Strings of love Starlife update Monday 11 December 2023

Strings of love 11 December 2023: Garry taunts Angad that if his wife accepted defeat. Sahiba walks in ready for the party. Senior Brars smile seeing her. Jaspal hosting the party ask her to come and stage and dance with Angad as Angad is waiting for her. Sahiba tells Angad that she doesn’t want to dance. Keerat brings her bike and takes Seerat towards Brar Mansion. Angad/Sahiba and Garry/Shanaya dance beautifully. Angad asks why she she is showing so much arrogance, she will lose her challenge in a few minutes if Seerat doesn’t come.

Seerat enters with Keerat and gets angry seeing Garry with Shanaya. Keerat stops her and asks her to wait for the right opportunity.After dance performance, Jaspal calls back Garry and Shanaya on stage. Reporter asks Garry why he is marrying a rich girl when Angad married a middle class girl and set an example of humanity. Jasleen interferes and says marriage happens between 2 equal people, they don’t believe in charity in marriage.

Keerat fumes hearing that and says she will see aunty’s face when her son’s evil deeds are exposed. Akal tells Jasleen that their house never believed in rich or poor status in marriage and believed only in quality of a person, they just want a couple to be compatible with each other and lead a happy and loving life.

Japjyoth asks Sahiba to bring a necklace she got for Shanaya. Angad asks Sahiba if she will bring it or shall he. Garry asks everyone to pay attention to him as its his day and says he fell in Shanaya’s love since childhood and its his good fate that Shanaya close him. Seerat stands shocked hearing that. Sahiba tries to leave. Angad asks if she is going to get a necklace of trying to hide her face in fear of defeat.

Sahiba says she can’t withstand his brother’s hypocrisy and walks away. Shanaya says she always prayed god for him and got him today.

Seerat’s baraat reaches her home. Ajith asks Santosh to bring Seerat. Santosh walks to Seerat’s room and finds her eloped. Seerat cries hugging Sahiba. Keerat says Serat saw everything and realized that Garry is untrustable. Seerat tells Sahiba that her life is ruined once again. Sahiba says their family faced humiliation because of Garry and encourages her to expose him. Keerat says Seerat should teach Garry a lesson which he will never forget and never think of betraying any girl.

Gurleen brings necklace. Japjyoth asks where is Sahiba. Gurleen says its okay. Jasleen says her son and Shanaya are looking so cute together, it looks like Shanaya is the elder DIL of this house. Garry kneels down in front of Shanaya and asks will she marry him. Shanaya says yes. Garry is about to fix a necklace in Shanaya’s neck when Sahiba stops him. Seerat and Keerat walk behind her. Garry drops necklace in tension. Seerat says this marriage cannot happen. Shanaya asks who is this girl and why is she wearing bridal dress. Pamela questions Manveer what is happening here. Manveer shouts at Seerat how dare she is to come here after betraying Angad, she didn’t even apologize them after what she did. Seerat tries to speak. Manveer sstops her and asks Sahiba to take her sister from here. Sahiba says she will after Seerat reveals whole truth.

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