A magical love story Update Wednesday 6 October 2021

A magical love story 6 October 2021: Roshni moves the sehra and finds Aman behind it. She asks where is Jaadugar. Jaadugar comes and says Aman attacked him. He tells Aman that doing such things doesn’t suit on him. He had right to marry Kaala Jinn. Aman tells him that he betrayed first. Jaadugar slaps him. Aman hits back and they fight. Roshni says enough. She uses her power and ties Aman with chains. Family goes to him to help. Roshni creates a shield, so they can’t come out. She tells Aman to accept his defeat.No one can stop her Nikah with Jaadugar.

Jaadugar says Aman’s punishment will be seeing their marriage happening. Everyone tries to stop Roshni saying she will regret her decision, but she doesn’t listen to anyone and marries Jaadugar. Aman feels the pain when Roshni says “Qubool Hai”.The short Jinn says he will give bottle only when Natasha kisses him. She attacks him and he becomes unconscious. Rehan is not able to find the bottle in his pockets.Jaadugar asks Roshni to free Aman. He can’t do anything now. She frees Aman. Jaadugar takes her hand in his hand and they go to Aman. Aman asks Roshni what she did. She married a wrong person. She was supposed to marry him. She asks Aman to accept the truth. Aman says he’s real Jaadugar. Jaadugar says thank you to Aman and opens a bottle. Suddenly, there is a smile on everyone’s face.

Roshni asks what’s happening. Tabeezi says she didn’t marry Jaadugar, she married to Aman. They switched the bodies. Aman says it looked as if she got married to Jaadugar, but in real, it was him. She says that’s a lie. Jaadugar says Aman is right. He betrayed them. Aman says now the Nikah is done and no one can do anything, not even her. She will be shocked to know that it was Arman who helped them.In flashback, Arman gives a bottle to family. Tabeezi says it’s used to swipe bodies. Aman figures out Arman’s message.Roshni says this is a betrayal. Aman says she betrayed him too when giving divorce. She says that time she only gave divorce, but now.. She tries to attack, but her attack fails. Jaadugar disappears. Real Roshni comes back. Aman and Roshni’s love defeated the Kaala Jinn. Roshni was about to fall. Aman catches her in his arms. She opens her eyes and smiles. Everyone is very happy. Tabeezi says the Kaala Jinn has left from their lives forever. Aman and Roshni thank Tabeezi.

Tabeezi says she didn’t do anything, it’s Aman and Roshni’s love. Aman says finally everything will be normal.Tabeezi comes to her room. Pages of IlmE-Jinn flips. Her lookalike appears and says finally the Kaala Jinn is over. She had enmity with him since years. The Kaala Jinn couldn’t do anything despite being so powerful. Tabeezi smiles and says her path is clear now. Nothing can come in between her and her goal. She laughs. Roshni pampers Armaan and reminiscing her as black jinn trying to kill Armaan feels guilty and apologizing Armaan requests not to get angry on his ammi. Aman walks in and says he is Ayana’s son and knows his Ammi was possessed by black jinn, so he helped him bring her back. He asks Armaan to forgive his ammi if he wants to be in peace. Armaan forgives Roshni and offers her flower. Natasha and Rehaan walk in saying they cannot be in each other’s bodies and wants to swipe their bodies back. Roshni asks what is happening. Aman informs that Rehaan consumed body swiping potion and exchanged body with Natasha.

Roshni like Aman had swapped his body with black jadugar/magician. Rehaan asks him to give him potion soon. Aman gets out potion. Rehaan and Natasha try to snatch it and drop it down wasting it completely. Natasha cries that he doesn’t want to be in Rehaan’s body forever. Roshni asks them to relax as she will find some solution. Natasha suggests to take their guru/Tabeezi’s ‘s help.Tabeezi walks into black jinn’s cave and reminisces trying to finish black jinn getting killed by him instead. She thinks it took her 200 years to finish black jinn finally, she continue as Tabeezi and wants to become Ayana now. She uses Tabeezi’s magical powder and gets a comb. She fixes it on her hair and then throws it to find Ayana’s soul, but it returns back and she thinks why her magic is not working. Red jinn walks in and says he can help her if she can get jinnath’s king’s sword. She agrees.

At home, Roshni wakes up seeing dream that Aman is holding a girl. She asks Aman who was that girl. He asks how can he know. She warns him to dare not touch any girl except her. Aman says why will he and assures her. Tabeezi returns and manipulating Aman asks him to use his sword. Aman calls his sword, but it doesn’t arrive. He is surprised and says something is wrong.Rehaan searches solution in magical book. Natasha asks if he found solution. Rehaan says they have to marry as marriage means merging of 2 souls together.Tabeezi meets red jinn who scolds her and says Aman cannot get his sword until he needs it really. Tabeezi says she will do something then. A magician girl/Roshni’s dream girl breaks window and enters. Roshni finds ring near window and identifies as the one she saw the girl wearing in her dream. Magician girl is about to touch Aman when Roshni walks in and says it the same ring which the girl was wearing. Aman says even Rehaan is wearing similar rings now a days and asks her to relax and let him complete his call.Roshni doesn’t get convinced. She sees magical girl behind Aman and catches her via magic. Aman sees girl in air and asks who is she. Girl pleads to let her down. Roshni leaves her and Aman holds girl, making Roshni angry and her bad dream coming true.

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