Strange Love Update Thursday 19 August 2021

Strange Love 19 August 2021: The Episode starts with Jyoti waiting for Sid. Sid comes and brings flowers for her. She smiles. He says I love you sooooooooooo much and hugs her. She too reciprocates his love by holding her. Music plays……………..He says its first time that I hugged you being so free. He says maybe I m world’s first husband who did not kiss his wife till now. Jyoti gets shy. He holds her face and gets closer. She pushes him and asks him to close the door. He says its our room and locks it. He says its not getting locked. She laughs. He says he will kiss her today at any cost and holds her. They finally kiss.

Astha is trying to sleep and says its so late, why did Shlok does not come till now. She hears the car’s sound and says I will heat the food for him. Shlok walks in drunk and unable to balance himself. Astha comes out in the living room and is shocked seeing Shlok’s drunken state. She crosses the rope and comes to him. He says he is fine. She tries to get him up and he says you don’t care. She takes him to the room. He says you made our house divided, was it right, its good you went, but what was the need to go, you should have said sorry, but no, Astha has very big ego. She makes him lie on the bed. Saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhade tu…………………….plays……………..She removes his shoes and covers him up with the blanket. She makes his head lie correctly. Khuda………………….plays……………….. She turns to go and he holds her hand and pulls her. She falls on her and looks at him.

Shlok asks where are you going, getting bored, I feel good talking to you, Astha feels I can’t live without her, she is right, I can’t live without her, I can’t control myself from loving her, what to do, I love Astha a lot. Astha cries. He says I can’t live for a moment without her, we are so close yet so far. He repeats his words. Astha rests on his chest and he holds her. Iss dil ka ab kya karun……………….. plays…………………The window beats by air and Astha gets up. She looks at Shlok and says I have to go. She says Shlok, I worry for you even today, maybe I lost that right. She leaves and her anklet falls there.

Varad wakes up and sees the time. He puts Mansi’s hand beside and gets up to leave. She wakes up and hugs him. He says you got up, I thought to leave without disturbing you, you take rest, I will leave. She asks him to wait for some more time. He smiles and says you know its not responsible, Kavya is growing up and questions me, I can’t lie to her. She says then tell the truth to her. She says she wants him to be with her. He says you know I have a wife and daughter. She hugs him. He says I understand your feelings, you know I love you, but what you want can’t happen. She gets upset. He says he has to leave now, take rest. He leaves. Mansi looks on and says after loving me so much, you can’t be mine, why are we hiding our beautiful relation from the world, I want to tell the whole world I love you a lot, why am I suppressing my feelings and voice, why can’t your time be mine, so many questions and no answer.

Its morning, Astha cooks the breakfast. Sojal comes and thinks what to make now, if I get food from outside, they will know it and not eat it. She calls out Sita. Astha hears her and goes to her side. Sojal says how did this miracle happen, who made it. Astha says she made it, don’t worry. Sojal says even I can make it. Astha says fine, then you make it. She says I will take all this back, you make it. Sojal thinks and says no, I can’t waste food, don’t tell anyone you made it. Astha says ok. Sojal takes the food on the table. Astha smiles.Sojal says I will wake up Varad late, as he came so late after working so hard in office. Astha comes and Sojal thinks to take more work from her. She asks Sita to make ginger tea for Varad and loos at Astha. Astha goes in kitchen. Sojal says I know Astha, you will make tea for Varad.

Astha makes the ginger tea for Varad and lemon water for Shlok. She calls Sita and tells her to give them to Varad and Shlok. She says give this letter to Shlok and don’t come without taking answer. Astha says I hope he reads the letter, will he give reply or not. Shlok wakes up and has a hangover. He gets Astha’s anklet and says Astha came here, no she won’t come, she is very adamant. He thinks of her words and is about to throw it. Sita comes and gives the lemon water and letter. He reads it and looks on.Shlok reading Astha’s letter that she loves him a lot, and he should not drink so much, she gets hurt seeing him in pain, don’t drink so much again. Sita says Astha asked for your reply. Shlok tears the letter and gives it to her. She leaves. Anjali comes to Astha and asks why does she look upset and where was she yesterday night. Astha says nothing, I was in room. Anjali says say the truth. Astha says yesterday Shlok came being much drunk and was unable to walk, he was angry on me and so he drunk, its not good. Anjali says I know you will show him the right path, I trust your love, this distances are for few days and will end soon. Astha asks will you have ginger tea. Anjali says yes. She sees her anklet missing and asks where is it.

Astha says Shlok’s room…. Anjali says so you were there yesterday night. Astha says no, I just went to leave him there. Anjali says fine, bring my tea in room and leaves. Astha thinks if Shlok sees that anklet, he will know I was there and come to fight with me. She says Shlok I will wear one anklet till you yourself make me wear the second one. Jyoti serves breakfast to everyone. Riya and her dad praise the food. Renuka asks about Sid, did Jyoti send him out to get something. Jyoti says I don’t know where he is. Sid’s dad says he is grown up and may have gone for some work. Sid brings a man. Renuka asks who is he. Sid says the lock of the room is not working, so I got him.

Renuka asks Jyoti will we steal anything from your room, you don’t trust us. Jyoti goes to see Anaya. She says what would I do, get locks on all doors. Renuka is annoyed. Sid’s dad says whats the big issue in this, lock is necessary. Sita gives the letter pieces to Astha and she asks her to throw it. Astha says he should have given me reply reading it. She cuts an apple seeing Shlok and cuts her finger. It bleeds and Shlok gets worried seeing her. He goes to her saying Astha………. and stops. Varad comes and sees both of them looking at each other.

Shlok gets a call and leaves. Varad gives first aid box to Astha and thinks he has to do something, create such situation that they both talk to each other. He asks Astha to meet Jyoti today if she is free. Astha says fine, I will go. Varad says don’t tell her, let it be a surprise, she will be glad. Astha says fine. Varad comes to Shlok and says the same to Shlok. Varad says I will go if you are busy. Shlok says no, I will go I m free. Varad thinks I have to bring them together so that they realize how much they love each other.Sid asks Jyoti to change and get ready. He asks Renuka to work. Renuka says her brother is coming on dinner, why so much. Jyoti says Shlok and Astha are coming here for first time, I want them to see how much happy I m here with you all. Sid asks is it fine that they are coming suddenly. Jyoti says don’t worry. Astha comes and greets her. Jyoti says she is waiting for both of them. Astha says both? And sees Shlok coming. Astha holds Shlok and says we met traffic so came late. Shlok looks at her. Astha and Shlok greet everyone. Riya sees Shlok and excuses herself. Astha and Shlok play with Anaya.

Shlok acts like Astha and she makes a face. Jyoti comes and says you both came to meet me or just Anaya. She asks how is the house. Shlok says good. Jyoti asks them to have food. Shlok says if I knew you are coming here, I would have not come. Astha says same here. Astha tells Anaya that Shlok does not love her, but she will always love him. Khuda……………….plays……………… Varad talks to Mansi happily and says I planned and send Shlok and Astha together, what do you think what would be happening. Mansi says maybe Astha is trying to sort things. He says yes, they love each other and should not be apart. She says I m glad you feel this. He understands her meaning and says I need to get some answers. She says don’t get serious, I was talking about Shlok and Astha, they love each other, are you ok, I m sorry, I did not mean anything. He says no need to be sorry, I m wrong in all this. I will call later, bye.

Everyone sit for dinner at Jyoti’s home. Astha is unable to eat as her finger is hurt. Shlok and Jyoti notice this. Shlok helps Astha and makes roti pieces. Everyone smile. Khuda………………plays……………….Sid and Jyoti see each other and smile. Shlok likes the food. Astha too says same. Jyoti serves Gulab Jamun to everyone. Sid says you came here for first time, so sweets. Shlok says thanks but I don’t eat sweets. Astha says Shlok have it, he is giving by love, have sweets and maybe you can talk sweet. He takes it and thanks her. He keeps it back on the table and says we will leave now. Jyoti says she is coming home on Ganesh Chaturthi, you guys wait for some more time. Shlok says fine, I will go, Astha can stay here and come later. Jyoti says how can she go home alone at night, I will talk to Astha later, you both go.

Shlok sits in the car and sees Astha talking to Sid and Jyoti. She comes and sits beside him. Astha waves them bye. They leave and are on the way back home. Shlok plays radio and the RJ talks about rain and romance. He says husbands look less romantic after marriage, and a girl Sunaina says about her marriage, rain was good for her husband and now it irritates him, my husband loves me but he is rude. Astha laughs seeing Shlok. Shlok gets angry hearing Sunaina, who resembles Astha’s mentality. The RJ says Sunaina, you both go on long drive in rain, its fun to be in rain, and maybe your husband’s anger can go. He plays the song. Astha laughs uncontrollably. Shlok holds his head. She changes the channel and he holds her hand She says ouch as she gets hurt. He cares for her hand and blows on it. Iss pyaar ka ko kya naam, is marz ko kaise sahoon…………………plays…………….. Astha looks at him. They have an eyelock.

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