Strange Love Update Wednesday 6 October 2021


Strange Love 6 October 2021: The Episode starts with Sojal making Kavya have medicines. Kavya says she wants to go to Anjali. Sojal says doctor told you to rest, sleep now. He gets Varad’s call and says Kavya is better now. She says business dinner…., if Kavya is fine, I will be ready. She takes care of Kavya and thinks she will refuse for business dinner, if Kavya does not get well. Shlok is in Raghu Bhai’s clutches. Sojal sees Kavya’s fever gone and goes to get ready. Kavya gets up and calls Anjali. She says she has fever and asks her to come. Aanjali gets restless to meet Kavya. The matron stops her and asks her to go at night. Chowksi comes to the chawl in bad state. Astha asks what happened, where is Shlok. He says they have kidnapped Shlok and taken him. Astha is shocked and says what………

He says they took away Shlok from her by making him think they caught you, so that they can catch him easily far from here. Raghu puts water on Shlok’s face. He says he has thrown grain and bird has been trapped. Shlok asks about Astha. Raghu says what you get before time is not valued, and what you get after time is not needed, let it happen whats happening. He says you are trapped by throwing Astha’s purse to get you, I could have kidnapped you from chawl, but total mess which I don’t want, as I got from jail just now and don’t want to go back, I showed red flag and you came in our trap, by shouting seeing Astha’s purise. Shlok kicks him and Raghu gets angry on him.

Raghu aims gun at Shlok and says this is his ego, death is infront of him, still seeing in my eyes, it will be fun to make you tortured, I want to see you lose before dying. He says if you want life, do as I say, but you don’t do that, I will beat you a lot that you will remember Lord is up and Raghu is on earth. Shlok says once open my hands, then we will see what happens, who is up and who is down. Raghu says his hands are tied and he is still threatening me. He asks Billu to see his anger can burn the rope. They laugh. They cover Shlok’s face.

Astha cries and says don’t know what they will do with Shlok. Everyone pacify her. She asks Chowksi to take her to Raghu, she will apologize and they will leave Mumbai . He says how can we be sure, they can be anyone else too. She says we don’t have any more enemies. Chowksi says they don’t have any same place always. Astha cries and Apsara scolds her. She says its your mistake. Astha accepts it. Sachin defends Astha and says don’t care of my mum’s words. Astha says no, your mum is right, Shlok is bearing punishment for my mistake. Chowksi thinks how to take Astha there, don’t know what they will do, they can kidnap her also.

Astha says I have to do something. She says she will go to police. He stops her. Astha says I have to go, if you regard yourself my brother, let me do, you are scared, I m not scared. He says yes, I m scared for you, not for me. He says fine, I will come with you, as I will never leave supporting you. They leave. The police staff is doing arrangements for a MLA. Astha, Sachin and Chowksi come there. They ask her to sit. She waits for long and asks constable for take her FIR, and asks inspector to tell them, its their duty. She shouts on him, and he asks Sawant to take her report. He asks whats the report. She says my husband is kidnapped and gives description. They hear MLA has come and they ask her to sit, they will write report later.

Astha gets angry and puts garland on MLA. She welcomes him and brings her frustration out. She says my husband is kidnapped and they don’t care about it, I know who kidnapped him, so I came to take their help, they did not have time as you were coming, welcome. MLA asks inspector whats happening, first take her report. He apologizes to her on their behalf, as police work is to serve police. Astha also apologizes for misbehaving, and thanks him. Astha says about Raghu Bhai who takes hafta. The police asks did your husband take phone, by which we can trace him. She says yes, and gives address and number. He says we will inform if we come to know anything. They leave. Raghu plays game and Shlok asks for water. Billu throws water and smiles. Raghu laughs and scolds Shlok.
Jyoti saying if she uses this cheque, all her and Sid’s problems will end, but it will hurt his self esteem, we are arguing a lot these days, I will return this cheque to Varad. Sid comes and she hides the cheque. He asks what happened, she looks worried. She says no, I will get tea. She thinks if I tell him about cheque, he will be angry, and I m not using it, so I will not say. She leaves. Ajju comes to Kalindi and asks why did she not sleep till now. Kalindi says she is thinking to give property to Ankush, as he has really changed, he stays worried and I can’t see him. Ajju says if he has changed, will he like to get the property. Kalindi says its his property, we will return it. Ankush hears this and smiles.

Sojal asks Kavya how is she. Kavya says I m fine. Jaya says I will be with Kavya, you go. Varad asks Kavya how is she. Kavya says I m strong and he asks shall we go out Kavya says yes. Varad promises they will come home soon. Kavya thinks Aaji will come if they go. She asks them to go. Varad says Mr. Sarkar is also coming there, you have to come. Sojal and Varad leave. Anjali hides outside with the matron.

Anjali says if anything sees us, it will be problem. The matron says no one will see, I will stand here. Anjali says Sojal and Varad can be with Kavya, and sees them leaving. The matron says before anyone else comes, you go soon to meet Kavya. Anjali goes inside the house. Astha prays to Bappa and says its night, I did not get to know anything about Shlok, please bring him back, he is in problem because of me. She cries. Rekha and Sachin bring food. Rekha asks her to have food and Astha refuses. Apsara looks on.

Sachin asks Astha how will she fight if she does not eat, and Shlok gave her responsibility to her, if he comes back and asks me, what will I say. Astha says I don’t want to eat, I just want my Shlok back. Apsara prays Lord to get her Shlok back. Even Sachin prays for Shlok’s return and asks Astha to stop crying. Kavya sees Jaya sleeping and thinks how will she meet Aaji if she is here. She asks Jaya to leave as she has to sleep. Jaya says fine, sleep, call me if you feel scared. Kavya says no, I have my doll to talk. She scares Jaya by showing the illuminating doll. Jaya gets afraid and leaves. Kavya says Aaji said she will come, where is she. She calls ashram. Anjali looks at the house and cries.

She recalls her life in the house. She thinks about her family. Jaya comes and she hides. Jaya sees her shadow and is scared. She starts praying. Anjali sees her shadow and moves. Jaya opens her eyes and sees shadow is gone. She says whats happening here and leaves. Anjali goes to meet Kavya. Sita gives milkshake to Niranjan and he says he does not want. He moves his hand and it falls. He says I told many times, don’t bring Shlok’s fav things infront of me. Anjali thinks Niranjan hates Shlok and gets angry on his remembrance. Niranjan thinks this small things makes me miss him more. She thinks how can he be stone hearted, even I will always hate you then. She misunderstands Niranjan.

Astha thinks about Shlok and cries. Kavya says Aaji is not taking my call, no one cares for me. Anjali smiles and shuts the door. She hugs Kavya and sees her fever. She thinks Sojal did not care for her, and makes her wear a jacket. Kavya says she wants to have sheera made by her. Anjali says if anyone sees me, then. Kavya says Jaya and Niranjan are in their rooms and Sojal and Varad went for dinner, only I can see you. Anjali smiles and goes to make the sheera. She stops at the inhouse temple and prays for the house’s light and happiness. She makes sheera. Niranjan gets the pleasant smell and says its like Anjali making the sheera. He goes out to see.

He comes in kitchen and sees no one there. He says I can’t be wrong, and sees the sheera dropped near the stove. He tastes it and says Anjali. He gets restless and looks around for her. Anjali makes Kavya eat the sheera and Kavya says I like it. They have a talk. Niranjan hears Kavya’s voice and goes to see with whom is she talking? Anjali? Anjali asks Kavya to sleep now. Kavya says she will hug her and sleep. Niranjan walks inside the room.

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