To die for love Update Wednesday 6 October 2021

To die for love 6 October 2021: Arohi comes to a place. She sees someone with his face hidden. He says hello Tara. She says why are you hiding your face? He says hiding my identity just like you. Arohi wonders who that is. Deep meets the doctor. They take Dilip in. Tara sees Deep and comes towards him. She stabs him but it hits on his shoulder. Deep falls down. Tara says I will kill you. Everyone stops her. Deep says how did you come out. She says I will kill you and your Arohi. You will pay for cheating.

To die for love 5 October 2021

Arohi says where is Arohi’s bhabhi and ritu. He says here is this child. Chawani says I am here. He says kill himm. Tara takes the gun and points it at him. She says where is Arohi’s bhabhi. Tell me or I will kill him.
Nurse dresses Deep’s wound. She goes out. Tara comes and tries to give him an injection. Deep catches her. She says leave me.The man tries to snatch gun from Arohi. Chawani texts Deep.Tara says I will kill you deep. Police takes her from there.
The man says Tara what is wrong with you. This child will die and you will die with him as well. How dare you try to kill me. Deep comes and shoves his hand and the gun falls down. Deep fights him and his goons. Arohi says chawnai are you okay? Your fingers.. Thanks God they are fine. Arohi hugs him. Arohi says thank God Arohi showed me your finger. Chawani says she threatened to do that. She knows you love me. Arohi says I looked everywhere for you.

Chawani says I was so scared when tara used to hit me. Arohi says I am sorry. It happened because of me. He says your bhabhi was kidnapped right next to me. Then a masked man came and took her. But she ran from the car.Arohi says to deep what happened to your hand. He says you shouldn’t worry. arohi says tara who were those men. she says I am not Tara.
Constable locks Tara. She says in 24 hours I will be out of this jail and you will be dead.
Constable says shut up.Arohi dresses chawani’s wounds. She says I am with you nothing will happen now. She makes him eat. He says why deep calls you Tara? Arohi says he hates me. Its difficult to understand him. He saved me and got Tara arrested and calls Tara now. I don’t know why. He says what about his parents. Arohi says there are many secrets that are yet to be known.

Roma asks Deep what did the doctors say? Deep says nothing can happen. He recalls doctor said Dilip can be fine. He leaves.
Roma says Prithvi I told you nothing will happen. Dilip will never be okay to tell deep about his parents. Deep says I wish you could get well soon and told me about my mom. I don’t know anything. I feel like I haave lost all the hope. I only know her name. I wish I could see her. Can you get well and tell me.. Arohi comes in. She hugs him. Arohi says I know you are upset and everything will be fine. I am with you. He shoves her. He says stop talking about all this Arohi.. She says finally you called me Arohi. He says stop talking like Arohi. Please Taara leave me alone.

Deep recalls his moments witb Arohi. He says I hate you why don’t you go away from my life. Arohi comes and dresses his wound but he walks away.Arohi is crying. She says I know your pain deep. I have lost family too. Bhabhi where are you. I will do anything to find Deep’s family.Arohi recalls the envelope she saw with Roma. It had the same mark as deep’s locket. Arohi tries to open the locker. Roma and Prithvi are coming in that direction. Arohi sees the envelope and sees photo of a house. Someone puts hand on her mouth and hides her. Its deep. Roma and Prithvi come him. Arohi and deep are hidden. Deep says what are you doing. She says I.. He says are you crazy tara. Leave me alone. She says I just want to know about your family. He says you were never interested. She says I am Arohi not tara. He says be tara who minds her own business. Arohi name destroyed her family as well.

If you wanna stay alive go away from here. He packs her clothes and says you will go. She says deep I wont go anywhere. He throws her bag out and says you wanna be arohi? then better stay out off this house and don’t come back. He locks the door.Deep recalls throwing arohi out of the house. Bell rings. Deep says she is back again. He looks outside and sees its Roma. Roma says why is the gate locked? Where is tara? Arohi is going out. she recalls what Deep said. ROma says I brought clothes for you and Tara. Where is she? Arohi comes to outhouse and says chawani where are you? She looks everywhere. She asks people. Chawani is sitting on a bench. someone is coming towards him but Arohi comes.

Arohi sees Chawani. She hugs him. Arohi says where did you go? Why are you so scared? He says Tara came to kill me. She says it must be a nightmare. Tara is in jail. She hugs him.Deep says to Roma Tara has gone out. she didn’t tell me where she went. Roma says if she is angry find her you know she can do anything. Deep says don’t worry Tara can’t harm people anymore.Arohi gives Chawani phone. She says Deep asked me to leave the house. I know he doesn’t want everyone to know my reality. He is alone too and he needs me. I will never leave him alone. I will go back there. I know he hates Arohi. I will become Tara for him if he wants me to be like her. He says what are you saying.Tara is in jail. She fights with a prisoner and says I will kill you. Constable slaps her. Tara says in 24 hours I will be out of here and you will be dead first.Deep is in couch. someone puts knife of his neck. Deep pulls her and says put it on knife but didn’t do anything. You aren’t the one in jail. You are the one who wants to be Arohi. Why are you back here? She says because no one can separate deep and tara. Deep says go from here. Arohi comes close to him. She caresses his face. Deep shoves her. Roma comes and says what is this Deep? Roma says he is angry at me for no reason. Arohi is the problem. He hates her and so he hates my face too. From now on he wont call me Tara. He will call me Janu. Deep says will you stop this drama. she says okay don’t call me that should I kill myself. Roma says tara where are you going? She stands in balcony and says deep call me janu or I will kill myself. Deep says stop I can’t see you dying janu. She smiles. Tara jumps in deep’s lap. Roma says she is crazy. Arohi says lets go out.

The inspector hits Tara and says you will clean all the toilets in the jail. Arohi brings deep somewhere. He says where am I? The whole place is decorated. Arohi says sit. He says or what? Will you kill me janu? She says its a new beginning. Chawani comes. Deep says what is all this. Arohi cuts cake and holds deep’s hand. Chawani says make your janu eat cake. Deep says shut up don’t say that word again. He says I hate myself. When I see your face I see I ruined your life. I sent you to jail. I don’t want to see this face. Go away from my life. He leaves. arohi says this isn’t your mistake Deep.A woman collides with Tara and gives her a letter. It says I have your freedom’s plan. She says Deep I am coming to kill you. And that Arohi.. The woman says I will see that Arohi don’t worry.

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