Strings of love Starlife update Friday 21 June 2024

Strings of love 21 June 2024: Angad calls insurance company and asks if he will get his claim as he didn’t get a diamond. Sahiba asks what happened. Angad says insurance company says they will investigate first and then release the amount. He says he bet his reputation, money, everything to get this diamond and already it’s negative affect must have started.

Sahiba says there must be some way to get out of this problem. Veer calls Angad. Angad says everyone must have found out by now about his failure. He picks video call. Inder, Gurleen, and Veer wish happy diwali and ask Sahiba about Angad. She focuses camera on Angad. They wish him happy diwali and asks why didn’t he pick their call. Sahiba says they are coming home and will talk them after reaching home. Inder says his hero is coming home with a diamond. Veer also praises Angad. Sahiba disconnects calls.

Angad asks why didn’t he let him inform family about diamond theft. Sahiba says sometimes they have to hide truth for the betterment of their dear ones. Angad says she is talking good, why did she react when he didn’t inform her about Seerat proposing him to avoid Sahiba hating her sister. Sahiba says she is learning it from him. They reach home. Family welcomes them and asks them to show diamond. Angad says it’s a precious diamond and can’t be carried everywhere. Family asks why they both look sad. Seerat excitedly asks if there is any problem again between them.

Prabjot taunts her that she thinks in only one direction and wants them to separate. Manveer says Sahiba must have done something to Angad as always. Angad asks her to stop accusing Sahiba for everything, he is fine and just tired. Famly asks them to go and rest for some time.

Seerat gets mysterious man’s call who asks her to execute her plan today itself. She refuses, but agrees when he threatens her. Sahiba notices her and asks whom she is talking to. Seerat says it’s none of her business. Sahiba gets suspicious on her. Keerat walks in for diwali celebration in a sad mood. Veer asks why Angad and Sahiba don’t look happy, if Sahiba proposed Angad or not. Keerat says she doesn’t know and walks away. Veer thinks what happened to her. Sahiba gets ready for the function and recalls proposing Angad at the beach. She thinks if she ever would be able to propose Angad again or not. She asks Angad to give his gifted necklace to her. Angad says she had left it last time time. Sahiba says she needs it now. He opens locker and gives her necklace.

Mysterious man calls Seerat again and asks her to get Angad and Sahiba out of their room and execute her plan right now. Seerat asks how can she get them out at this time. Man says it’s her problem and disconnects call. Seerat thinks how to get them out. Simran bumps on her holding congratulation card for Angad. Seerat asks her to call Angad and Sahiba out. Simran does. Seerat then gets into Angad and Sahiba’s room and searches for locker. Veer asks Sahiba why Keerat looks dull. Sahiba questions Keerat. Manveer cusses Sahiba. Sahiba returns to her room to get her phone charger. Seerat gets tensed and hides. Sahiba notices her.

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