The Cost Of Love Update Thursday 20 May 2021


The Cost of Love 20 May 2021: starts with JD saying your investment is still with you, Pankti, don’t take tension, live this moment and make memories. He asks Anita to beg for money like always or make her young daughters beg, they will earn a lot. He says Pankti wants to fly, I gave her entire sky to fly. Pankti says you think my courage will break.JD says I think you got habitual to torture, your courage will break if I torture your lover boy. She asks what did you do with Ahaan. He says just wait and watch, just leave Ahaan and come in my arms, I know you will come to me. He signs Anita and goes.

Pankti calls Ahaan to ask if he is fine. He says yes, I m coming to your house. She says everything is fine, mum was drunk and panicked, we kept jewelry in bank, there was just some cash at home, go for the recording,all the best. She ends call. Pandit gives puja item list to Aparna. Aparna says its long list, but this puja will happen at any cost. The people ask Anita to pay their loans. Anita argues with them. Pankti asks them to give some time. The people give just one day time. Anita asks how will we pay money, we have nothing left now. Pankti holds her earrings and goes to see it.

Aparna comes there. Pankti sees her and hides. Aparna sells off her jewelry. Pankti gets shocked. Manager asks what’s the need to sell this. Aparna says there is much jewelry at home, I felt to sell the old ones. He asks the problem. She says there is no such problem, just hurry up. He gives her cash. She thanks him and goes. Pankti takes her money and goes. She says so this is JD’s plan to weaken Aparna and Manav to weaken Ahaan, its happening because of me. Aparna manages to get things. Manav asks how did you get money for all this. Aparna says housewives are talented and know saving money, we will pay the loan of 2 crores. Pankti comes there. Manav sees Aparna and asks her about her jewelry. They ask Pankti how did she come. Pankti says I just came by. Manav asks them to talk and goes.

Aparna says I got surprised, you came on right time, we have Navratri puja tomorrow. Pankti says then let me do all the work. Nurse says I came out to talk to doctor. Pankti asks Aparna to see work, she will be with Sheetal. Pankti goes to Sheetal. She recalls Sheetal and says everyone is bearing pain because of me, so that I lose and agree to JD. She holds Sheetal’s hand. She says if I let JD win, it will be a failure of this family. Sheetal moves her finger. Pankti checks machines and says its all same, maybe I was mistaken, I felt your hand had a movement. Nurse says I had to get injection for Sheetal. Pankti says I will get it. Nurse gives her the bottle. Monty gets Poorva’s call. He says I just left and you started missing me.

She says yes, actually I called to ask for help. He asks her to say. She says I need some money. He says take it from my secretary. She thanks him. Aparna asks why did you send Pankti to get injection. Pankti asks why, am I not part of this family. She gets the injection and says nothing is imp than Sheetal’s health, I will consider myself lucky if I could help her. Aparna says I will go and prepare for puja. Ahaan says why did you come here instead going for recording, you were impressing mom so that marriage should happen soon. Pankti smiles. Aparna calls Anita and invites her for Navratri puja. Anita agrees. Ahaan takes Pankti’s pics. Manav and Aparna smile seeing them happy. They go. Ahaan asks Pankti where did her earrings go.

Pankti makes an excuse. Ahaan and Pankti shower flowers on each other. She asks him to go and get the garlands to help her. He goes. JD comes there and sees Pankti. He makes her fall down the stool. He holds her in arms and smiles. Pankti asks what’s this misbehavior. Manav and Aparna get shocked. JD says I m trying to save you. Ahaan gets angry and scolds JD. JD says Sheetal is ill and you are enjoying here. Aparna says Ahaan is doing puja arrangements so that Sheetal gets fine. Ahaan asks JD to help too. Vikram and Richa come. They argue and ask Pankti to leave. Pankti says I have come here to help in puja. Ahaan says this is Pankti’s house as well, she can say anything she wants, she is my would be wife. Vikram says she isn’t your wife yet, throw her out of our house. JD looks on.


Ahan says this is Pankti’s house as well. Jayant’s son says she isa bad girl get her out of this house. Maanav says shut up you can’t insult her like that. Jayant’s son says I wont let her live here. Ahan shoves him and hits him. Sheetal is on the bed. Ahan beats him everyone asks him to stop. Sheetal opens her eyes. Nurse comes and says madam has opened eyes. Everyone rushes upstairs. Jayant says how is that possible. THey all go to her and say please say something. Can you hear us? Nurse checks her and says please leave her alone. Jayant syas I knew you would never leave me. She looks at him angrily. Manav’s wife says do you wanna say something? Nurse says right now she can’t talk.Arohi says marrying again doesn’t matter. This is stupidity and I wont be part of it. Deep says it will strengthen our bond. Roma says can’t you do that for your marriage? Arohi says our relationship is strong enough but if you want so I will marry him again.

Arohi says I can’t marry that devil again please help me God.Roma says to Deep you have to go to charity race course. Tara will go there too and you will all invite them. Arohi says we will go to orphanage and invite poor kids. Deep and Roma are dazed. Arohi says we should go and pray for our child. Deep says Tara is right. Roma says okay. Arohi looks at Niku. He is scared. He hides under bed. She says I am your bua not Tra. He is scared. ARohi says we used to play these games in the house hide and seek. Niku recalls her killing nikhil. Arohi says my niku can’t recognize me. Please help me God. Arohi comes out to go with deep. They leave. Virat says Tara has changed so much. Roma says she is going to be a mom you can’t understand. Virat says did you change too? Roma says yes.

Pankti brings Sheetal on wheel chairs downsatirs. Manav’s wife is with her as well. Jayant sees them and is angry. The setup is ready. Pandit ji says we will do pooja. But there is no gangajal. Arohi and deep come. Arohi says I have brought ganga. Anita comes as well. Pankti says thank you for coming. She says I had to. The pooja starts. Apama does the arti. Pankti gives sweets to everyone. Richa exchanges PAnkti’s arti. Arohi says stop Pankti. I think Vikram and Richa should do it. Anita says to Jayant you killed my happiness. He says you better rectify you mistake. Don’t let pankti fly in the sky. He gives her money and says stop her.
Vikramt says she is my mom. Arohi says yes you should do the pooja. Arohi says to Pankti there was something wrong with the arti that is why Richa is scared. Pankti throws away the arti. Apama says what is this powder? She gives other arti to Richa.

Jayant says I know you have enough powers. Everyone serves the food to young girls. Richa says to Vikram Pankti could tell everyone truth but she didn’t. VIkram says there must be some game behind that too.Deep says to Arohi this pooja would be good for our kids. Deep says to Arohi we have to go from here right now mummy ji is calling her. Arohi says to Pankti I have to go. She gives her a gift. Jayant looks at Anita. She goes upstairs with Sheetal and her nurse. sHe takes sheetal to her room. Anita recalls Jayant asked her to kill Sheetal. Anita shoves sheetal from the stairs. But she stops.



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