Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 10 December 2023

Strings of love 10 December 2023: Veer informs Sahiba that Seerat cannot come to Brar mansion today as it’s her marriage today. Sahiba is shocked to hear that and asks how is it possible, who is the boy. Veer says he doesn’t know and says they can seek Seerat’s help. Sahiba says she doesn’t know if Keerat can help. Seerat pleads Santosh to open the door and let her go. Keerat returns home and calls Seerat. Santosh says she can’t meet Seerat until her marriage. Keerat says she will help Seerat get ready. Santosh says she herself should learn to get ready first.

Ajith informs Santosh that Karan and his friends have arrived and takes her along to welcome them. Keerat calls Sahiba and tells her that Santosh will not let Seerat go until her marriage and is taking her to gurdwara now. Sahiba requests her to bring Seerat here at any cost. Angad walks to her and shows watch signalling her time is up.

Garry and Shanaya’s engagement ceremony starts. Pamela tells Garry that Shanaya is her only daughter and she wants him to keep her happy always. Garry promises her. All guests clap for them. Garry’s puppet reporter Sona with media walks to Garry and asks if he is marrying himself or under family’s pressure. Garry gets nervous and says let us have a question and answer session first and enjoy the party first. Sona continues to question him. Garry asks Angad to handle the media and walks away. Akaal enters and says Shanaya is Manveer’s friend Pamela’s daughter and grew up in this house with other kids, so both families know each other well and fixed this alliance.

Keerat enters Seerat’s room via window. Seerat as usual blames and curses Sahiba. Keerat warns her to stop blaming her own sister and blindly trusting Garry and says she came here to take her to Brar mansion and expose Garry. Garry takes Sona out and asks he to stop creating a scene. Sona says he cheated on her by promising to marry her and marrying someone else instead. Garry brainwashes her easily saying he loves only her and is marrying Shanaya due to family’s pressure. Sona falls for his trick. Sahiba notices them and thinks she should expose Garry at any cost now. Angad walks to her and says she has only a few hours left to prove her point or get out of the house.

Jaspal hosts the event and introduces Garry and Shanaya. Jasleen thanks Inder for attending her son’s engagement ceremony and say she thought he woulnd’t come. Inder says he told her many times that their family gave them some pain, but he is not like her to keep a grudge and try to take revenge; he considers Garry and Angad equal and wants good for them. Jaspal announces Shanaya/Garry and Sahiba/Angad’s performance. Garry taunts Angad if his wife accepted defeat.


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