Timeless love update Tuesday 22 August 2023

Timeless love 22 August 2023: The Episode starts with Vidhi giving tea to Chacha ji. She says Papa doesn’t like any change in his room and tells about his preference. She asks if I shall change. Chacha ji smiles. Vidhi sets Hariprasad’s room as he likes. Chacha ji keeps his hand on her head. Dev tells Satyavati that he will go to office. Satyavati asks how is Vidhi’s Papa? Dev says I came to know that he will be discharged today. Satyavati asks if she shall go and see him. Dev says not now, I will ask Vidhi and tell you. Satyavati says ok. Chacha ji tells Urmila that Vidhi knows even the smallest things about Bhai Saheb’s choices and says their Golden shall be like her. Urmila says Bhai saheb is in this condition because of her and you are praising her. Hariprasad comes home from hospital. The people starts gossiping about Vidhi. Hariprasad comes inside the house and prays to Milapni Devi. He says temple is good. Bimla says I didn’t decorate the temple, I was in the hospital with you. Vidhi tells Hariprasad that she has resigned and will not step out of the house without his permission. She says I will not meet or talk to Dev Sir, I promise. Hariprasad tells that he and his wife Bimla will spend their lives to take care of Milapni Devi temple and they have nobody. He says my last rites will be done by my younger brother Pramod. He says two sharmas stay in this house, Hariprasad and Bimla Sharma and nobody else. Vidhi cries.

Hariprasad comes to his room and sees it decorated like he wants. He thinks of Vidhi’s words that she loves Dev Sir. He asks Pramod who has touched my stuff. He says all the things are kept improperly. He says my wife and I will stay as we can. A fb is shown, Hariprasad appreciating Vidhi for decorating his room and telling that she knows well about his preference. Vidhi says I forgot to keep Dayanand Saraswati book. Hariprasad says no problem, I will sleep without reading it. fb ends. Hariprasad sits on the bed. Bimla asks if he will drink tea. Kalumal says no and tells that Hariprasad is going through the same phase as me, and says Vidhi did the same mistake as my daughter Suman. He asks him to absorb his anger and keep eye on her, if she cuts her veins, or drinks poison, then? He asks him not to feel bad and tells that the guy whom Suman used to love was married, but Dev is bachelor. He says if he makes Vidhi eloped and asks them to take care.

The media is waiting outside Dev’s office and the crowd are saying the slogans slamming Dev. Dev calls Vidhi. Vidhi thinks how to pick the call, Maa and Papa will get worried. Everyone watches news. Abhimanyu says this is rival’s doings. Satyavati says this is someone’s conspiracy. Priya smiles and calls Amba. The media tells that Dev Raichand ‘s name is linked to his employee and he is having illicit relation with young girl, half his age. Amba, Chitra and Vikram watch the news too. Amba smiles. Dev comes to the office and asks Media to listen to him. A goon throws ink on Dev’s face, blackening his face. Vidhi, Hariprasad and Bimla watch the news too.

All the employees look at Dev from inside. The reporter tells that people are angry due to his illicit relation with the young girl. Amba messages Priya if she has done this, she told her clearly that Vidhi is their target. Dev climbs on his chair and asks if you are done with the drama, then say how am I looking? Reporter asks him to say. Dev asks them to come to his office to get answers. Priya says if Bhai Saheb has forgotten that silence is best.

Dev removes his suit and goes to the conference room. The reporter bombards question to him and asks for justification. Dev says whatever I feel for that girl is sacred, I love her with all the honesty.

Dev telling the media that their questions are not questions, but accusations, but he will try to answer them honestly. He says you said that I am irresponsible. He says it is Media’s work to show both the perspective to the people and let the people decide what is right and wrong. He asks if this is not irresponsibility. He says that girl and her family stay in society too. He says your circus was going on outside the hospital, but did you ask how was that man inside the hospital. He says you people are selfish. The reporter says you are diverting from the topic.

Dev says I will answer you and says I want to tell everyone, that whatever I feel for that girl is sacred, pure, clean, there is no dirt or cheat in it. He says I love her with all my honesty. Satyavati and Abhimanyu smiles watching on TV. Vidhi and her family too watch it. Dev says I respect her and her family. He says there is nothing illegal about their love and says they both are adults, but she is much younger than him. He says she is so good and matured, and he will be proud if she becomes his life partner. He says I was afraid to reveal my feelings due to you, as I didn’t know what her family and her will hear due to you all. He says I was right. He asks them to give some privacy to him. Amba gets angry. Chitra says Amy mausi. The reporter asks if you will marry her, as you are talking big. Dev says yes, I will marry her. Vidhi and her family watch the news. Satyavati and Abhi gets happy. Dev says I will marry her, if her family approves. Urmila says white beard lover is threatening us. Dev says I want to give her love, wants to spend my life with her, give her happiness and respect as she deserves it. Other reporter asks when the marriage will happen. Dev says we have not talked about marriage due to the media and society, and we have to face it, now you are asking when we can marry. He says we can marry at anytime according to the laws and nobody can stop us. He says about age difference, we both are adults and nobody can stop us. He says what you said about her, that she is greedy of my money. He says we had gone out to have food, but she paid the money and didn’t let me give money.

He says you called me womanizer and tells that they both are single and didn’t break anyone’s house. He says it is not like that, I left my wife or she has left her husband for me. He says because of people like you, lives get destroyed. Other reporter asks why Amba Mehta is applying sindoor of your name, when you have broken engagement with her. Amba says everyone is seeing my love except you. Urmila says he has filled sindoor in her maang and ruined her life. Abhimanyu asks Satyavati if Amba fills Dev’s name sindoor in her maang. Dev asks them not to drag another woman in their matter. He says we shall not talk about it, when she is not here. He says when you are forcing me, I will tell you. He says may be she applies sindoor of my name, and has confessed her love to me with honesty, and I said with honesty that I don’t love her, I regard her as friend, part of family and respect her but don’t love her. He says we had talked, convinced and moved on. He asks them not to scratch Amba’s wounds. Satyavati says Dev did right. Abhimanyu thinks today is Bhai’s day. Priya gets worried for Amba’s reaction. The reporter asks if it is respect that you threw the ring and went away. Dev asks the reporter if other reporter loves her. The reporter says no. Dev asks them to show the right perspective to the society if they are going wrong. He says if you don’t feel bad then I will change the make up given by you, as my Maa will not like it. Chitra says Vikram…Vikram tells Amba that Dev doesn’t love you, forget him.

Urmila says white beard lover left Amba for young girl Vidhi. They leave. Dev comes home. Abhimanyu hugs him and says you have won. Satyavati appreciates him. Dev says today I came to know that a scandal can ruin a girl’s life for forever.

Bimla tells Hariprasad that strength is needed when someone is blackening your face, and this strength doesn’t come from shamelessness but comes from truthfulness and honesty. She says he got himself insulted and kept our respect atleast. Dev says he was prepared for media questions and wants to tell her parents that he didn’t use her daughter, but respects her. Bimla says if he was not aged, then their daughter wouldn’t have got such a guy even after keeping 16 Mondays fast. She says now nobody will spaeak ill about Vidhi. Dev says Vidhi is a nice girl and nothing shall happen to her respect. Satyavati says you are a good person and your Papa would have felt proud of you. Abhi praises Dev. Satyavati says I will go and meet Hariprasad about your alliance. Dev asks her not to go there, and says he is angry right now. Satyavati says ok.

Amba comes to the dressing table after bath, and recalls Dev’s words. She combs her hair. Chitra comes there and asks her to have coffee. She asks are you fine? Amba takes sindoor, when Vikram comes and throws the bottle.

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