Strings of love Starlife update Monday 18 December 2023

Strings of love 18 December 2023:  client tells him that it looks like his personal problems have disturbed him a lot, so they can’t continue their 100 crore rs deal. Sahiba interferes and says like he said they don’t have anything for common customers, but they didn’t tell him that they can’t get such collection. Investor asks who is she. Veer says she is Sardarni Sahiba Kaur Brar, Angad’s wife. Angad rudely tries to stop her. Client asks Sahiba to elaborate. Sahiba describes how parents be it rich or middle class want best for their daughter during her wedding and would even try to bring stars and moon for her, they can create something which both middle class and elite customers can afford.

Client says she is absolutely right, he had his first deal with Brar jewelers because of his daughter. Sahiba says they wil name the collection as meri bitiya/my daughter. Another client asks if she can submit a sample design by tomorrow. Angad with his usual rudest behavior shouts at client. Sahiba agrees to present sample design by tomorrow. Client leaves.

Angad shouts at Sahiba for showing her middle class behavior in front of clients and says they don’t make cheap jewelry for middle class. Sahiba says he should change his behavior towards client and his business style. Angad continues shouting. Sahiba makes him sit and stuffs food in his mouth. He asks with what right she is feeding him. He says he had fed her once, so she is returning his favor. She warns him that she will not stop until he himself starts eating. Angad eats himself. Their nok jhok continues.

During dinner, Akaal tells family that their company’s reputation is affected because of this big deal cancellation. Hansraj says even their shares are nose diving and questions Angad’s credibility. Manveer angrily looks at him. Angad returns with Sahiba followed by Veer. Akaal warns family not to discuss about it in front of Angad. Sahiba goes to her room. Akaal calls Angad and says Sahiba proved her innocence, so there is no point in keeping Sahiba in a store room and Angad should shift her to his room. Angad hesitates. Akaal insists and says he needs to understand his responsibilities.

Angad walks to Sahiba’s room. Sahiba busy working on designs says not now a she is busy at work. Angad says she is working for him. She says she is not and asks him to go. He says he came to take her along. Sahiba says if he wants her to leave his house and packs her clothes. Angad shuts her mouth and says he came here to shift her to his room. Sahiba refuses. Angad says he will shift to her room then and reveals about Akaal’s order to follow his responsibilities towards Sahiba; he says when he is compromising, even she should compromise. Sahiba says she will explain his family in the morning and asks him to go as she has a lot of work to finish. She walks to garden and finishes jewelry design. She then calls Ajith. Ajith wakes up and says its Sahiba’s call. Santosh gets worried and picks call. Sahiba tells Ajith that he knows that whenever she does a new job, she shows it to him. He nods yes. She shows her design. Ajith and Santosh like it. Santosh asks why is she working in garden at night. Sahiba says nothing. Ajith says whatever his daughter does is the best and wishes her good luck.

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