Strings of love Starlife update Wednesday 20 September 2023

Strings of love 20 September 2023: Angad tells Sahiba over phone thinking her as Seerat that they both love their family and would accept their decision, but he wants to ask her if she has any doubt in her mind. Sahiba feels anxious and hopes Seerat returns from wherever she is. Garry tells Seerat that there is no use of getting adamant. Seerat says she can’t compromise on her happiness. Garry says she is marrying Angad just after 3 days, they can be friends forever, but she has to marry Angad for their family’s sake. Seerat says he is talking philosophical like her father and gets angry. Garry asks what does she need. She holds his hand and asks if he really doesn’t know what she wants. Angad insists Sahiba to just say yes or no. Sahiba thinks if she says no, Seerat’s alliance may get canceled and Santosh may get a heart attack.

Garry tells Seerat that he knows what she needs and says I love you. Seerat gets happy hearing that. Garry smirks and says he is feeling light by expressing his feelings for her, but he can’t marry her as he respects Angad. Garry says he doesn’t love Angad and wants to spend life with him. He asks how is it possible. She says let us elope and marry. Angad asks Sahiba/Seerat to say I love you. Sahiba anxiously says I love you. Angad feels happy.

Seerat insists Garry to elope and marry her or else she will die. Garry shows his fake love for her and asks her to give him some time to set things right. Seerat says she knows he loves her. Garry asks if she loves him. She says more than god. He kisses her hand and promises to marry her. She hugs him. He notices its 12:30 midnight and says she should go home. Seerat asks him to take a well-thought move. Garry returns home and celebrates with Jasleen. Kiara asks what are they planning against Angad. Garry asks her to just wait and watch. Kiara says Jasleen is fun loving, but has to bear Brar family’s orders. Jasleen says soon her orders will be followed in this osue and her children will rule over it. Kiara asks if she is planing something. Jasleen says its a secret and asks Garry not to forget the discrimination faced in this house.

Seerat returns home and gets tensed seeing Sahiba there. Sahiba asks where was she. Sahiba says its none of her business. Sahiba says her acts will make their parents face humiliation, what is she up to. Seerat asks not to spy on her as she also has a personal life. Sahiba insists. Seerat says she is not so big to question her and says let her sleep. Sahiba holds her hand and says her wedding is after 3 days and she should stop her secret plans or else Santosh’s dreams will be shattered. Seerat says she is more worried about Santosh as she got her alliance herself and goes to sleep listening to music. Sahiba informs Angad had called her in her absence and thinks what is going in Seerat’s mind.

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