Strange Love Update Monday 17 May 2021


Strange Love 17 May 2021: starts with Kalindi telling Astha that I will call the lawyer, as he said when the papers are signed, we should inform him. Astha is sad and goes to her room. She sits infront of the mirror looking at her image and Ve Saiyyan……………. Khwab vo pyara aisa hai tuta……………. plays……………… She looks and holds her mangalsutra thinking about her marriage with Shlok. She starts crying and thinks about Shlok. Shlok on the other hand, is in his room, drinking wine. He thinks how Astha did the first aid of his hand in the office.He looks at his hand and is angry. He says I can’t let you so go easily, I have given you the divorce papers, but this is not my failure, don’t think its your victory. He drinks excess wine and music plays………. He gets angry and throws the empty wine bottle. Anjali, Sojal and jaya are having food. jaya eats making sound.

Anjali scolds her and asks her to eat silently. jaya signs Sojal to speak up. Sojal asks Anjali what did Astha talk to Niranjan that she left, did she come to tell that she won’t come in this house again. jaya says we can’t trust her, maybe she came to ask for property share.Anjali scolds Sojal and jaya and asks them not to talk. She says we can’t ask Niranjan, you should not think what talk they had. She gives two days leave to Rani, the maid and asks Sojal and jaya to do the work. Anjali leaves. Sojal tells jaya that this is because of you I m punished. jaya says Anjali is a hitler. Its evening, Niranjan gets a call from the lawyer and he tells Shlok that he has first court hearing for divorce tomorrow and he must reach there on time. Shlok looks on. Sojal smiles.

Niranjan pacifies Shlok holding his hand and leaves. Varad looks at Shlok. Kalindi tells Astha that its court hearing tomorrow and the lawyer said maybe the decision will be taken tomorrow, I wish you get free from this soon. Astha says I will leave, I will have food in office’s canteen, bye. She leaves for office. Ajju and Avdhoot looks on.Shlok is in office. Astha comes to him and says Sir, sign on these files. He does not listen to her. He says you should have learnt to respect your husband, you are a woman. She says my parents taught me whom to respect. He says sit here and do the corrections in this file.

Shlok says did you hear me, you girls can’t do any work properly, wherever you are, you know to create problems and be happy thinking you won. Astha argues with him. He holds her and says I should say this to you, I signed the divorce papers as dad asked me to, but you won’t be free from me, never. Astha says we will see tomorrow in the court. She leaves from his cabin. Shlok calls Astha again and asks her for new project presentation in the conference room. She comes in the conference room and is about to leave but Shlok comes there.He talks to someone on phone and says I m going to see the presentation now. He ends the call and asks her where is the presentation. There is fire in the office and everyone are running and creating havoc. Astha too runs and coughs due to smoke. Shlok sees her and says Astha, come this way and holds her hand and takes her with him. Sojal is shocked to know about the fire on Shlok’s office and she tells Anjali that Shlok and Astha are caught in the fire. Anjali panics.

jaya asks whats Astha doing there.Astha says we should get out now Shlok. He stops her and says how can you go, its fire there. The room where they stand is filled with smoke. They cough and are unable to breath. He breaks the glass of the ventilator window. He says we have to make ourselves cool and opens the tap. They stand under the tap and have an eyelock. Music plays………….. He holds her and they get closer. Khuda……………. plays…………….. They start coughing again. He laughs and says it looks like we can’t reach the court, our life’s decision will be made here, your Lord does not wish our divorce. She says I only care why you don’t want our divorce. He looks at her.She says these moments can be the last ones for us, even if I die, it will be with you, life is playing a strange game with us, its making us live these moments together. She slips and falls on him. He rmangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. He looks at it and music plays…………


Shlok and Astha standing under the water. He holds her hand and looks at her. They have an eyelock. He says you broke the relation, now break this mangalsutra too. She detaches the mangalsutra from his shirt. She says I want to know the truth, I did not get the answer in my life, atleast tell me when I m dying, did you ever love me while acting, we were together for so many days, you gave me pain, did you ever feel my pain…… Shlok answer me. She says don’t be quiet today, let the words speak, what my heart felt for you was wrong, did you eyes tell me wrong.She says you have killed me literally, today you tell me what should I name this love, tell me. He says you want to know the truth right. He says I….. and coughs. The smoke increases in the room. The rescue team comes to them and takes them.

Avdhoot calls Kalindi and Ajju to come in the hall soon and tells them about the news. They see the news on tv about Shlok and Astha caught in the fire in the office. Kalindi says but whats Astha doing in Shlok’s office. He says we should go there soon, lets go. Niranjan and Varad also reach the office. They see Shlok and Astha coming out. The reporters interview Astha and she says I had lost hope, they say Shlok’s love has saved Astha’s life. Shlok looks on. Varad takes Astha with him. She walks away and turns to see Shlok. Saiyyan ve………… plays……………..

Shlok looks at her while she leaves. Niranjan holds Shlok. Varad brings Astha to her house. Avdhoot and Kalindi are relieved seeing her. Kalindi asks her why did you go to Shlok’s office, do you work there. Astha is quiet and signs yes. Kalindi and Avdhoot are shocked. Kalindi gets hyper. Avdhoot says lets go inside first and then talk. Kalindi scolds Astha for lying to her. Avdhoot says listen to Astha once. Astha says I m not lying, I did not know that was Shlok’s company, I signed the bond by mistake.Kalindi leaves being annoyed. Ajju says don’t worry about Kalindi, even I got much worried today, think about Kalindi, she is your mum. You are our life and star of our eyes, we get worried when we don’t see you. Astha says I will never do such thing which will hurt you all. Avdhoot says Astha I m sure that you can’t do any wrong work. Astha hugs him. Ajjju smiles. Its night, Shlok is in his room drinking wine. He says I don’t love anyone, I don’t have the work love in my dictionary. He says I hate the name love. I hate you Miss Astha Kirloskar, only hatred.

Ve Saiyyan………….. plays…………… Astha is in her room crying thinking about her moments with Shlok. Khwab vo pyara aisa hai tuta…………. plays……………..Shlok hides the wine bottle seeing Niranjan coming. Niranjan says I was worried about you. Shlok and Niranjan have a father and son talk. Niranjan says I came here for another reason, tomorrow is an important day of your life, its court hearing tomorrow, I always tried to give you good values and you have learnt and adapted all good things, I just want tomorrow to bring my bahu back in this house. He says a woman is the one who manages the house despite all difficulties. He says I know you signed the divorce papers on my saying, but Shlok bring her back, she is our respect and pride. Shlok says yes. He says sleep now, good night and leaves. Shlok looks on.

Astha talks to Kalindi and tells the importance of mangalsutra. She asks how does this relation become so strong. Kalindi says it has our trust in it which makes it so strong that nothing can break it, it is a symbol of love and trust. She says you and Shlok does not anything such and Shlok does not have any feelings, so if you wear this, it will be the insult of the mangalsutra, I don’t want to force you, I m waiting, come soon. Astha thinks about Shlok and gets angry saying I just hate you Shlok, there is no love and trust, you have cheated this mangalsutra, why should I wear it then. She removes the mangalsutra.

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