Strings of love Starlife update Thursday 21 September 2023

Strings of love 21 September 2023: Santosh visits a real estate agent’s office. Agent welcomes her and asks if everything alright at home. Santosh says yes except her and informs that her elder daughter Seerat’s wedding is fixed with Brar’s elder son Angad in 2 days. She gives property papers and seeks mortgage loan. Agent says she knows Ajith loves his house and wouldn’t mortgage it. Santosh says its her decision as house is in his name. Agent asks howmuch money she needs 50 lakh Rs. He says 50 lakhs is too much for an old house and he can pay only 10 lakhs. She says she will go to the bank then. He offers her 20 lakhs. She accepts it and thinks she will make her neighbors jealous. He asks if she can repay monthly instalment. She agrees.

Seerat eagerly waits for Santosh. Two men from boutique deliver costly dresses and sarees. Seerat gets happy. Sahiba says they didn’t order it and asks them to check the address. Santosh says its the right address as she ordered clothes worth 5 lakhs for Seerat’s wedding. Sahiba questions how did she get so much money. Santosh gets nervous. Seerat asks her not to question their mother and continues her greedy behavior. Keerat walks in and asks Santosh what was she doing at the property agent’s office, if she is selling their house. Santosh refuses and scolds her. Sahiba asks her to stop frightening her and tell if she took money on interest. Santosh starts drama and lies that she went to invite agent for Seerat’s wedding. Keerat asks out of 73 hours in neighborhood, she went to only agent’s office.

Santosh continues her drama and yells at them not to doubt her intentions. Sahiba says she will not spare her until she reveals where she got money from. Santosh lies that Sudha gave it. Sahiba asks how can she do that and asks her to return Sudha’s gift. Seerat refuses to part ways with even a wrapped. Keerat calls her world’s most selfish girl. Santosh scolds her and threats Sahiba to never question her or else she will stitch Sahiba’s mouth or grate her ears. Manveer calls Santosh and informs her that she is coming to her house to discuss something. Santosh gets tensed. Manveer reaches Sudha’s house and asks her about Santosh. Sudha lies that she has gone out for wedding shopping.

Santosh rushes to Sudha’s house with shopping bags. Manveer says she doesn’t have to worry about wedding arrangements as Brars hired Ludhiana’s biggest Lucky Singh and booked a resort in Karnal for wedding. Santosh gets happy and offers her sweets. Lucky walks in and introduces himself. Manveer asks Santosh to share her guest list for travel arrangements. Santosh agrees. She returns home and informs famil. Ajith asks her guest names. She says only Sudha, Sukhi, Ajith, Seerat, Sahaiba, and Keerat. Sahiba says she will not come.

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