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Dua tells the family that she had put tracker in Hafeez’s wallet so she will go there. Dadi says I can’t let you go there, it can be dangerous. Kaynaat says I will call the police. Dua says we can’t do that, Gazal might hurt them. I have to go there alone. Dadi says what will I answer to Hamida if something happens with you?

Gulnaz says I will go with Dua and protect her. Dua says don’t put yourself in danger. Gulnaz says I have done many sins so give me a chance to rectify. Kaynaat says I will come with you too, I am worried about Hafeez. Dua says okay, you both come with me.

Gazal hugs Haider’s clothes and says I am winning wars against Dua, I just need to win you over soon.

Ravi, Dua, Gulnaz and Kaynaat are in the car. Dua tracks the location and stop at a road. They all get down and start walking. Dua sees a godown and sees some goons coming out. They all enter the godown and its all dark. Kaynaat says what if they are not here? Dua says I am sure they are here. They all hide and follow the location. Dua and others see Ruhaan and Hafeez tied to the chairs. They all try to free them but are shocked to see its not Hafeez but someone else. The goon says they took away Ruhaan. Gulnaz beats the goon and says where is Ruhaan? Ravi beats him up but he runs away. Hafeez wakes up so Kaynaat rushes to him and hugs him tightly. Dua is confused and says Kaynaat? she moves away. Gulnaz asks where did the goon go? Ravi says he ran away. Dua says I don’t know where Ruhaan is.

Ijaz is driving with Ruhaan in the car, he calls Gazal but she is sleeping.

Dua and others come back home. Dua consoles Dadi and says we will find him soon. She tells Gulnaz that I know you are hurt, Gulnaz hugs her and cries, she says I am losing hope. I will die if I can’t find Ruhaan anymore. Dua consoles her and says I know you are hurting as a mother, nothing will happen to Ruhaan. God will show us the way. Gulnaz says I have done so many sins that’s why this is happening with me, I never respected my kids so this is why I am getting punished. Dua says God is bigger than everything, you are repenting your sins so nothing will happen to Ruhaan.

Gulnaz says how? Ijaz took away Ruhaan and he is dangerous. Dua says trust me, they won’t do anything with Ruhaan, if she does something with him then we will send her to jail so she won’t do anything with him.

Ijaz says I have to go out of the city, Ruhaan wakes up in the car and sees Ijaz driving.

Dua comes outside her room and finds Haider sleeping there. he holds her hand and says where did you go? did something happen? Dua says actually.. she thinks I can’t tell him as Ruhaan will be in danger. She pushes him away and says you have no right to question me where I went. Haider says I worry about you, what is giving you tension? Dua says worry about your wife, go away from here, you have already left me. She goes to her room and cries.

Scene 1

Dua cries and says I wish we wouldn’t be in a situation like this and I could hug Haider to gather strength. Haider stands outside her room and says I can’t bear this separation between us. I will not leave this place. He sits outside her room. Dua sees that and cries, she says why do you want me to become weak? please leave. She sees him shivering in cold and gets worried. She brings a blanket and covers him. Haider holds her hand in his sleep, Dua cries and pulls it back. She recalls their moments and then Haider marrying Gazal. She goes back in her room and cries.

In the morning, Dua comes to Gazal’s room and throws water at her. Gazal wakes up and shouts at her. Dua says you are this house’s daughter in law and still sleeping? everyone is waiting for their daughter in law to serve them.

All family members are waiting for the breakfast. Hina comes there and says I have headache, where is tea? They all turn to see Dua sipping on her tea and no breakfast on the table. Gulnaz says we will go hungry today. Hina says we are all hungry and this woman is acting like a queen, she asks Dua to go and make breakfast. Dua says if people don’t honor me then I shouldn’t talk to them. I am not your daughter in law so I don’t need to serve you anymore. Hina says then why don’t you leave my house? you just want free food. Haider comes there and stops her. Dua says I don’t need your support, stop standing up for me as you don’t have any right. Dua tells Hina that I care about you that’s why I want to remind you that this house was given by my father. Hina says you aren’t even worried about Dadi’s medicines? she needs food. Dadi says shut up, Dua has taken care of us for years.

She would cater to our needs separately and never complained but you are taunting us if she didn’t serve us one day? you are my daughter in law so you should serve me. Hina says we didn’t know that this Dua would go stray but don’t worry, my new daughter in law will take care of all duties from now on. Gazal comes there and is worried. Hina says its good that you are here, she says you are responsible for all the duties now. She asks her to give milk to everyone at night and make food on time. Gazal is stressed but says I will do everything.

Hina says I know my daughter in law would be better than Dua, then these people will realize their mistake. Gazal thinks she doesn’t know how to cook. Dua says I am feeling freedom now, I should take rest and my enemies will work now. She goes from there but Haider stops her.

Haider says you can leave all your duties but don’t ignore me like this, I am your duty and you have to give me time otherwise I will die. Dua recalls him marrying Gazal and glares at him. Haider grabs her hand and says I didn’t have your tea for many days, can I please get a cup of tea? please don’t say no, your tea is my habit now. Gazal is angry seeing him holding her hand. Dua pulls it back and says you need to change your habits, you rejected me and my duties so you should ask your new wife about things.

Gazal comes there and says Dua is right, I am his wife and its my duty to take care of his needs, I will make tea for him. She holds his hand and Dua is angry seeing that. Haider pulls his hand back and glares at her, he says I don’t need anyone’s support. Gazal says I am not a stranger, I am your wife. Haider says you are my duty, my love-my everything is just Dua Haider Akhtar. Habits can change but love can’t change. He sees Dua’s coffee on the table and says its okay if I didn’t tea from Dua but I can have her remaining coffee. He takes her cup and drinks her coffee. Hina says she drank from it, Haider says its sharing love. He smiles at Dua.

Gazal is cooking in the kitchen and is panicking as she can’t cook. She curses the family.

Hina tells the family that my daughter in law will impress everyone with her breakfast today. Noor says but when will it come? I am so hungry. The smoke starts coming out of the kitchen and they all cough. Gazal is trying to cook but can’t. Dadi taunts Hina. Gazal cries after cutting onions and says I won’t spare this Dua for doing this with me. Hina is worried about Gazal. Gazal tries to make parathas but can’t knead flour. She sees Ijaz calling and says he doesn’t care about my worries, her hands are dirty so she doesn’t take call.

Otherside Ijaz had an accident in the car and Ruhaan woke him. He grabbed him and now Ruhaan is scaring Ijaz, he beats him up and asks him to call Gazal again but she doesn’t pick up. Ruhaan beats him more, Ijaz says don’t kill me. Ijaz says we were saving you, Dua’s brother Hafeez kidnapped you actually. Ruhaan recalls how he had seen Hafeez in the godown and gets confused. Ijaz tries to run away but Ruhaan grabs him and says you are lying. He beats him more.

All family members are hungry, Dadi says I can’t wait anymore as I have to take medicines. Her new daughter in law is useless, she leaves. Gulnaz tells Hina that they can’t wait more. They all leave.

Ravi, Kaynaat and Dua laugh at Gazal’s condition, Dua says she dreamed of becoming a queen of this house but she doesn’t even know how to cook. Dua says oh I forgot to give food to Hafeez but Kaynaat says I already gave it to him and he is resting now. Dua recalls how Kaynaat was worried about Hafeez and hugged him. Kaynaat says I just recalled that he might be hungry so I gave the food, she goes from there. Ravi tells Dua that Haider hasn’t eaten anything and I offered to buy it from outside but he said he likes your cooked food. Dua says he has brought us in this situation. Ravi says let Gazal suffer in trying to impress Haider.

Scene 2
Hina is hungry and thinks to cook herself as her daughter in law is useless. She goes to her room and starts cooking on her portable stove. Gazal comes there and asks why is there smoke in the room? Hina asks her to close the door otherwise everyone will find out. Gazal asks why is she cooking here? Hina says because you don’t know to cook so I have to do something to stop others from humiliating her. Gazal says you are the best person. Hina asks if she didn’t learn to cook before? Gazal says I was all alone when I grew up so nobody taught me how to cook, I just used to eat noodles.

Hina tells the family that the breakfast is ready and they needed more time as they were cooking special dishes. Gulnaz jokes that it shouldn’t take this much. Dadi comes there and asks if Gazal cooked this? Hina says don’t doubt my daughter in law. Hina asks Haider to have breakfast with them, Gazal asks him to sit down but Haider looks around for Dua. He says Dua hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Dua comes there so Gazal asks her to taste her food. Dua asks if she didn’t cook kheer? as the new bride, she should have cooked that. Hina says she didn’t cook that. Dua says how do you know what she cooked? Dua looks around for a chair but Hina says my new daughter in law has a chair now so Dua has no place there or in anyone’s heart. Dadi and others offer their seats to Dua. Haider says they don’t need to give their place to Dua, Dua has her own place in the house. He goes from there and brings a sofa for her. Dua is shocked to see that he carried it from the stairs and feels emotional. Dua says she still has place in his heart and no one can take that. Gazal is angry hearing that. She thinks I thought to separate them but they are showing more affection now. I have to do something.
Precap: Gulnaaz eats the food and says this smells weird. Dadi Ammai smells the food and says this has been cooked in kerosene. Gazal says yes I cooked in kerosene. Dadi Ammi says she will kill everyone along with me. Dua says to Dadi Ammi, you know the food she is claiming cooked by her is also not true.

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