Bitter sweet love starlife update Monday 20 May 2024

The Episode starts with Vaibhav saying doctor said Vandu can never conceive a child. Vandu and everyone are shocked. Har ek pal roshan…plays… Vandu asks how can this happen, I can never become a mother, I have raised Mrunal and Shivam, I always dreamt to be a mother, why is this happening. She cries. Vijay consoles her.

Vandu recalls Shivam’s birth. Vaibhav says doctor said the complication is since much time, you can never become a mother. Sarita says it’s a big cheat, you all have hidden a big thing from us, I think you all knew this, so you were in hurry for the marriage. She insults Vandu. Vijay cries. Anjali says Vandu has trapped Vaibhav. Vandu and Aaji say we didn’t know this. Vandu says Vaibhav and I had dreams of children, I wanted to become a mother. Vijay says she isn’t lying. Sarita says I m also a mother, I don’t understand how didn’t Vandu know this. Vijay says enough, taunt her later, she is in shock, you understand her pain, everything is snatched from her, she didn’t cheat anyone, fate has cheated her.

Anagha defends Vandu. She says we got to know this today, we never got her tests done before. She asks Vaibhav did doctor say this. Anjali says Vaibhav’s dreams broke, you are asking him. Aaji says Vaibhav is hurt, it doesn’t mean that we blame Vandu. Vandu says I swear Vaibhav, I didn’t know anything about this, you got to know this first, you told me, I m not lying, you trust me right. Mrunal looks on and smiles. Vaibhav goes to his room and locks the door.

Vandu asks Vaibhav to open the door. She cries and recalls a past moment, having icecream with Vaibhav and some kids. She gets icecream for the kids. She says kids are an avatar of God. Vaibhav says I think we will have a child before marriage’s first anniversary. She says yes, I want to have a child, we should not get late, I want many children. Vaibhav gets happy and says I will become Papa. She says yes, I will become Maa. FB ends. Vandu says please open the door, I really didn’t know this, don’t turn away. Vijay cries. Vandu says I need you Vaibhav, please talk to me. Vaibhav shuts his ears. Vandu sits crying. Mrunal thinks Vandu can never conceive, Vaibhav will just see me now, congrats. Vandu recalls little kids and gets sad.

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