Strange Love Update Monday 19 April 2021


Strange Love 19 April 2021: starts with Atul slapping Shlok. Everyone are stunned. Atul says I m Astha’s dad, I have the right to think for her, who are you? Astha interrupts and Kalindi slaps her. She says you have grown up to stop your dad. Shlok says maybe you did not hear, Astha is my wife. No one will tell her anything. Whatever you want to say, tell me, punish me. He says its was my decision to get married, if this is a crime, I m the culprit, you have full right to scold me, slap me, I understand your pain, but you also try to understand our love. Kalindi asks Astha why did you do this. Anjali taunts Astha and Kalindi. She says this marriage is not accepted by us.
Shlok says Astha and I accept this marriage and thats it. Kalindi says my permission is also important, I don’t accept this marriage. Taai says you all have made fun of sacred marriage.

She says the marriage needs the Lord’s blessings. She asks Shlok to take the blessings of the elders. Shlok takes the blessings of Taai, Niranjan, and others. Niranjan does not bless them and is angry. Astha’s parents also does not bless them. Taai asks everyone to accept the marriage with happiness. Niranjan says you insulted my wish. Shlok says sorry to him, as he did nto wished to insult him but was helpless. Niranjan says even I m helpless, I don’t accept this marriage, Astha is still Astha Kirloskar, not Astha Agnihotri. He says till you don’t marry her infront of the society, we won’t accept her as our bahu, till then she will stay at her home. Shlok agrees with her. Niranjan leaves. Kalindi cries.
The scene shifts to Astha’s home and its night. Astha comes to Kalindi and sits by her side. Astha tells her that lets go and have food, you did not eat since morning.

She hugs Kalindi and says I m sory, please forgive me, you can scold me and beat me, but don’t be annoyed with me. She asks her to talk to her. She says I did not know Shlok will marry me like this. Kalindi says why should I forgive you, and how. Kalindi says this has hurt me a lot. I’m your mum, I care about your happiness, I m not such that I can’t understand your heart, what was the hurry to marry him, this decision will change your life, your love will test you and you have do it all alone. I can’t help you. Astha says mum and hugs her. She says I will manage but you should always bless me, because I won’t be able to do anything without your blessings. Kalindi and Astha cries. Anjali is angry at home. Sojal comes to her with haldi milk. Sojal says why are you angry now, whats the use, they got married, now nothing can happen, have this milk, I know you are sad because of Astha but I understand your pain. Anjali looks at her and throws the milk. Sojal shouts. Anjali says I don’t need to share my sadness with anyone, go and make the arrangements of the marriage, Astha has become our bahu now. She asks her to clean the room and don’t try to show pity to her from next time. She hurts Sojal holding her cheeks. Anjali leaves. Sojal is upset.
Sojal cleans the room. She says you have failed very easily, but I won’t let Astha get into this house, I will see what fun I can have, she asks the maid to clean the room.

Astha talks to Shlok on phone and says my parents got hurt. He says I felt bad. She says don’t feel bad, I m their daughter, they want the best for me and worry about me. She says they got shocked today. Shlok says I m not taking about your parents, but ours, as they behaved today was not right. He says is this did not happen, then we would have been together. And we would have started a beautiful night together rather than talking on phone, we would have been closer, you would have been in my arms. Anjali is thinking about Shlok’s words. She is really upset. Astha says can we talk about something else. Shlok says why, are you shy. He smiles and says think about what I said, you in my house, when you come, then…. Astha says I will cut the call. He says ok fine, we will talk something else. Shlok says I will make your night a most beautiful night. Kalindi thinks about her mum in law and is shaken.

She thinks about Anjali then. Astha says its night, you cut the call now. Shlok says even we are far but these moments are also beautiful, live it, who knows these moments are the best ones. Astha says till you are with me, I will be happy. She cuts the call and smiles. Shlok looks into the mirror and says you are right Astha, you will get such surprises that you will be tired of them and such which you did not even think of. Kalindi is talking to someone. Astha says I m going to Ashram. Kalindi stops her and says ok go. Astha says what. Kalindi says you won’t listen to me. Astha says ok I won’t go anywhere. Kalindi says everyone might be waiting for you, go. She does Astha’s tilak and asks her to come back soon. Astha meets Shlok on the road. She says you, I got afraid. He says what did I say, if I m close, then why to be afraid.
He gets closer to her and she runs. He runs after her and holds her in his arms. He says you are looking very beautiful. She looks around and says leave me, anyone will see. He says I don’t care, you are my wife. She says I care, I did not come to your house till now. He says shhhh… don’t say anything, does a wife be like this… She says what did I do. He lifts her in his arms. She says leave me, what are you doing. Iss pyaar ko…. plays….. Shlok looks in her eyes and takes her to the car.

He makes her sit on the car and stares at her. He brings the rings which women wear in the fingers of the foot. Mann ke munder pe…. plays…. He makes her wear it and kisses her foot. Astha says I love you Shlok.Astha saying shall I go now. Shlok says no, Mrs. Shlok Agnihotri can’t go home alone, I will drop you. They sit in the car and leave for home. He holds her hand and asks did you sleep yesterday night after talking to me. She says yes, I forgot to gift you. He says I have you, I don’t want anything else. She says see it once, I brought it with love. She gives him a mobile phone and he gets angry. He gets out of the car. He thinks how he once argued with Swati and broke his phone. She asks what happened, why are you annoyed. She says you will need a mobile, we will be closer, whenever I want to talk to you I will call you on your phone directly, even when I m in any difficulty.She says if I meet with any accident, I can talk to you before dying. He says enough and hugs her. He says nothing will happen to you, I won’t let it happen. He says don’t tell this again. Astha looks at you and says give me the right of a wife. He says how can I say you no. She says thank you. She takes their photo in their mobile phone and asks him to smile. She says I will be close to your heart always and hugs him. Shlok is still serious and upset.


The old age home people are waiting for Astha and she comes there. Everyone are happy to see her. They hug her and bless her. She says I came here to invite you for my marriage. They say we made many food items for you, you have to eat it. Astha tastes them all. They shower their love on her. Two new members see Astha and she thinks I have seen them somewhere but where. She greets them and touches their feet to take their blessings. They bless her. Astha make them eat sweets. Everyone smile. Astha asks them to come in her marriage. She insists and they agree. Astha smiles. Astha thinks she saw them somewhere… She looks at them. Anjali is seeing their parent’s photo and crying. She wipes her tears and cries again. Astha asks them why are you crying. The woman says nothing, we are thinking maybe our grandchild got married or not.

Astha says how do you not know. They say we don’t know. Astha asks how is your garndchild who never came ti meet you. She says think I m your grandchild, come in my marriage. Astha goes to have food. Anjali calls Sojal and asks is the diwali sweets done. Sojal says yes. Anjali says we will call Astha tomorrow and ask her to make some, she should also know. Sojal says it will be fun, lets see what she does, Niranjan likes the sweets which I make. She smiles. Astha comes to Shlok and asks why is he standing outside. She says you might have sat in the car’s AC. He says I m waiting for you. She says am I dreaming. He pinches her and says you are not dreaming. He holds her closer to him. She says what are you doing, its an ashram, anyone will see. He says so what, I can do anything with Mrs. Astha Agnihotri. He asks her to come home to apply uptan to him. She says how can I come. He says why not, I married you. She says but everyone thinks its incomplete.

He says I regard you as my wife, you say what about you. She says yes. He gives her his house’s keys and says come before sunrise. She says if anyone sees me…. He says if you regard me your husband from heart then come.Astha wakes up in the morning early hours and gets ready. She rushes to Shlok’s house hiding from everyone. Shlok is waiting for her. He says why did Astha did not come till now. Astha comes to his house and closes the door silently. Anjali is awake and Astha hides from her. Anjali does not see her. Astha goes to Shlok’s room. Anjali sees someone going and does not notice. Shlok hugs Astha and says I knew it, you will surely come. She says I also had to prove my love, are you happy now. He says yes, a lot. She looks at him and says I m infront of you. He says close your eyes.

She says will it be late, I have to go before everyone gets up. He says close your eyes and takes her somewhere. He asks her to open her eyes. He decorates the place and shows I love you Astha. she smiles. They have an eyelock. She says I love you. They have a warm hug. Shlok and Astha smiles. Chupke se Ahista…. plays…. He says one more surprise and shows her a painting. She is happy to see it and cries with happiness. She hugs him. She says it seems you love me a lot. He says now that you have realized, so what will I get. She asks what do you want. He gets closer to her and says a kiss. Bharat wakes up Sojal and asks her to apply uptan to him. Sojal wakes up. Astha is also applying uptan to Shlok’s feets. He looks at her and she looks at him…. for long time.
She applies uptan to his face and laughs.He says I will apply it to you. She says no. She says you tshirt will be spoiled. He removes it. She says what are you doing and gets nervous. She closes her eyes. He says why are you so shy, I m your husband. He makes her see him. She turns and smiles. She applies the uptan to his arms. He stares at her. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon……. plays……They smile seeing each other and they get closer. Anjali comes there and sees them together. She is shocked and angry too.

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