Strange Love Update Thursday 20 May 2021

Strange Love 20 May 2021: starts with Astha falling on Shlok. Iss dil ka ab kya karun…………. plays……………. They have an eyelock. He smiles looking at her. They get closer. Astha gets up. He asks what are you doing here in my room. She says I did not wish to, but I was having a problem in my room’s bathroom, so Anjali asked me to come here. Shlok says you are selfish. She argues with him and says I m in Shlok’s room, not in my husband’s room. Shlok says ya ya, anyway, reach office on time. He says do you think you are a queen and you are not in a mood to come to office, go and get ready. She leaves. jaya sees Astha coming from Shlok’s room. She hides seeing her. She wonders whats happening.

She thinks of informing Sojal. Sojal tries to make Varad look at her but he does not. jaya comes to Sojal and says I saw Astha coming out from Shlok’s room. Sojal says you don’t think about me, do you know what I m going through. jaya asks what. Sojal says you asked me to keep Varad away so that he comes closer to me, but he does not see me. jaya asks her to attract Varad and gives her some tips. Sojal says I m the most beautiful in this house. Lets go and see what is Astha doing. Sojal and jaya see Astha in the house’s mandir. Sojal scolds Astha calling her a guest of the house. She says I m the bahu of this house, its my work to decorate the mandir. Anjali comes and taunts Sojal taking Astha’s side. jaya says what are you saying, what does Astha regard herself in this house. Sojal obeys you, not Astha. Anjali taunts jaya for staying in their house.

Sojal puts her anger on Astha once again. Kavya hugs Astha and says she is not a guest, but a family member and will always stay with them. Astha says yes Kavya, I will always stay with you. Astha says I promise I will never leave you. Shlok looks at Astha and smiles. He says its good that you said that you want to stay here. You know what, I don’t understand girls, they say something and do something else, confused ones. Astha leaves. Kalindi is worried about Astha and gets her hand burnt in kitchen. Avdhoot says I know what you are thinking. She says I m much worried about Astha, please can we go and meet her once, I will feel relieved. He says Astha will call us if she have any problem, we can’t interfere again and again, it won’t look good. Astha comes in the kitchen. Sojal calls her a guest again. Anjali hears this and scolds Sojal. She says I m still alive, I know how to deal with Astha. Anjali asks Astha to make lunch alone according to everyone’s likes. Astha thinks she has to go to office too and have to make lunch soon.

Everyone come at the breakfast table. Niranjan is happy to see Astha. Astha’s phone rings and she goes to talk. Its Kalindi. Kalindi asks how are you, is everything fine there. Astha says yes, I m busy and will call later. Kalindi calls again. Shlok gets irritated seeing this. Astha says I will call you later and ends the call. Niranjan asks Shlok to calm down. Astha says sorry. Niranjan says its normal for Kalindi to be worried. He supports Astha and asks Anjali to call Kalindi so that she can spend some time with Astha. Niranjan says lets keep a party today, I want people to know how much happy we have kept Astha, invite Astha’s parents also.
Shlok looks on. Niranjan asks everyone to start eating. Kalindi gets more worried that Astha did not talk to her. Ajju says Astha is living with elders, she has the values which you gave her. Kalindi says I know, but there is no need to do all this. She says she is very innocent. I have to explain her. Ajju says calm down. Anjali asks Astha where are you going. Astha says office. Anjali stops her and asks who will make the lunch. Astha says I made the food. Anjali says our bahus don’t work. Shlok comes and hears this. Astha says but I can’t leave my job, as I have signed one year bond.

Anjali says break that bond. Shlok asks Astha to come to office as its her important presentation. He taunts Anjali and asks her not to interfere if she does not know anything. Anjali says Astha won’t go anywhere. Astha says don’t worry, I will do household work too. Anjali says first show me what you will work. Astha says my presentation is ready. He asks her to come on time and not be late. Anjali asks Astha to arrange the party and decorate the house and give catering order too. Astha is tensed. Sojal and jaya laugh seeing this. Kavya asks Astha why is she sad. Astha smiles and says I have much work, we will play later. Niranjan talks to Joshi Ji and invites him in the party. He asks him to come and bless Astha and Shlok. He tells this to Anjali. Anjali says you can never be wrong. Niranjan smiles. Anjali says I have to talk to you. He asks what is it. She says Astha is not ready to leave her job. He says every person is different, first you try to understand her, then you can learn to control her. He leaves.

Astha thinking what to do. Sojal and jaya come to her and increase her work. Kavya looks on. jaya and Sojal falls and Kavya laughs. Astha helps them in getting up. Astha calls the maid and asks her to clean the floor. Sojal and jaya smile and leave. jaya tells Sojal now see Astha. Sojal says now the carpet won’t get dry, lets see what Anjali does. They plan against Astha to make her fall in Shlok’s sight. Sojal says I will increase the gap between Shlok and Astha. Astha orders food. Astha thinks of going to office for giving her presentation. Sojal comes to Astha’s room and gets her presentation CD and smiles. She sees Astha coming and hides behind the door. Sojal slowly leaved from her room.
Astha sees Anjali and stops. She says I have done all the work, now can I go to office. Anjali agrees and asks her to come before 6pm. Astha says fine and leaves. Shlok is in the meeting. Astha knocks the door and gets in the conference hall. Shlok goes after her as she leaves. People gossip and laugh seeing their romance. Shlok scolds her for coming late. Astha argues with him. He asks her to come to office on time else don’t. She says my presentation is ready. He says go, leave. Shlok says I m the boss here, leave, go home. Astha gets angry and says I m ready with my presentation.

She sees her visual presentation CD is missing and is tensed. She starts her oral presentation. Shlok cross questions her and she answers well. She speaks in woman’s favor and says women are not less than men. Shlok looks on. Kalindi and Ajju are at home. Kalindi gets a call from Anjali. Anjali invites her in today’s party. Avdhoot comes and hears Kalindi talking. He talks to Anjali and he says we will surely come. Thanks for the invitation. He ends the call. Kalindi says I won’t go. Ajju asks her to think positive and says how good is Niranjan, maybe he wants to unite Shlok and Astha. Kalindi says fine, I will go but only for Astha as I know no one loves Astha there. Shlok stops Astha and asks where are you going. She says home. He gives her another work and asks her to gift wrap the gifts which he wants to give to his clients. She says why should I do. He says I m your boss. She looks at him. He asks what happened, are you feeling bad, its good for our company, its only 500 gifts.

Astha is shocked. He holds her hand and she walks away. Shlok asks the working men to leave and asks Astha to start working. He asks Astha to gift wrap it neatly and write the correct address. She says I have to go home before 6pm.
He says I know its necessary for you to go home, but even this is important, don’t waste time, start working. Astha starts working. Shlok smiles looking at her and disturbs her. He instructs her how to do.

Astha gets Anjali’s call. Anjali asks Astha to come home soon. Astha says I will come home before 6pm. Anjali says remember if you don’t come on time, you won’t be allowed to go office from tomorrow, this party is kept for you, if you come late, it won’t be good for you. Shlok asks Astha to finish the work and then go home. He says why are you worried, let me see what can girls do. He laughs seeing her in tension.

He says girls can’t manage office and home together, they just can’t. Astha says the time will show what can girls do. He says fine, prove it. He leaves. Astha thinks what to do for not getting late for the party, She gets an idea and smiles. She says now see Shlok what I do. Niranjan talks to Anjali and says I m going to take Joshi Ji. You see to it that everyone is fine. I want Astha to take his blessings. He asks her to bring Astha and Shlok together. Anjali nods yes. He says I want to see you in Astha today, everyone should see you in your bahu today, this party is very special for Astha. Sojal hears this and thinks what magic did Astha do on Niranjan. Anjali gives a saree and jewellery for Astha. Anjali scolds Sojal. Sojal tries to speak against Astha. Anjali asks her to mind her own business. Shlok calls Astha and says you have to end the work and come home, if this time my dad gets insult because of you, then I won’t leave you. Astha says don’t worry, see today what can girls do. Shlok laughs seeing her confidence. Shlok thinks Astha won’t be able to reach home, its impossible. Astha says nothing is impossible, if there is a will to do. I will see you in the party.


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