Strings of love Starlife update Monday 21 August 2023

Strings of love 21 August 2023: Santosh gets tensed when doctor checks up Seerat. Jasleen asks why she looks tensed. Santosh tells doctor there is no need to check Seerat as she is fine. Doctor says she can’t find out exact reason for Seerat’s pain and hence needs some tests done. Santosh misbehaves with doctor and shouts at her to get out, then realizes its her imagination and says she will take Seerat to their family doctor from here. Barfeer thanks doctor for coming and sends her. Seerat tells Santosh they should leave now and apologizes Barfeer for troubling them. Jasleen thinks until she finds out who they are, she will not let them go. She asks them to stay back till dance competitor’s winner is announced. She asks Barfeer and Gurleen to go and looks after arrangments while she looks after their special guests.

Angad on stage announces Seerat as winner of the dance competition. Everyone clap for them. Seerat excitedly walks on stage. Jasleen thinks one who couldn’t walk some time ago is rushing on stage and opening her mouth wide like a hungry dog looking at the chain and pendant. Angad fixes chain and pendant in her neck. Santosh feels good. Keerat feels angry recalling Sahiba’s insult. Santosh prays god to unite Angad and Sahiba’s hearts forever. Kiara tells Garry that this judgment is unfair. Garry says everything is fair in love and war, Seerat won Angad’s heart before winning trophy. Veer says even he agrees that Angad likes Seerat. Kiara says she doesn’t know what is in Angad’s eyes, but she can see something else in Garry’s eyes. Garry says she will find out soon.

Sahiba while stitching dresses at home gets worried that Santosh and Seerat didn’t return home yet. Ajit says he is sure that Santosh must have done something and asks if she said something. Sahiba recalls Santosh and Seerat humiliating her at the party and thinks she shouldn’t inform Ajit about it. She asks Ajit to call Santosh and find out. After distributing prize, Angad asks guests to have food and go and asks Sahiba what would she like to have. She says aloe vera juice with extra ginger and ice. Angad orders it and tells Seerat that she must be very health conscious, what is her routine, when does she wake up. Seerat says 10 a.m. Angad says one who wakes up late, loses a lot. Seerat says she means she finishes yoga by 10 a.m., wakes up at 6 a.m., then performs meditation and walk and keeps herself updated with newspaper.

Santosh imagines Seerat and Angad’s marriage. Jasleen notices her and asks what is she thinking. Santosh says they their jodi looks so good. Jasleen asks what? Santosh gets alert. Ajit calls her. She disconnects call and says its media calling to interview Seerat. Barfeer notices Angad lost in Seerat, walks to him, and says he should meet other guests also. Santosh says Barfeer is right. Keerat says their car has come. Angad says he will drop them till car. Seerat says their car is parked far away due to crowd, so they themselves will go. Jasleen asks Angad to attend guests while she sees off his special guests. Angad leaves with his mother. Santosh acts as talking to her driver Bablu and silently tries to leave. Keerat asks who is Bablu, Khulcha has come to pick them up. Santosh says there are so many drivers at some, she forgot his name. She hurriedly rushes out and leaves in auto,. Jasleen notices that and thinks Angad got a perfect girl, she will make sure Seerat’s truth doesn’t come in front of anyone or even Angad.


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