Jhanak Starlife update Sunday 16 June 2024

Jhanak 16 June 2024: The Episode starts with Shrishti yelling at Anirudh and Jhanak. Jhanak cries. Shrishti scolds Jhanak and pushes her. Appu holds Jhanak. Anirudh says trust me, there would be some reason if I got her here. Arshi says you didn’t talk to me, you took the big decision. He says I didn’t get the right chance, I tried to tell you, but you weren’t in a mood to listen.

She says I didn’t know this, you can’t get her here, she is mom’s relative, how are you related to her. He says don’t misunderstand me, I will explain. Appu asks how did you get such a good gift, Jhanak is so lovely, we will become friends. Tanuja pushes Appu angrily and scolds her.

Chotan asks her to calm down. She asks him to shut up. Appu says I won’t go anywhere. She cries. Shrishti says someone make her quiet else take her away. Vinayak asks Jhanak to tell the truth, what’s happening here. Anirudh says she isn’t in a state to say anything. Arshi asks why, if she can come here then let her give a justification. Shrishti says she is like her mum, I warned you, Arshi.

Appu says don’t focus on their words. Bipasha also scolds Jhanak. Anirudh says relax guys, you are blaming Jhanak, listen to me first. His dad says we will decide it later, this girl can’t stay here. Tanuja says yes, Anirudh, you should have spoken to Arshi. Shrishti says send Jhanak away, then everything will get fine. Anirudh says no. Arshi argues. He says I did that for humanity. Tanuja says you don’t know this girl. He says its not imp to know someone to help. Vinayak says listen to him first. He asks what happened there. Dada asks him to explain well.

Dadi says make Jhanak sit and then we can have a talk. Anirudh’s dad says no, she won’t step inside the house until the matter gets clear. Jhanak and Anirudh see each other. Tanuja says she shouldn’t stay here. She asks Shrishti to say what to do.

Shrishti says Urvashi wasn’t my sister, but my cousin, I have ended my relations with her after her deeds, Bharat gave a job to her by pitying her. Arshi asks why did you do this, you were marrying Tejas, he is a successful man, why did you run away, why did you take Anirudh’s help.

Bipasha asks Anirudh to say it now. Anirudh tells them everything. Shrishti asks why did you get involved. Vinayak says let him complete. Anirudh says I went to save her, her friends called me, if I hadn’t helped her, then they would have killed her. Arshi asks why do you care for her. Anirudh says maybe you didn’t hear it, they would have killed her, I know you are upset with me, I didn’t wish to bring her here, I left her midway. Shrishti says she still came to you. She insults Jhanak.

Dada says calm down, let Anirudh complete. She asks what’s left now. Anirudh says I told you, I had a reason. Arshi says stop it. Anirudh says I had no option, Tejas would have tortured Jhanak and killed her. Shrishti asks didn’t you think of anything else. He says I had left her in Jammu. Arshi asks what then. His dad says you didn’t get a shelter home there. Anirudh says she would have fallen in trouble, I boarded the train, I was feeling guilty, she had no one, I couldn’t leave her alone, so I left the train and took another train. Shrishti shouts on Jhanak.

Jhanak cries and says I didn’t wish to come here. Anirudh’s parents scold her. Anirudh says she didn’t wish to come here, I forced her to come, she is Arshi’s family. Arshi says you should have spoken to me. He says sorry, I thought you will understand. Shrishti says stop it now, we have no relation with Urvashi, she used to work for us, I will not take Jhanak’s responsibility, she will go back. Anirudh says I didn’t get her here by trusting you.

Arshi asks what do you mean. He says I trust my family, she will stay here, Arshi will come here after marriage, we will support her. Arshi asks what, are you serious, she can’t stay here. He says you are angry, I can understand. Appu says let her come in, she is lovely, she is crying, I will stay with her. Anirudh’s dad asks her to leave. Chotan asks why can’t she say anything. Anirudh’s dad asks him to shut up. Anirudh says I have got Jhanak here, she didn’t wish to come, I explained her, when she can get independent, she can go. Bipasha says you should have used your mind. Arshi says Bharat and his family are in danger, Tejas has threatened them. Shrishti says I won’t let this happen, I will send Jhanak away, why should my family suffer. Anirudh says Tejas won’t get Jhanak ever, I got her here, who are you to send her back, she will stay in my house, she isn’t a burden on you. Appu says Anirudh is so brave.

Arshi says you are talking to my mom like this because of Jhanak. He says yes, you think everything will get fine if she goes away, try to understand, help her, teach her dance, she can complete her studies and make a career, once she supports herself then she will go away, I promise. Bipasha asks will Arshi teach dance to Jhanak. Arshi says never, just I will decide it. He says you will understand it when your anger calm down, don’t disappoint me. He asks Dadi to make arrangements for Jhanak’s stay. Jhanak cries.

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