Strange Love Update Wednesday 19 May 2021


Strange Love 19 May 2021: starts with jyoti leaving after meeting Shlok and Astha. Anjali looks at her while she leaves. Everyone go to their rooms. Astha stands alone thinking. Anjali stops Astha and asks where are you going, did you forget where is your room. Astha says the court ordered me to stay in this house, so I m here being helpless, I will bring my luggage. She goes to Shlok’s room and thinks about her moments with Shlok. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon……………….. plays……………….She packs her belongings in a bag. Shlok comes and her and she is shocked.

He says you did Grah Pravesh, now lets keep your name, what say, what should I name you. He taunts her. Astha says I don’t want to argue, I came to take my belongings, I m shifting to the guest room. He says I don’t care, take it. jaya and Sojal see this. Shlok leaves. Sojal says its good Shlok showed her place to her. Astha goes towards the guest room. Niranjan and Anjali looks at her. Niranjan asks Anjali to become a mum in law and not let Astha be away from Shlok. He says Astha is a immature, she is adamant to stay away from Shlok, but you are grown up, you should see that she lives with Shlok. Anjali says yes. Niranjan asks for the second gift and says make Astha go to her room, and think you have gifted me what I want. He smiles and leaves.

Anjali comes after Astha and says you can’t stay here, it will be good for you that you stay with Shlok in his room. Astha says I can’t stay with him in same room, I told you I came here only because of court’s decision, if you think I m wrong, ask Shlok does he regard me his wife. Anjali scolds her. Astha says I respect you, but Shlok has become a stranger for me, you tell me how can I live with a stranger. Anjali leaves. Anjali sends kitchen applainces to Astha. Astha does not understand. Anjali comes back and says if you need anything else to have your own home, then take anything you want, do what you want in this room, cook for yourself.

Anjali says these are your values to disobey elders and insult them. Astha looks on. jaya comes to Sojal and tells her what Anjali did. Sojal is happy hearing this. Astha unpacks her bag. Shlok comes to her and hugs her saying wow Astha, you are very fast, you said you want a different room but you made a different kitchen too. He says I got bored eating food made by Anjali, I want to add some spice in my life, so I will eat the food made by you. She says leave me, I m not your servant. He leaves her and smiles seeing her. He says alright, you tell me why are you staying in my house with what right, whatever you think I don’t care, whenever you step out of the house, everyone will call you Shlok’s wife.

He says remember one thing, till a girl is not in a relation, there is no identity. Astha says what are you saying, my identity will be made by me, who are you to tell me this. He says fly as much as you want, but your feathers won’t be there for many days. Astha says go out, leave from my room. He gets close to her which scares her and she moves backwards. He says you know what, if I want, I can take you to my room now itself, as I m still your legal husband. But I won’t do this, as my aim is only to show you your place. She says go out from my room, get out. He says fine, I m going. Sojal says I wish Astha goes from this house. jaya is happy too. Kavya hears them planning against Astha. Kavya says you are bad. Sojal scolds her and sends her out.

jyoti’s mum in law hurts jyoti for talking in favor of Astha. She says I think its time to beat you. She says beat me, end this matter. jyoti argues with her and says I won’t be quiet now, if you hate me, then kill me at once. She says we are no mad to kill our golden eggs laying hen. Astha keeps all the kitchen appliances back with the maid. Anjali looks at her. Astha says I m sorry, I won’t part the kitchen, my parents did not give me these values, I really respect you, so I will be according to you till I stay here. Anjali says then go to Shlok’s room. This is my house, that will happen what I want, the court asked you to stay here for six months, so you are our bahu, you have to do every duty as our bahu. Sojal sticks smileys in Astha’s room. Astha comes and asks what are you doing.Sojal says these are the symbols that represent us, sad smileys. She says six smileys for six months, cut one every month. She says I don’t know what Niranjan sees in you, anyways don’t be mistaken that we all want to keep you here, no way as everyone hates you. She says you dreamed of becoming the bahu, but after it got fulfilled, you ruined the family name, only I m this house’s bahu. She leaves. Astha is hurt by her taunts.


the power going off. Astha gets afraid and goes in the hall. She sees Shlok and thinks he did this. Anjali sees her. Astha comes to Shlok and argues with her. She asks how dare you switch off my room’s light. He says are you mad, I did not do any such thing. He says did you come here as you got scared. He laughs on her. He says I can help you out, I m very generous. She says I m not afraid of anyone. He scares her and laughs on her. Its Anjali who had taken out the fuse of Astha’s room. She says I will make you accept this relation as Niranjan wants this. Astha talks to Anjali and says my room’s lights have gone. Anjali says the wiring of the guest room is faulty.

Anjali says if you want, you can get it fixed, but it will take much days. Astha looks on and leaves. She goes to the mandir and takes the diya in her hand. Anjali looks at her. Astha takes the diya with her and brings it in her room and sleeps. The dogs bark at night and it scares Astha. She thinks what are these sounds. The power goes and its all dark. jaya wakes up too and thinks from where are such strange sounds coming. She is afraid. Astha looks out in the hall. Astha is shocked to see tv on and she switches it off. Even jaya asks who is it, and prays to the Lord. She says even the tv is off, is there any bad ghost or soul in the house. She runs. Shlok comes to Astha’s room. She asks who is it. He comes close to her. She turns to see him.

The wind blows and Astha gets scared and hugs him. Shlok smiles. The diya blows off. Music plays…………………. Shlok holds her in his arms. She closes her eyes. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon………………… plays………………….. He leaves her thinking he hates her. She distances from him and moves back.
jaya comes to Sojal and says there is a ghost. Sojal says whats happening. jaya says if you don’t slee with me, I will go to Astha’s room. Sojal comes with her. Astha asks Shlok what are you doing here at night, go out of my room Shlok. Shlok walks closer to her and she moves back. He says you are my wife, if I don’t come in your room, where will I go, did you forget its a special night of our life. He sits on his knees and says don’t you think. She asks what do you want. He holds her hand and she panics.He says I m doing what you like, you believe in rituals, do you remember when you entered our house, and I did your Naam Karan and after that……… She asks then what. He says about out suhaagraat.

He says I want to gift you a promise today that I will always keep you in this house, not for six months. He kisses her hand and says even if you don’t wish to, these six months will never end, I will punish you to be here for your whole life, as a gift. jaya and Sojal see Shlok with Astha.
Sojal gives a flying kiss to Astha and leaves from her room. Astha closes her room’s door. jaya says see at them, they meet at night by hiding from everyone, this is Astha’s drama, she won’t go from this house ever. Sojal says yes, they were doing romance. jaya says see how Astha is controlling Shlok, she tries to go away from him and he goes closer to hr, even you should learn to make Varad listen to you, then everyone will respect you.
Kalindi is worried. Avdhoot asks what happened. She says its about my daughter’s life. Avdhoot says Niranjan loves Astha as his daughter, and about Shlok, Astha said she will take care. He says trust your daughter, if not Shlok, sleep now, everything will be fine. Its morning, Astha does not get water in her bathroom and goes to use someone else’s.

She tells this to Anjali and asks can you use your bathroom. Anjali says no, Niranjan is still there. Anjali says all the rooms are busy, you can go to Shlok’s room if you want, he is not in the room, else be like this. Astha goes to Shlok’s room. Anjali says what Niranjan wants, that will happen. Astha says it looks Shlok went for jogging, before he comes back I will go. She sees the room messed up and then says why should I clean this. She goes for bath. Sojal looks at Varad and is annoyed. Varad comes to her and smiles. He goes closer to her and takes his phone. He leaves. She says she can’t help this, what does Astha do to draw Shlok closer to her. Shlok comes back from jogging and walks towards the bathroom. Astha comes out and they bump into each other. Astha falls on him. Iss dil ka ab kya karun………………. plays……………… They have an eyelock.

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