Strange Love Update Monday 21 June 2021

Strange Love 21 June 2021: The Episode starts with Anjali and Niranjan worried at home. Anjali stops the maid Rani and sees Aditi’s dupatta in which there is Astha’s tilak marks which Anjali did when Astha was going to meet Shlok. She shows to Niranjan and checks Aditi in her room. She says Aditi is not in her room, now I m doubting her, maybe Astha was right. Niranjan says lets go to see Astha, if anything happens to her, we won’t be able to forgive us. Aditi reaches the place and runs inside. Astha falls off the chair and frees herself. She calls out Shlok. Astha bangs the door. Aditi comes there and shoots in the air. Astha gets tensed.

Strange Love 20 June 2021

Aditi says enough Astha, no one will come to save you now. Aditi aims at Astha with her gun. Shlok comes to that house. Shlok sees Astha’s earrings outside the house. Astha cries. Shlok comes there and is shocked. Astha looks at him.Shlok gets in. Astha tries to make Aditi busy and apologizes to Aditi saying I will leave Shlok. Shlok comes and takes Aditi’s gun, saying are you mad. He pushes her and she falls on the ground. Aditi shoots at Shlok and the bullet hurts him. Aditi says stay there else I swear I will kill Astha. She says I wanted to kill you Shlok, as I hate you. Shlok asks but why, who the hell are you, what did I do. Aditi says I will tell you my truth today, which Astha was telling you but you did not believe her, come with me. He takes them to a room where Swati is kept.

Shlok is shocked to see Swati in serious condition lying on a bed with medical help around.He thinks of her old memories. Astha is shocked too seeing she is Swati. Astha looks at Shlok. Aditi says yes, Swati, I m her younger sister’s Gayatri. She says I m not Ajnikya’s sister Aditi, she died, I made him a ploy to reach you, Swati met with an accident because of you, and I will make you go through the pain which you gave him, you call her your bad past and forgot her, but do you remember when you met her last, since then she is in this state, and you are responsible for this. Shlok says what rubbish, she left me, I did not leave her. Aditi says the relation broke because of you, she loved you and you tried to buy her love, how can you fall so low, were you not ashamed to send our mum money. Astha says Aditi you are mistaken.

Shlok loved her and lost his happiness and feelings in her love. Shlok is living with her memories. Aditi says stop, don’t touch my sister, I don’t want you to be near her, she loved you without any selfishness. Stay away from her. She became mad crying, now you will cry blood tears, I will be in peace seeing you in pain and now I will make Astha away from you as I know you love her.Aditi says then you will know what is it to stay without love. Shlok says you hate me, so hurt me, not Astha, its not her mistake. Aditi says her mistake is she brought love in your life, which was only Swati’s right. Shlok walks towards Aditi and takes her gun. Varad comes there with police and is shocked to see Aditi. The police arrests Aditi. Aditi says leave me, Shlok is the culprit, can’t you see what he did with my sister, what wrong did I do. She asks Astha what would you do if you were in my place, what wrong did I do if I took revenge.

Astha says I understand you, your love for your sister is justified, but if I was in your place, I would have not done this, I would have understood the situation, you forgot whats right and whats wrong in revenge. Aditi says please leave me here with my sister, Shlok will kill my sister. Aditi is taken away. Everyone come there and shocked to see Aditi with Swati. Astha runs out and stops the inspector. She tells Varadsa that she did wrong but she is not a sinner, she needs our help, she needs a psychiatrist. Aditi thanks Astha and leaves. Shlok looks at Swati. Astha sees him sad and crying.

Shlok holds Swati’s hand and cries. Astha too cries. Everyone looks on. Shlok says Swati……. and thinks of her. Swati and Shlok had an argument. She says how could you trust Anjali, she gave me money to stay away from you, if you don’t trust me, then we can’t be together, I m breaking our relation. Shlok says Swati open your eyes. Its my mistake, I m sorry. Please forgive me. Swati opens her eyes and looks at Shlok. Shlok says Swati, I m Shlok……. nothing will happen to you. I m your Shlok. Astha tells Shlok that they will not let anything happen to her and will take her home, she will be fine. Kalindi says what are you saying. Shlok cries. Kalindi talks to Astha.

Astha says I can’t make my house on anyone’s relation. I want Shlok to be happy and I will live my life just like that, even she is someone’s daughter. Astha says bless me, I need your support. Niranjan is upset. Astha asks his permission, can we take Swati home. Niranjan and Anjali look at each other. Anjali says she can’t come with us to our home. Shlok tells Anjali that Swati will go our home with me. He tells Niranjan to permit him. Niranjan says do you know what are you saying, who are we to permit you. He says if Astha wants this, then we will not stop you. Astha looks at Shlok’s holding Swati’s hand and smiling.

Jyoti saying Sid is a stranger, still he cares so much for me, he might be having trouble because of me. She says now its time that I have to look out for some work, so that I can help him in house expenses. Sid comes home and asks her you are ready, looks like you are eager to go. He says Kaki is not at home today, I will take you tomorrow. Sid looks at her. Swati looks at Shlok. Shlok says nothing will happen to you, I won’t let anything happen, your Shlok is with you. Swati becomes serious and takes deep breaths.

Everyone look on. Astha and Shlok get worried. Shlok panics. Swati takes her final breath and dies. Everyone are shocked. Shlok shouts Swati……….. Varad comes back talking to a hospital asking them to send ambulance as the patient is very critical. He comes in and is shocked seeing Swati dead. Shlok leaves Swati’s hand and is in shock. A tear falls from Shlok”s eyes.Shlok looks at Swati. Varad leaves making a call. Aditi comes there and cries seeing Swati dead. She breaks down hugging Swati. Anjali feels bad and cries. Shlok says you did not give me a chance to correct my mistake. Astha says Swati did not tell anything, but I have seen forgiveness in her eyes for you, don’t blame yourself, please. She says when she said bye, she did not had any complain for you, Shlok there is still one duty towards her, we have to do her last rites. Shlok and Astha do Swati’s last rites and Aditi looks on.

Shlok and Astha come home. Shlok is very upset. Niranjan and Anjali see them coming.Shlok is annoyed with Anjali and says you might be happy now after seeing her die, I don’t know how can a mum do this, you have sent money to Swati’s mum saying my name, how can you be so rigid that you care about house rules than your son’s feelings, what did you get doing this, I don’t believe you can fall so lo. Anjali looks at Niranjan. Shlok says you tried to buy my love, you talk about relation, then what happened, you broke your son’s relation, you succeeded by making me fall in Swati’s eyes. We should celebrate your victory, Swati is dead now. He says if you had so much problem with her, you should have told me, I m sure you hate me too like you hated her, but do one thing, kill me also. Anjali cries.

Shlok says kill me also, then you will be more happy. Niranjan looks on. Anjali says what I did was for your good, I don’t regret. Shlok says I knew this, as you can never understand love. You will not understand what you did, but I m a fool and I had feelings, after knowing this, I hate you even more. Shlok leaves. Astha goes after her. Niranjan too leaves. Anjali cries thinking how she told Swati that she can’t marry Shlok, its not easy to be their bahu, we have problem in your mindset. Swati tells her she won’t support wrong, I won’t support if my husband is wrong. Anjali says I can’t let you marry him, I know girls like you. Anjali taunts Swati and Shlok can’t love you, as he would have introduced you to us. Swati leaves crying.

Shlok is sad. Astha comes to him and holds his hand. Music plays………………….. Shlok cries. Astha too cries seeing him. Shlok hugs Astha. Astha says calm down Shlok, what happened. Shlok tells her he was very happy when he was with Swati, he loved her a lot, then one day she came to meet Anjali, I wanted to give our love a name and make her my wife, but I got busy in work when she came here. He says Anjali told him that Swati wants to live separate from them. Shlok was shocked. Shlok goes to meet Swati to confront her. He says how did you think I will leave my father and stay with you.

Shlok tells that he argued with Swati believing Anjali. Swati asked him to apologize. She ended her relation with her that day. He says he did not know how he ruined his life. He says after Swati went, I forgot what is happiness and then he heard Anjali talking to Niranjan. He came to know that Anjali has sent Swati back and lied to Shlok. Niranjan scolded Anjali for not thinking about Shlok’s feelings and decided all alone. He says if Swati came in this house as bahu, it does not matter, she is Shlok’s happiness. Shlok says that day I decided I will not stay in this house, as Anjali valued rules more than me, that day my mum became Mrs. Agnihotri for me, I hated love.Shlok says then I came to know Swati married someone else. He says then I met you, you know everything about me, I lost so much in my life. Astha hugs him. Astha promises she will bring happiness in his life.



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