Strings of love Starlife update Thursday 8 February 2024

Strings of love 8 February 2024: Inder tells Angad that Akaal is released from jail today, so even he should sign divorce papers and release himself from a forceful relationship. He asks Sahiba to spare his son and go away from him. Sahiba says she will not sign as it would mean she would accept that she had filed case against Akaal.

She asks him if he asked what Angad wants. Manveer asks Angad to sign papers and reveal what he wants. Angad picks papers with trembling hands. Sahiba asks Angad if he can trust her and support her. Angad keeps papers on a table and walks away, leaving all the Brars in shock and fuming. Saara Jag Chad Ke Bas Tenu Hi Hai Chuneya.. song plays in the background. Sahiba follows Angad to their room. Angad looks at Sahiba via a mirror.

Sahiba picks his sent gift box and shows that she accepted it and walks towards him. Angad walks away from there.Akaal gathers family and says Sahiba lost a right to be a Brar DIL. He tells Seerat that if she keeps any connection with her sister, even she will lose her right to be a Brar DIL. Manveer says if they keep Sahiba, people will think they got afraid of her and if they kick her out of the house, people will think Sahiba is right and they are wrong. Sahiba says she will leave the house if they want her to go. Jasleen comments followed by others.

Akaal says Sahiba broke their trust and betrayed them. Sahiba says they never trusted her and never considered part of their family, they should have supported her and help her catch real culprit. Manveer says Sahiba should go and stay in store room again and spare Angad. Veer says they can’t do this with Sahiba. Gurleen says Sahiba did wrong with them, so he shouldn’t interfere.

Sahiba says she will shift to store room if they want to and will prove her innocence and if she fails, she will divorce Angad as per their wish and leave Brar house forever. She walks to her room and packs her clothes. Angad hides her dupatta. Sahiba leaves for store room. Manveer walks in and says Angad can sleep peacefully now. Seerat notices Garry stealing her jewelry and confronts him. He pushes her away and leaves. Jasleen sees him and stops. Jewelry box falls down. Angad picks it and checks it. He notices other jewelry pieces in a bag and asks where is he carrying their store room jewelry. Jasleen says its her jewelry and she asked him to keep it in locker. Garry says she is right. Manveer notices it and says its Seerat’s jewelry.

Jasleen calls Seerat and says Seerat gave it to her to keep it in a locker. Seerat nods yes. Jasleen taunts Manveer that her DIL is not like Manveer’s DIL to oppose her. Garry leaves with jewelry

Keerat calls Sahiba and informs that she asked his IT friend to erase ring on the culprit’s finger and he found a tatoo in it’s place. Sahiba says its a good clue for them to reach the culpri, soon they will


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