Faltu Starlife update Thursday 14 march 2024

Faltu 14 March 2024: The Episode starts with Ruhaan asking Shanaya to be careful, no one should know about her wrist injury. He says I spoke to Geeta but others can raise objection and your name won’t be sent for trials. He asks Faltu to guide her well. Faltu cries.

Coach says you both joined late, how will you cover up. Faltu says sorry. He says I have to see your game and decide the schedule, you will go ahead based on merit. Shanaya asks how will I survive, coach looks rude. Faltu asks her to change her clothes and come, wear the mask always, if anyone asks, then tell them you have dust allergy, I will play by your name. Shanaya says wow, superb plan. Faltu says we will go and get ready. She gets Ayaan’s call. Shanaya goes.

Ayaan says I have reached, I m going to mart, did you reach. Faltu says yes, coach looks rude.

He says you would be happy to get a new coach better than me, you will forget me. She says no, you are my everything. Coach asks her to come fast. She says I will talk to you later. Ayaan says fine, all the best. She goes.

Janardhan says we aren’t related to them. Dadi scolds Tanu. Tanu says Ruhaan is letting us stay because Shanaya likes Faltu, he will make us out of here. Sid asks them to understand. Kumkum says we have to find another house. Tanu says yes, exactly. She calls Kanika there. Ruhaan asks the peon to get cutting chai for him. Peon says but you have coffee always. Ruhaan says I want to have it now. He thinks of Faltu. Peon gets the tea. Ruhaan says Faltu has something in her. Kanika apologizes to Janardhan. She says I want to buy a house for you all, Ruhaan refused to sell this, I want to buy a bungalow for you. Dadi asks what’s this new deal. Kanika says Tanu and Sid are moving on. She apologizes and says give me a chance to rectify my mistake. Janardhan says we don’t want your favor, you can take Tanu with you. She says I want to help you. He says we will end the matter here, you have sent Ayaan to jail, you can’t give a gift and change this fact, leave. Kanika leaves.

Coach observes Shanaya and asks is there a problem in your right hand. She says no. He says catches aren’t smooth, show me your wrist. Faltu stops him and says sorry, when will we start batting. He asks her to wear helmet and come. She says I will go to washroom and come. He says your batting is with Shanaya.

Govind says we can’t trust Ruhaan, I think we should think of Kanika’s offer. Janardhan gets angry. Govind says Kanika is ready to compensate, what’s wrong, Ayaan and Janardhan got a job from Ruhaan. Kinshuk says Ayesha’s parents said they will send Ayesha when we have our home.

Dadi asks them to stop it. She says let the things stay the same. Faltu says I will see few players first and then I will play, I feel tense. Coach says life doesn’t give chances always. Faltu worries. She says give me a chance today. She thinks if I don’t do this, then Ruhaan will ruin my family. She says I feel like puking, I m tense, I will just come. Shanaya wears the mask. Coach asks why are you wearing mask. Shanaya says I have allergy, don’t worry, I m fine, I will go to washroom and come. Coach asks her to go. Shanaya goes to Faltu. Faltu says if we get caught, then it will be a problem. Shanaya asks her to remove mangalsutra, Chuda and sindoor. Faltu says its Ayaan’s sign. Shanaya says we will get caught. Faltu cries and removes it.

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