grandmother’s memory. Santosh supports Seerat. Angad looks at Seerat’s earring and misses her.

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