Strange Love Update Saturday 17 April 2021


Strange Love 17 April 2021: starts with Niranjan reading the letter. He reads about Shlok’s past. Atul and Kalindi asks him whats Shlok’s past. They say we got similar parcel before too, so they are worried as they are a daughter’s parents. Niranjan says who can do this. Atul says we don’t know. Niranjan asks Anjali to tell everyone whats the matter. Shlok and Astha are in the car having a good time together. Astha and Shlok walk on some road and then she buys some balloons. Shlok smiles seeing her happy. He buys all balloons available for her. She gets happy. Iss pyaar ko…. plays…. Niranjan tells everyone that Shlok does not see anything else than his work.

Anjali says Shlok got many proposals but we said no to everyone, maybe someone did this out of jealousy. After knowing that Shlok is getting married to Astha and if they break this relation, they could benefit from it. She says it may be your relative too. Atul and Kalindi looks on. Shlok and Astha are together. Chupke se Ahista…. plays….. Astha kisses on Shlok’s hand while he looks on. She holds his hand and gets closer. They have an eyelock. He is about to kiss her and she runs being shy. Anjali taunts Kalindi. Kalindi replies back well. She says we are middleclass people, our relatives can’t do this. Anjali gets angry on her. Shlok tells Astha that your truth is known to me by your eyes, it says how much you love me. She says will you love me after the marriage. He says only few days left, but I can give a proof now. He draws her closer and says shall I. She runs and says I won’t talk to you. He says its too much. He gets annoyed. He holds her hand and says someone can’t forget to breathe, so how can I leave loving you, I feel our love intensity is icreasing day by day and it may double up after the marriage. He says I can give my love’s proof. Astha looks on.
Anjali talks to Ajju about the letter. Niranjan says we can’t ruin our modds because of such things. Atul asks Niranjan how many people will come from your side. Anjali gives him a list.

Ajju asks this list does not have your parent’s name. Anjali is angry and quiet. Astha asks Shlok to prove his love. Shlok tells Astha he can prove his love by jumping from the cliff. Astha laughs on him and says you can’t. Shlok goes and says I love you Astha and jumps. Astha is shocked and runs to see him. She shouts Shlok and is crying. Niranjan tells Atul don’t worry about Anjali’s parents, we will see that. Anjali says lets see how you welcome our guests and do your duty. Niranjan says don’t worry from our side it will be good. He greets them and leaves. While leaving he says, Shlok is a good person by heart, Astha will get only love and respect from him, not pain or difficulties. Atul is relieved. Astha looks out for Shlok everywhere calling out Shlok. Shlok comes and he is fine. Astha says are you fine. He says this time it was a gimmick. Astha beats him and cries. He says next time it will be true. He says don’t you dare me again. She beats him again and hugs him.

She cries. She says I m sorry, I will never do this again, you don’t know you are my life. Shlok smiles. She looks at him and Iss pyaar ko… plays…. Shlok holds her and is about to kiss her. Astha moves back. She says not now please, some things should be after the rituals. It will be good after the rituals, I will be yours after the rituals are done. The next morning, Astha’s parents are at Shlok’s house. Anjali tells Sojal to come with her. Niranjan welcomes them. Sojal tells Kalindi to come inside. Kalindi asks Sojal about Shlok’s first proposal and how it break. Anjali hears it and looks at Kalindi. Sojal says which proposal, this is the first proposal for him. Anjlai comes there and asks whats the matter. Sojal leaves. Anjali says I need Astha’s kundli. Kalindi asks now but why. She says don’t worry, I m matching the kundlis, we believe in it, so bring it to us soon. She leaves. Kalindi gets worried and thinks how to find out about Shlok’s past. Atul comes and asks Kalindi what happened. She says Anjali wants Astha’s kundli now. Atul says ok, I will call Astha and ask her to bring the kundli. Shlok and Astha are talking on phone. He says I m missing you a lot. She says some days left, wait. He says we will have lunch together. She says now.

Shlok telling Astha that he wants to meet her now. He plans of having food with her. She says now, but…. He hangs up. Astha says hello…. ? jyoti and Bharat see Shlok and wonder whats going on. They keep an eye on Shlok while hiding to figure out whats happening. Shlok packs food in a tiffin. Anjali is serving the guests at her house. She asks Kalindi to start. Kalindi and Atul start having food. Anjali says Atul to do the sankalp first as they have the ritual. She says do the sankalp stating what will you give us. Atul is shocked. Atul says sorry we don’t have such thing. She says you did not tell us that, but I will give what I can. Anjali brings the file and says sanction that plot for us. Atul and Kalindi looks on. Anjali says your daughter is becoming our bahu, everyone should know how lucky she is for us. Niranjan looks at them.


Astha is at her home. She wears anklets and looks at herself in the mirror. She dons the ghunghat and smiles. She says Mrs. Astha Shlok Agnihotri. The door bell rings. She checks and its Shlok with the tiffin. He says hi. She says what are you doing here. She says what are you doing, if anyone see us, it will be a problem. He says are you worried, that I will do something. She says go. He says I won’t go, why are you worried, your parents will come later, I won’t go till I have food with you. He switches off the lights and lights a candles. Astha smiles. He serves her the food. They have an eyelock. He makes her eat by his hands. Iss pyaar ko…. plays….. Shlok says I daily think that the one I m making my wife, when will she become mine. Astha makes him eat food and he looks on. Atul looks at Niranjan. He keeps the food and gets up along with Kalindi. He tells Anjali I m sorry I can’t do this.

Anjali asks why can’t you sign. Every parent does it for their children, it looks like you don’t value your daughter. Atul says you can’t blackmail me taking Astha’s name. He says you can’t take advantage of us. Anjali says we would have asked you anything, but we did not. She says we are asking you a very small thing. Atul says you are lucky that I m not replying you hard. He says I will give Astha whatever she wants, but I won’t do any illegal work. I can’t do it. He says I will not sign on these papers. Everyone looks on. He says about that land, you can get never that land because the law is against it.

Niranjan asks Anjali to stop all this. He scolds Anjali. He says if I get that land, I will make an institute on Astha’s name and if I don’t get that land, I don’t have any complaints. He asks Atul to have food. He says Anjali is not wrong, she saw me worried so she did all this being an ideal wife. He says you don’t worry. Atul says sorry, I m not hungry now. Shlok comes there with Astha and says I can’t believe this. He says whats the need to make an issue because of a land. He says I will end the problem now. He takes the papers from Anjali and looks at Atul. He burns the papers. Everyone are shocked. Anjali and Niranjan are angry on Shlok. Shlok throws the file. Atul and Kalindi are shocked to see Shlok’s move. Shlok holds Astha’s hand and looks at Anjali angrily. He says Astha is important to me more than anything else.

He makes this point clear to Anjali.Niranjan tells Shlok your happiness is important to us, not the land. Niranjan smiles cunningly. He says whatever happened here, we are ashamed of it. He apologizes to Atul and Kalindi and promises them that this won’t happen again. He says Shlok’s grand Taai is coming tomorrow and we have kept a puja. We request you to come tomorrow. Shlok looks at Astha. Kalindi is angry after coming home. She says we won’t go there. She says Anjali does not leave any chance to insult us. Atul says I understand, but think about Astha, we have to think about her happiness. Kalindi says Anjali is against Astha. Atul says did you not see what Shlok did, he supported our daughter. She says I know Shlok is really nice, but Anjali’s behavior matters. She says I m afraid that my past becomes Astha’s future. Astha is crying in her room. Shlok calls her and apologizes to her. He says I understand what you are going through.

She says whats my parent’s mistake. She says I can’t see my parents insult. She says what can I do to make your family happy.He says this won’t happen again. She says you promised that before. He says trust me, if this happens again, I will support your family. Astha says we are getting married, I always saw that there is always happiness and celebrations, but our marriage, the families are not happy with each other. He says don’t worry, its a matter of few things. He says you see our fate will have only happiness and I m with you. He says everything will be fine after marriage. Astha smiles.

Kalindi says we still have time. She is our daughter, not their bahu. Atul says I know. She says I think we should tell Astha about those letters, maybe she will understand, and maybe she will not marry Shlok after knowing the truth. Atul disagrees. Kalindi is adamant. She says listen to me, this marriage should not take place.

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