Strings of love Starlife update Monday 15 January 2024

Strings of love 15 January 2024: Garry returns home heavily intoxicated and throws his jacket on Seerat. Seerat tries to help him. Garry pushes her away and says he doesn’t return to his room as he doesn’t want to see her face. Seerat says he is heavily drunk. Garry says he didn’t drink from her father’s money. Seerat asks its not even his money as he doesn’t earn a penny and he should concentrate on his future. Garry pushes her away.

Seerat says if Akaal sees him in this condition, he will never include him in Brar’s business, he should stop wasting his life. Garry says a selfish Shimlapuri girl is advising him about future, falls on bed, and orders Seerat to remove his shoes. Seerat stands crying.

Next morning, Manveer and Inder visit Angad and ask doctor when can they take Angad home. Doctor says today itself as he recovered speedily due to his wife Sahiba’s efforts. He gives prescription and other schedule to Sahiba. Inder says they are Angad’s parents and are enough to take care of him, they don’t need any third person’s help; they will finish discharge formalities and take him home. Doctor leaves. Sahiba says she wants to take Angad to Gurudwara as she had taken oath to bring him to Gurdwara once he gets well. Manveer says just because someone praised her, they will not follow her orders.

Angad says Sahiba stayed in the hospital since he is admitted and took care of him really well and took an oath for him, so they should accompany her to gurudwara.

Sahiba helps Angad walk till the car. They all 4 reach gurudwara. Inder hesitates to come in. Manveer recalls Inder not entering gurudwara since years. Angad says papa doesn’t come into gurudwara since years. Sahiba tells Inder that not visiting gurudwara for himself is his personal issue between him and god, but he should come in and thank god for getting his son well. Inder wears a head scarf and walks in. Angad informs Manveer that papa is coming. Manveer feels happy. Angad says they al 3 are visiting gurudwara after a long time. He gets teary eyed. Sahiba asks if it’s paining. Angad says he used to visit gurudwara in his childhood with his parents, but later his father stopped visiting gurudwara; Sahiba relived his old memories today. They all 4 pray together and then head towards home.

They reach home. Family heartily welcomes Angad. Hansraj says he is happy to see him back and asks Prabjyoth how did Angad recover so soon when he was critically ill. They take a seat. Angad feels thirsty. Sahiba offers him water. Angad says she read his mind again. Akaal tries to give his verdict regarding Sahiba again. Japjyoth stops him. Garry walks in and asks Angad how is he. Angad says he is better now. Akaal asks where is Seerat. Garry says she has gone for jogging. Prabjyoth says she saw her in her room. Akaal asks Garry to bring Seerat. Garry walks to his room and sees Seerat weeping in bed. He says if she is not ill, she can come down. He gives her a full-sleeve dress to cover her hand injury and asks her to come down soon.

Kiara walks in and happily hugs Angad. Japjyoth asks her to take it easy as Angad just returned home. She shows her jewelry design certificate to Jasleen. Jasleen shows it to whole family who feel proud of Kiara. Sahiba says even she wanted to join some fine arts school and learn some fine arts, but her family’s financial situation didn’t let her join. Kaira rudely says just because she couldn’t join, she shouldn’t put en evil eye on her. Sahiba feels sad while everyone silently look at her silently.


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