Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 19 May 2024

Strings of love 19 may 2024: Ajith accuses Manveer and Seerat for Sahiba leaving the house and Angad killing Sahiba. Ajith says to Akaal that he came here to give his testimony against Angad and make sure he gets jailed. Manveer pleads with Ajith not to speak like that. Ajith says to Akaal that he hopes God will make Angad’s life worse than hell.

Romi offers Adrat wala chai to Sahiba as she likes it but Sahiba just pushes it away. Sahiba burns her hand. Romi says to Sahiba that he is going to love her from now on and make her every wish come true.

Sahiba thinks how did she come here? Romi says she was brought here by him. Romi says when she went to the lawn area.Romi comes to Sahiba in a clown disguise and knocks her out by injecting chloroform. Romi disguises Sahiba as a lady clown and brings Sahiba out of Brar mansion.

The constables talk about Angad getting guilty verdict by the court. Angad thinks he has to escape. Angad injures his hand. The constable sees the blood and asks Angad what happened? The constable decides to tell the inspector about it. The inspector asks the driver to stop the van.

Sahiba regrets not listening to Angad and thinks she shouldn’t have forgiven Romi. Romi asks Sahiba not to take Angad’s name in front of her and says he will get angry at her.The inspector asks the constables how did Angad get hurt? The constable say they don’t know. The inspector asks the constable to release Angad’s handcuffs to treat his hand.

Sahiba says to Romi that she would rather die than cooperate with him. Romi asks Sahiba not to speak like that. Romi reminds Sahiba how Angad has hurt her and says he only gave her pain. Sahiba asks Romi to leave her. Romi says he would never do that and says to Sahiba today she is going to meet his mother today.

DCP meets Akaal. The lawyer asks DCP where is Angad? DCP says he will check it out. DCP calls Inspector Ahuja and asks him what happened? The inspector says Angad got hurt. DCP hearing this and asks the inspector to take Angad to the hospital. The inspector agrees.

A crowd forms around the van. They gossip about Angad and the crowd thinks Angad should be killed on the road as he killed his wife. Angad thinks this is the right chance. Angad pushes the cops and escapes from the van. The inspector tries to shoot Angad but he stops seeing crowd. Angad escapes from the cops. The cops chase Angad.

Romi ties Sahiba’s rope tight. Romi says to Sahiba that he is happy as two very important people in his life are going to meet each other. Romi asks Sahiba not to try to cheat him and shows her his gun.

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