Strange Love Update Sunday 18 April 2021

Strange Love 18 April 2021: starts with Astha talking to Shlok. Kalindi calls her and she tells him that I will talk to you later. He says tell your parents that don’t worry as I won’t leave you anytime. Kalindi talks to Atul and says why would anyone tell us about Shlok’s past. She says Astha’s life will be ruined if he had the past. She says I will talk to Astha. Astha comes and hears them. She stands still looking at them. Astha takes the parcel boxes and opens it. She sees the letters and bangles and the mangalsutra. She looks at Kalindi and Atul. She reads the letters and cries.

Shlok is in his room drinking wine. Kalindi asks Astha what she wants to do after seeing all this. Astha says I don’t trust all this, this is someone’s plan. Kalindi says Anjali is not happy with you, try to understand. Astha cries. Astha says I m sorry, forgive me, I can’t leave you and I can’t leave Shlok as I love him. She runs from there crying. Kalindi says Astha…. Atul says enough now. Shlok is thinking… Astha comes to her room and cries. She sees Shlok infront of her and she hugs him. He says I know you are in pain, but trust me, your parents tension will go when they see us happy. She says will this happen. He says yes, it will happen. He wipes her tears and kisses her forehead. She closes her eyes. Shlok disappears when she opens her eyes. It was her imagination.
She says I know Shlok, if you are with me, everything will be fine, you will keep my parents happy. Ajju talks to Atul and says I understand, but you should be strong, and you should explain Kalindi that everything will be fine. Shlok will keep her happy. Atul says but the situation is changing day by day, I m having the fear. Ajju says to get rid of the fear, I will go to the mandir and pray for Astha. Ajju says gear up, you both have to do much work, go and sleep.

Anjali talks to someone on phone. Shlok and Astha are doing the puja at home along with everyone. The pandit asks for Niranjan’s Taai. She enters the house. Everyone are happy to see her and smiles. Niranjan introduces Astha to her. Astha greets her. She looks at her and corrects her dupatta. Astha’s parents meets Taai. She says a girl’s mum should not sit in the puja without haldi and kumkum. She asks Anjali to do so. Anjali does the tilak with a upset and angry face. Sojal laughs. The puja starts. The pandit does the tilak to Astha and Shlok. They see the kundlis of them. Shlok tickles Astha and she looks at him. The pandit gets serious seeing the kundlis. He asks them to go and take the Lord’s blessings. He asks Niranjan to come with him. The pandit tells Niranjan that the kundlis don’t match and its bad sign if they marry. Shlok and Astha come to a mandir to take Lord’s blessings. Astha looks at Shlok. He says what happened, are you still upset. She says no, something else. She shows him the bangles and the mangalsutra. Shlok looks at it. She says I m worried because of this, I know you will see its someone’s plan. She asks is this Swati’s? She asks whats it that you are hiding from me, if its related to your past, I expect you to tell me everything. Niranjan tells the pandit that I don’t believe in all this, don’t tell this to anyone. Astha asks is this true, and if this is true, then… Shlok says then what? She says I can’t take anyone’s right.

She says I can’t make my dream true by taking anyone’s right, tell me whats the truth, who is this Swati. Shlok shouts enough.He says the past is like a wound. He says I don’t want to show you my past as you are not related. She says I m related, I have full right to know about your past. She says I have many questions, and asks him. He says do you doubt me, it means its only your words that you love me and trust me. She says if all this has some truth, it will affect our present and past, please tell me. She says I m tired asking you but you are not saying anything.She says I have only one option now, we will have to break our relation, this marriage cannot happen. Shlok gets angry and looks at her. Few women come to Anjali and congratulate Anjali and asks her to introduce them to Kalindi. Anjali says leave them, they are not special. Kalindi and Atul hear this and Kalindi gets angry. She tells Atul that I won’t be quiet today. Shlok asks Astha to come with her as he will answer her every question. He takes her to the mandir and looks at a married couple.

Kalindi taunts Anjali and says you are not introducing us to anyone because you will be ashamed. Anjali says if you know everything, why are you asking. Shlok takes the pandit’s blessings. Kalindi tells Anjali that I m breaking this relation being Astha’s mum. Everyone are shocked. Shlok applies sindoor in her Maang. Astha is shocked. Some mantras play in the background. Astha saying Shlok what did you do and crying seeing the sindoor in her Maang. He marries her by putting the mangalsutra around her neck. She is shocked. Shlok takes the garlands and they make each other have it around their neck. Shlok and Astha look at each other. The pandit says now you are husband and wife, take the blessings of your elders now. Shlok tells her that relations break if it does not have trust, so I did this, I will give all the answers of my past, my mum, why she hates her and everything, I will tell you every damn thing. He says I told you you are the most important person in my life. He says I don’t care what people say about you, if you love me, you have to trust what all I tell you today.

Shlok says this is the best day of my life and you know I don’t lie. He says listen to me. She says no need, I was weak for some time but I trust you completely and I know you won’t break my trust. She says I don’t want any answers, you are my every happiness, it starts with you and ends on you. Iss pyaar ko…. plays… She touches his feet. He holds her up and hugs her. Astha smiles. Niranjan tells Kalindi that you can’t break this relation because its related to my son’s happiness. Kalindi taunts Anjali. Niranjan asks is this true Anjali, when will you stop doing all this, tell me why you did this. Anjali apologizes and says I can’t answer you infront of them. Niranjan favors Kalindi and says its about Shlok’s happiness, tell me the truth. Anjali says I don’t think Astha deserves to be our bahu. She says I tried my best to alter her in our house rules, but no, she can’t manage.
Kalindi says you have many expectations from her, then why did you come to ask her hand, we did not call you. Everyone listens this. Niranjan says nothing is important to us than Shlok’s happiness, I can do anything for it, also Astha’s kiddishness and lies, and also the land’s deal.

Atul says land again, if this is the reason behind this relation, we won’t do this marriage, Kalindi’s decision is right, this relation won’t happen. Everyone are shocked. Niranjan is angry. Shlok and Astha walk hand in hand. Chupke se Ahista….. plays….. They have some romantic moments together. She runs away from him. He holds her and draws her closer. He says now you are my wife, will you be shy even now. Some beggars come and Astha gives them money. The beggars bless them. Astha laughs and hugs him. She goes and sits in the car. She gets hurt. He cares for her. She looks at his concern and smiles. She says I m fine. He says are you sure. Mera Mann…. plays…. in the background while he kisses her hand. He stares at her and closes the door. He says shall we…. She says lets go. Astha sees the sindoor in the mirror and looks at him and smiles. Shlok drives the car. Atul says you are doing this for land, this is so cheap. Anjali says we have much land of crores, we can buy that land without you, she says Niranjan loves Shlok so much that he went against his wish and said yes to this proposal. Niranjan says I m selfless, I always thought of you as equal as we are related since years.

Atul says yes, that is why we ignored Anjali’s taunts, we also want the children’s happiness, but we regerte seeing all this, think about Astha an dShlok, will they live happily in such situation. Shlok brings Astha somewhere. She asks where did you bring me. He says you see it yourself and shouts I love you Astha. It echoes. He says you are my everything, my life and my love. She smiles. She sees the mangalsutra.

He says this is my love, don’t hide it, you should feel proud to introduce yourself as your wife. She says everyone will be annoyed with us. He says let them be, they have to face me, not you. She says I m afraid. He says I m with you, you don’t need to be afraid, everything has to go through me before reaching you.. He sees the sun and says friend I got a light in my life. Astha shouts I love you Shlok and smiles.

Shlok looks at her and Iss pyaar ko…. plays….. He holds her hand and they get closer. They are about to kiss…. He kisses her forehead and holds her face. They have an eyelock. She closes her eyes and he finally kisses her. Anjali taunts Atul. Kalindi equally argues with her and returns her taunts. Anjali says our values are different. Taai asks Anjali not to fight with the guests and its not good to argue with them. She says I m sad to hear all this. She says these people are right, if you had any problem with this proposal, you should have thought about it, not now. She asks them to sit and find the solution peacefully and decide whats important to them, your egos and children’s happiness.
Shlok comes there with Astha holding her hand. Everyone are shocked to see them with garlands. Anjali gets angry. Astha is nervous and Shlok supports her. Everyone look at them. Anjali asks whats all this, is this a new drama. Shlok says we got married. Atul says you got married Astha…. what was the need for the hurry. Anjali blames Astha for it. Taai asks Niranjan whats all this, what happened to your values, did everyone forget, does marriage happen like this. Niranjan scolds Shlok for the hurry. Shlok says few people has some problem with this relation. He taunts Anjali. He says I can’t take any risk about Astha and my life, so I…. He says it was going to happen tomorrow, but it happened today, whats wrong in this. Atul says Shlok why do you make fun of us. He says did you think about Astha’s name. Anjali interrupts and says this will spoil my name, I don’t accept this marriage. Shlok says it does not matter, I and Astha love each other and no one has the right to say anything. Atul slaps Shlok. Astha is shocked.

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