Strings of love Starlife update Monday 20 May 2024

Strings of love 20 may 2024: Angad escapes from police and hides in a bus. Police checks bus and finds him escaped again. Agastya hides in a truck next and thinks he is going to save Sahiba. Brars wait for Angad to arrive at the court.

Van arrives and inspector informs commissioner that Angad escaped. Family is shocked to hear that. Inspector says Angad injured himself while they were bringing him in a van and escaped after fooling them. Ajith tells Akaal that Angad proved that he killed Sahiba.

Lawyer says Angad did wrong and now media and public will consider him a murderer. Seerat asks why did Angad escape. Keerat says Angad is alive at leas, but her sister is dead; Seerat should be ashamed to support Angad. Veer says Angad thinks Sahiba is ailve and must have gone in search of her. Keerat asks him not to create a story to hide his brother’s sin. Inder thinks where Angad is now.

Angad gets out of truck and walks on road wearing a shawl. He hears people watching a news about his escape and discussing that Angad is rich and will lead a happy life in some foreign country.

Angad thinks where Rumi must have taken Sahiba. Rumi frees Sahiba and says he doesn’t want to hurt her as he loves her. He says he will take her to his mother and takes her to the other side of wrecked plane. He shows his and his mom’s photos and says mom is sitting right on the table. Sahiba says she can’t see anyone. Rumi shouts she is also lying like Yash who tried his best to make him believe that his mom is no more. He recalls Yash informing him that his mother Natasha died 4 days ago in a plane crash and he didn’t inform him as the body was totally damanged.

Out of flashback, Rumi tells Sahiba that Yash brought him to this flight and says this is the flight in which his mother died, but he could see his mother in this flight. Sahiba realizes that Rumi is in mental trauma after his mother’s death. Angad reaches a gurudwara and hears constables discussing that commissioner has announced a red alert and Angad will be caught soon. He hides in gurudwara. Rumi asks Sahiba to touch his mother’s feet and says his mother liked her a lot and accepted her as bahu. Sahiba says she can’t marry him as she is already married to Angad. Rumi says she is already married to him with a new name and shows her new passport as Natasha. A lady identifies Angad in gurudwara. Angad hides. Lady goes to inform gurdwara management. Angad thinks where to hide now.

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