Strings of love Starlife update Thursday 14 march 2024

Strings of love 14 march 2024: Inder, Sahiba, and Angad rush Simran to hospital. Sahiba tells doctor that she had given her fever medicine last night and doesn’t know what kidnappers fed her after that. Doctor asks her to calm down.

Nurse asks Sahiba to fill a form. Inder breaks down and says he wanted to write his name on Simran’s school admission form, but unfortunately is filling a medical form instead. Jasleen walks to living room and seeing Brars tensed says it looks like they all haven’t slept whole night. Hansraj informs that Simran is kidnapped.

Jasleen is shocked to hear that. Manveer thinks Sahiba will reveal her name to the family if something happens to Simran. Seerat wakes up and recalls expressing her love for Angad in an intoxicated state. She walks out and hears Simran’s kidnap news.

Angad calls Akaal and informs family that they rescued Simran from kidnapper’s grip with Sahiba’s help. Japjyoth asks about Inder. Angad says Inder is injured and hence brought him to hospital. Japjyoth asks them to return home immediately.

Angad says he has admitted Simran in a hospital after she fell unconscious, maybe kidnapers fed her something wrong. Sahiba notices Angad’s hand injury and nurses it. Angad asks how can kidnappers kindap Simran from house with tight security, maybe Simran herself went out and kidnappers kidnapped her finding an opportunity. Sahiba sits silently recalling Manveer’s request not to inform anyone that she is behind Simran’s kidnap.

Seerat repeatedly calls Angad and he ignores it. She thinks if he is avoiding after she proposed him. Jasleen walks in and says it seems she enjoyed the party a lot last night that she didn’t even changed her dress. Seerat says she got overdrunk last night and doesn’t remember what happened. Jasleen asks how did she reach home then. Seerat says she had called Angad and he brought her home. Jasleen says when they drink alone, they feel more lonely and does something unusual. Seerat stands thinking about Angad.

Inder continues to cry. Angad tries to comfort him but stops. Inder says he did only mistakes in his life, but he doesn’t want his children to suffer because of him. He thanks Sahiba for supporting his family always and requests her to call him papa from hereon. Sahiba gets emotional. Inder continues to speak emotionally. Nurse removes curtains around Simran’s room. they all 3 get happy seeing her. Simran opens eyes and then loses consciousness again. Police visits Brars and tells them that they feel thei family member supported kidnappers. He notices Manveer standing aside and asks her to join her family. He then says kidnappers told a woman from their family helped them.

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