Strange Love Update Sunday 20 June 2021

Strange Love 20 June 2021: The Episode starts with Astha thinking this house may have Aditi’s secret. She calls Shlok. Shlok disconnects her call. She says I have to call Shlok here. She comes to his office and asks him to come with her, as she has to show him something related to Aditi’s truth. She says I followed her to know where she goes, I saw your photo in that house. He says I think you are blind in my love that you see me everywhere, I m not coming. She says trust me for the last time, then I will never force you. She takes Shlok with her. She says Aditi comes to this place. Shlok says are you mad, why did you come here, this place looks so old.

Astha says break this door, I m sure we will get some proof here. A guard comes and asks what are you doing. Astha asks him who lives here.He says no one, I told you before. Astha says when did you tell me, Shlok break this door. Shlok says enough Astha, lets go home. Aditi gives the guard a bundle of money and says now you see Astha, I will take Shlok’s support and will trap you. Astha comes home and thinks what to do now. I should have made Shlok break the door.Shlok comes back to his office and says don’t know why she is after Aditi, I have so much work to do here. Aditi comes to him and knocks the door. Shlok is surprised to see her. He says did you have any work. She says no, why to bother Anjali for every petty thing. Shlok gets a call and says you sit and have coffee, I will just come. Shlok leaves his phone on his table and leaves. Aditi messages Astha.

Shlok comes back. He sees her with his phone. She says very nice phone, I was also going to buy this phone, I will leave. He says your coffee. She says let it be, I m going home. She leaves. Shlok thinks its strange, why did she come like this and leave.Astha gets Shlok’s message asking her to come there at that place and she was saying truth about Aditi. Astha gets happy and says thanks Shlok for trusting me. She tells Anjali that she was going to meet Shlok. She says its urgent, shall I go. Anjali allows her to go. Anjali does her tilak and says you are married, be like this. Astha reaches that house. She says Shlok is not here, and also Aditi, is he inside. She calls out Shlok’s name and knocks the door. Aditi comes there with her goons and says so sorry Astha, this time Shlok will not come. Astha is shocked. Aditi says did you not understand, I have messaged you from Shlok’s phone to call you here, so sorry but this time Shlok will not save you, you should have not come here, you will be responsible for your condition. Astha taunts her. Aditi argues with her and says you will not get a chance from me to get saved.

Aditi’s goons make Astha smell chloroform and Astha faints. Aditi asks them to take care inside. Astha wakes up and sees Aditi. Astha is tied as she has been kidnapped. Aditi says welcome back, but not for much time. Astha tries to free herself. Aditi says don’t try as you are not going back alive from here, you are here as you tried to get Shlok’s love which is someone else’s right. Astha says Shlok loves me, you should have seen his love in his eyes. Aditi says I don’t want his love, but his peace and happiness, I want to snatch everything from him, I want to ruin him. Astha asks but why. I know you don’t love him, but why do you hate him.

Aditi says yes, I don’t love him, there is someone else who loves Shlok a lot. Astha thinkks who is it who loves Shlok and how is Aditi related to her, as Aditi is taking such a big revenge. Aditi says what will you do knowing it, you are going to die soon. Astha says I won’t let you succceed. Aditi ties her mouth and leaves. Sid is playing the mouth organ. He says Roshni is pregnant, if anything happens to her or her baby, even my job is not stable. Shlok checks some bio datas and thinks about Astha seeing her bio data. He takes her photo and says you are not so bad.

Niranjan asks Anjali where is Astha. Anjali says she went to meet Shlok for some office work, maybe they will come home together. Shlok comes home and hears this, he says with me? I called her but she did not take my call. Anjali says she told me that you messaged her and called her. Sojal says she lied again. Anjali says she might have gone to meet her mum. Shlok says she lies when she does good for someone or to save anyone, I think she lied. Aditi says maybe she came home, I will see her in the room. Astha sees a rat and screams save me. She thinks of making herself free and tries.

Aditi acts as if she is really finding Astha. She says how will you come Astha, you are not here as I have caught in such place where you will die on your own by hunger. She says how to inform family about this. She laughs. She tells everyone that Astha is not in her room. Everyone are shocked. Aditi says I m worried. Anjali says don’t know where she went. Varad says Astha is not careless. Anjali asks Shlok to call Astha and ask where is she. He tries again and says she is not taking my call. Aditi says did anything happen to her. Anjali says Astha said you called her. Aditi thinks I don’t like Shlok caring for Astha, but I m happy when you know she is no more, I will see your state.

Kalindi talking to Ajju. Kalindi says shall we go to meet Astha tomorrow, I want to go for shopping with her. She says I want to have panipuri with her. I will make laddoos for her. Ajju says fine, stay happy, you look good. Astha is tied to the chair. She gets Shlok’s call and tries to move. Astha wishes Shlok to free her by coming soon. Anjali says shall we call Kalindi and ask her whether Astha is there.Niranjan says fine. Shlok makes the call and gives the phone to Anjali. Anjali talks to Kalindi and says make me talk to Astha, I have some work. Kalindi says Astha is not here. Anjali repeats the same and everyone are shocked. Kalindi says then where did she go. Anjali says don’t worry, she might be coming. She ends the call. Kalindi tells Ajju that Anjali called, is Astha in any problem.

Ajju asks her to be happy, as nothing happened to Astha, maybe she went to help anyone, you know her nature.Kalindi says yes, I know, but I feel something wrong, I think we should go there. Ajju says we will go in morning. Shlok tells Niranjan that Astha is not at her friend’s house, I think she is in any problem. Anjali feels the same. Varad says we should go to police. Niranjan says first lets try ourselves. Shlok says i will go to find her, she is my wife, where will she be at this time, I know her, she is not careless, she is in problem. Varad goes with him. Aditi is happy seeing Shlok worried and says you will be hurt when you come to know she is no more.

Astha sees a rat and cries. Shlok and Varad look out for Astha everywhere. Astha tries to get free but fails. Shlok and Varad ask people on the roads about her. Shlok calls her again. Astha thinks where are you Shlok. She tries hard to reach the phone. Varad says don’t worry, we will get her. Shlok says how will she be, I m worried. Astha cries. The search is on. Sid comes home and brings glucose, imli for Jyoti and says I heard this is good for pregnant ladies. She cries. He asks what happened Roshni, why are you crying.

She says no one cared for me so much, and you care about me. He says don’t think much, I thought it won’t be good if you stay here. He says don’t worry, I will take you to my Kaki, who is better than me and will take care of you as a mum. He asks her to smile showing her the mirror. He says you should be happy in pregnancy. Sid looks at her and music plays……………… Sid makes her smile. Jyoti smiles. Its morning, Shlok comes to the place where Astha brought him earlier. He says maybe I can get some clue here. Astha is sleeping.

Shlok comes there and calls out Astha. Astha wakes up hearing his voice and opens her eyes. He sees the door locked. Astha makes noise but he does not hear her. He shouts Astha…….. He turns and comes back as if he heard her. He looks for her and asks where are you Astha. He sees a slipper and says I know you are here. Music plays……….. Anjali is worried at home. Niranjan too is tensed. Anjali says its morning now, Shlok and Varad are still out since night, shall I call Shlok and ask. Kalindi and Ajju come and hear this. Kalindi asks where is Astha, you did not tell me anything, tell me where is Astha.

Niranjan says calm down. Ajju asks what happened, Astha does not go without telling. Niranjan says she is missing since yesterday, she said she is going to meet Shlok, but she did not. Don’t worry Shlok and Varad went to look for her. Kalindi reacts and fumes on Anjali. Kalindi says tell me where is my daughter. She gets angry on them. Niranjan says we are also worried for you like you. He says you know we always regarded her as our daughter. Ajju says I agree you are right, but I think we should inform police. Niranjan says yes we thought about that, but till we talk to Shlok and Varad, we can’t. Kalindi cries. Ajju calms her down and says trust Lord, nothing will happen to Astha. Aditi thinks I should have left Astha there, I have to go to her. She leaves silently.

Shlok calls out Astha again and again. Varad calls Shlok and Shlok leaves talking to him. Astha sees him leaving and cries. Varad says we will track her phone and we will know where is she. Shlok says come here, I got her slipper here, it means she is here. Shlok says I will find you. Varad calls the police at that place. Shlok says don’t know where is she and in what state. Varad comes there and Shlok says Astha is not here. Varad says I called police, they are tracking her phone. Varad says maybe they took Astha from here. Shlok says I think Astha is here. Varad says no, come with me, we should see further. They leave. Shlok says stop the car, I feel Astha is there, we should go back. Varad gets the call and gets the address of the mobile.

Varad says you were right, Astha is there. They leave for that place. Niranjan asks Anjali to call Varad. Varad tells Anjali that her mobile is located, we will get her. Anjali tells this to everyone. Everyone are somewhat relieved knowing they will get Astha soon. The car’s tyre gets punctured. Varad tells this to Shlok. Shlok says I will go to find her, you bring the car. Shlok runs towards the place. Aditi is coming in an auto to that place. Aditi says before Shlok reaches Astha, I have to reach there.

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