Strange Love Update Tuesday 5 October 2021


Strange Love 5 October 2021: The Episode starts with Jaya coming to Sojal. Sojal gives badam kesar milk and motichoor laddoos to her. Jaya says this is the thing when you become the owner of this house, I always wanted this, my dream came true, I told you to dream big. Sojal smiles and says yes, finally I got the elder bahu rights. She hugs and thanks her. Astha cries and prays for Shlok. Shlok comes home. She hugs him and asks what if anything happened. He says relax, I m fine. He says you don’t good crying. He pacifies her. They rest to sleep. Someone comes there and sees them through the window. Anjali cries as she hears Shlok calling Aai.

Someone throws stones bat Shlok’s window and Anjali shouts Shlok. Shlok and Astha wake up and see out. Anjali says why do I feel Shlok is in problem, and prays for his safety. Shlok looks outside and there is no one. He shouts saying come infront if you are a man. Someone throws stone again, and Sachin brings the note along. Shlok reads that be ready tomorrow, you and your chawl people will suffer. Astha and Apsara stop Shlok. She says I wish you can teach him a lesson, think about us, you are jumping in fire, if he does anything with us, break my Sachin’s bones then, we will be stuck. Shlok says you are my responsibility, don’t worry. Shanta says she does not like all this. Shlok says nothing will happen to you all.

Shlok shouts if he wants hafta, no one from chawl will give the hafta, tell this to Raghu. Astha takes him inside the home and shuts door. The light goes. Shanta gets annoyed. Shlok leaves. Apsara asks Shanta not to worry, as Shlok said he will take care. The goon tells Raghu that he broke the window, but he is not scared and instead got more angry, we have to do something. Astha hugs and sees Shlok sleeping. Shlok holds her. She asks did you not sleep. He says even you did not sleep, don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you, everything will be fine. He thinks I know Astha you worry for me, I also know that some days will be difficult for us, but I won’t accept defeat.

Its morning, Kalindi thanks Bappa that Ankush really changed and prays for him. She gives aarti to Mala. She asks why did she not apply haldi and kumkum, as she is newly married. She applies haldi and kumkum, and sees sindoor on her hairline when she gets Lord’s blessings. Mala smiles. Kalindi asks her to take care of home, as Ajju and she are going market for some work. Mala touches the sindoor and smiles. Astha gives food to Shlok. Apsara asks her to come and see the food truck state. They rush out and see the goons breaking the food truck. Shlok is shocked and gets angry.

Astha says I told you Shlok we will quit, see what they have done. He gets angry and goes to beat them. Astha stops him. She is shocked seeing Chowksi beaten up. Rekha cries. Shlok asks who did this. Rekha says they did it as he was stopping them. Shlok gets raged. Chowski stops Shlok and says if you regard me elder brother, then don’t go. The goon says they will beat everyone if he gets into fight with Raghu Bhai again. The goons leave. Chowksi asks Shlok to forget this. Shlok says they have beaten you. I have to explain them in their language. They take him home.

Ankush comes to Mala and asks is she not bored at home, lets go out somewhere, even they all went to market. He sees her staring at the sindoor. She says its your name’s sindoor. He says don’t trouble me more by this nonsense and goes to wipe it. She stops him and says this is sindoor, wiping it is abshagun. He reminds her that its just fake marriage, she is not his wife. She says I know this, that its just relation for name, but I won’t let you wipe it. He says fine, but its just a drama, don’t think to have any relation with me. He says marriage is nonsense, population is increasing and people are making love and giving birth to children, fine, I won’t do any such thing. Mala gets sad.Sid talks to Jyoti. She says Varad kept a puja for Shlok and Astha’s return. You should meet Baba, he changed a lot. Sid says I can’t come, if this loan does not pass, it will be much trouble. He gets the call and comes to know just rs 5 lakh loan is passed. He gets sad. Jyoti says don’t worry. Astha and Shlok see the food truck ruined.

Astha asks Shlok to leave it. Shlok says the food truck will start again. Apsara says can anyone here have food made by you, all the chawl people are scared of Raghu Bhai, no one will support you, I think you should not go against him. Shlok says I know I m fighting for right thing, honesty, truth and to kill fear from everyone’s hearts. He says if they all support me, we will win.He talks to people and says we should not be afraid, we are wrong to bear injustice and crime, till we are not united, Raghu will take advantage of us, please support me, then we can win this war. Apsara asks him not to show his heroism, as someone raised voice before and he went missing, even police could not find him, if anything happens to you then….. Astha thinks don’t know what will tomorrow bring, I have to explain Shlok. Niranjan doing the puja for Shlok’s safety and well being. The pandit tell him the puja purpose. Niranjan prays for him.

The pandit asks him to repeat the lines with him. Niranjan prays Shlok comes back and stays with him, this is his wish. Varad looks on. The pandit says the puja is completed, you all stand for aarti now. Niranjan does the aarti. Shlok fills water in the vessel and starts cooking, . Astha asks him to put rice in this, I will get items from market, everything is ruined. He says he will get it, and asks her to stay. She thinks goons can catch him, and asks him not to go as he does not know items. He says he knows it. Rekha comes and says she is going to market to get veg and fruits for Chowksi. Astha tells Shlok that she will go with Rekha. He says fine. The goon looks on standing far.

The goon calls to Raghu Bhai while he is playing snake and ladder game, and laughing. Raghu asks what happened of Shlok. The goon says everything is opposite here, Shlok is making all the chawl people against us and made wood stove for running the food truck, and Astha went to buy items with Rekha. Raghu says good, if chawl people support Shlok, then think what will happen of your kids. He asks him to play a game, and lets see do you go up by stairs and come down falling by snake bite. Billu tells Raghu not to do anything, as he has come just now form the police station. Raghu says he will bend Shlok by using his weakness, make him come to me and beg. He tells the goon that Billu is coming to you. The goon says fine and ends the call.

The goon keeps an eye on Astha and Rekha in the market and informs Billu. Niranjan thanks the pandit. The pandit asks Sojal to give Prasad to everyone and leaves. Varad asks Jyoti why does she look worried. Jyoti says everything is fine. Varad says I can see the pain behind your smile, tell me, we will solve the problem together. Sojal gives them Prasad. Varad asks again. Jyoti says Sid applied for loan and its not passing, Riya’s marriage is close and you know the expenses will be high, so I m worried. Varad asks Sojal to get cheque book. Jyoti says no, I don’t want it. Varad says I know, but I want to give. He signs the cheque and asks her to take any amount.

Jyoti says no, Sid won’t like this, he has self esteem, we will solve this ourselves. Varad insists and says don’t tell anything to Sid. She says fine, I will leave now. She hugs Varad and leaves. Varad says Sojal its imp that Jyoti does not regard us wrong, so its our duty to fulfill all her needs. Sojal says yes. Astha and Rekha talk to the shop vendor. Billu comes there and sees her. He signs the goon. He takes out a gun and loads it. Astha says I don’t have money, and I will give remaining balance later. Anjali prays for Astha and Shlok. The diya falls and Anjali gets worried by the abshagun.

Shlok says rice is made, Astha will come and cook the dish. Sachin asks where is Astha. Shlok asks why, you don’t know where is she, she went to bring some items. He thinks why did Astha not come till now. The goons throws Astha’s purse near Shlok and leave in the car. Shlok is shocked to see blood marks on the purse. He says this is Astha’s purse. He shouts Astha and runs after the car. Sachin tells everything to Chowksi, and says did Raghu Bhai did anything to her. Chowksi worries and runs after Shlok.

Apsara asks what happened. Sachin tells everything. Apsara says did they kill Astha. Sachin scolds her and says nothing can happen to her. Shlok and Chowksi run after the car. Sojal sees Kavya having high fever. Kavya says she wants to go to Astha, Anjali. Sojal gets worried. Chowksi asks Shlok to stop. Apsara asks Sachin to call Astha and she will call Shlok. Sachin says he does not have phone or number, how will I call. Rekha and Astha come home safely. Astha says the purse got stolen. Rekha says its good it was empty. Sachin thanks Lord that Astha is fine and she is shocked seeing the purse. She asks how did he get it.

She asks what is this blood on it, where is Shlok. Astha gets Anjali’s call and Anjali asks is everything fine there. Astha says I m fine, I m busy and will call later. She asks Sachin where did he get the purse, it was stolen in market. Sachin tells her everything. Astha says is this Raghu’s plan? She cries and says Shlok. The people talk about Raghu Bhai. Astha says she has to go. Rekha makes her sit. She says nothing will happen to them. Astha says we can’t sit like this, lets go and search them. Apsara says its Mumbai, you can’t find them. Rekha says we don’t know where they went, we will sit here, maybe they will come back. Sachin says Shlok is strong, don’t worry. Astha says I feel Raghu did this to trap Shlok. She cries. Shlok stops the car and the goon beats him on his bed with a metal rod. They catch Shlok by outing black cloth on his head. They take him in the car and leave. Chowksi is shocked seeing this and runs after them.

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