Sacred Relationship Update Sunday 18 April 2021


Sacred Relationship 18 2021: starts with Mehul saying your eyes used to say a lot always, your eyes are saying that you miss Mishti, aren’t you. Abir smiles. Mehul says Meenakshi/Big Don doesn’t like her, right. Abir says I call mum as Big Ben. Mehul jokes. He says its my mistake, Meenakshi wasn’t like this, these loneliness made her like this, I made her like this, I have a solution for this. Rajshri laughs. Mishti asks why are you laughing. Rajshri says I was thinking that whenever there is a party in Rajvansh Sadan, there is some trouble, its true. Mishti asks what are you saying. Rajshri says don’t get upset, I have an idea, get read quickly, I will come with you. Mehul says Meenakshi will argue with me and won’t know you went out. Rajshri says Kuhu won’t know about you, she will be busy with me, she will forget to spy on you.

Mishti asks really. Rajshri says I will also keep an eye on you, I care about you.
Abir hugs Mehul and says I feel like I m talking to my friend, not dad. Mehul says so call me friend, my personality is like a big brother. Abir jokes. Mehul says come back soon. Mishti goes to open the door. She gets shocked. Abir comes downstairs. The lights get on. Kunal and Kuhu switch on the lights. Everyone comes and party. Abir smiles seeing the birthday decorations. Kunal dances on Disco deewane….. Mehul sees Abir and signs him. Meenakshi looks on. Abir smiles seeing Maheshwaris coming. He greets everyone. Mishti comes. Abir smiles seeing her. Ishq wala love….plays…. Abir and Mishti dance and come close. Abir cuts the cake. Everyone claps. Everyone eats the cake. Rajshri wishes Abir. Abir says I didn’t know you all are coming. Rajshri says its a surprise. Abir asks Mehul did he call them. Mishti says no, Meenakshi has come home to invite us, she asked us not to tell you, she said Abir is very happy today, since his dad is with him, she wants us to share the joy. Meenakshi introduces Mehul to them. She says this is Kuhu’s family. Mehul says you did a big favor on us. Abir says yes, big favor is Kuhu, she brings happiness in the house. Nidhi says cheers for Kuhu. Parul asks all of them to come and sit. Abir sees Mishti. He says sorry, I couldn’t come.

Mishti says its fine that strange things happen since I love Ajeeb Rajvansh. Mehul hugs and wishes Abir. Mishti goes. Abir says where did she go now. Mishti whistles. Jugnu comes with the box. She thanks him. Nanu says you did this and it was best gift for Abir, you invited Mishti. Meenakshi asks why are you saying this. Nanu says you are Abit’s mum, you know his feelings. Jugnu says its a great idea, I m with you, don’t worry. They hear Meenakshi and hide. Meenakshi says I know Kunal and Abir are different, Kunal understands me, I wish Abir also understands me. Nanu says Abir listens to me, I will tell him the truth of Mehul then… Jugnu tries to go. Meenakshi asks who is there. Mishti thinks Meenakshi doesn’t want anyone to know it. Meenakshi says you won’t tell Mehul’s truth to Abir. Jugnu says I can’t sit here. Meenakshi says Mehul’s truth can burn the entire family, I can’t afford to tell the truth, Mehul came to our house, I was shaken for a while, but I don’t know to accept defeat, I m your daughter, Mehul made the first attack. Mishti and Jugnu go. Meenakshi says Mehul have to go away from our lives forever, I can do anything. Mishti hears her and thinks what is she talking about.

Parul praises Kuhu. Kunal looks on. Mehul talks to Nidhi. Kaushal signs her not to talk. Everyone jokes on Nidhi. Kuhu says she is the best student. Ketki says now mum will give a speech for Abir in English. She messages Mishti to come fast, Abir is finding her. Abir says mum will be the judge today. Meenakshi says okay. Abir thanks her. Kunal says now mum will judge, she can’t go against Abir, Abir is her fav son. Parul asks why are you saying so. Kunal says she has refused to me many times, I m a step son. Meenakshi worries. Abir says now Nidhi will give a speech. Nidhi gives the speech. Everyone laughs. Mishti calls out Abir. Everyone claps for Nidhi. Mishti comes to Abir. He goes and says what a speech Mami, I loved it, don’t keep much expectations, I didn’t expect such a big party and big gift, if I had expected that someone would gift me something and spend time with me, if this doesn’t happen, I would feel bad. He hugs Nidhi. Mishti thinks he is taunting me.

Mehul says speech was good. Mishti thinks he isn’t listening to me. Jugnu calls Mishti. Abir asks him to say what is it. Jugnu says don’t drag me into your right, its too much. Mishti goes. Jugnu says NGO lady has come to meet you. Abir goes and sees something….Abir smiling seeing the surprise. He says Mishti…. and comes to her. He asks did you call me here to show this. She says this is your house, and this is our bedroom. He jokes. She says I will make a way now. He asks why. She walks and shows him. She says I will come toy our house and meet your mum, I will convince her, I will then meet Parul, she will give me prasad, now I will go up on stairs and meet Nanu, he will crack jokes, then I will come near Kuhu and Kunal’s room, they will get upset first and then agree, now its your room. Abir says stop, you didn’t meet Jugnu. She says he went on leave, its my imagination, he went out, now I m in our bedroom, where you are waiting for me with the milk glass. He asks you mean that night. She says its our first night.


He says proposal and wedding happens before wedding night. She asks you want me to propose. He says yes, I will then decide to say yes or no. She says I will marry you at gun point, I know you will never say that you can’t marry me. He says I will give my life before saying this. Naata mera…..plays…. She shows the chinese lanterns. She says so much light…. He hugs her, and does shayari.Mishti says don’t go away from me Abir. He says what if you go away. She says I won’t go away even if you ask. Some people come shouting and asking about Mehul. Abir gets worried. Mehul asks Vishwamber about Abir and Mishti. Vishwamber asks him not to worry and spend time with his family. The people ask for Mehul. Meenakshi asks who are you. The man says we are those poor people, whose hard earned money was stolen by Mehul. Meenakshi asks them to go. The people get angry. Mehul apologizes and says I m innocent. Meenakshi says I m talking to them. Mehul says don’t get into this, I swear on Bappa.

The man says this man’s heart and tongue are black. He takes the black color to apply. Abir comes and stops the man. He warns the man and says you have to face me first. The man says he is the culprit, he had run away and broke law. Mishti says you are also breaking law by threatening someone, please leave. Meenakshi and Shaurya ask them to go. Abir asks are you fine. Mehul smiles. The men come back and attack Mehul and Abir. Kunal comes in between to save Abir. Mehul gets hurt. Abir says someone call the doctor. Mehul gets treated. He says I m fine, no need of tests. Vishwamber and Rajshri ask him to talk to Abir, not hide anything from his son. Mehul says no need to go anywhere, you are also family.Meenakshi sits angry. Kuhu comes. Meenakshi says Kunal. Kuhu says Kunal is with Nanu. Meenakshi says sorry, you had to get ashamed in front of your family.

Varsha says please don’t apologize, we are one family. Meenakshi says Mehul’s coming got happiness and pain also. Varsha says we all are with you. Kunal comes to Mehul. Mehul says its tough to be without family, one who breaks hearts of others, his heart gets weak, I have a heart illness, your mum is right, I did many sins, people go to wash sins in Ganga in last time, forgive me, I have come to you, I have less time, I don’t want to live in hospital, I didn’t want you all to pity me. Vishwamber says I want to say something. Nanu says you have a right to say. Vishwamber says every family has problems, but love doesn’t get less, your family loves you, I like one thing about family, she wants to keep family united. Mehul asks Abir not to cry, get him treated but not keep him away. Abir cries.

Abir greets Vishwamber and Rajshri. They bless them and say we are with you, everything will be fine. Abir thanks them. Jugnu comes and says Nanu said he wants Mishti to stay back for some time. Vishwamber says Mishti will stay back. Varsha asks shall I stay back with Kuhu. Vishwamber says sure. He leaves. Varsha goes to Kuhu. Mishti sees Abir. Meenakshi asks what did you see, you can see Mehul’s pain, not mine. Nanu says no, Mehul is ill, don’t play any trick. Meenakshi asks what trick, what did I do. He says I m just asking, those people came with Kaalik, did you…. She asks what, do you think so, I called them here and got Mehul attacked in my house, knowing my sons can get hurt, how can you think so.

Abir comes and says because you have done this before, your dad doesn’t trust you. Mishti comes. Abir says you forced Mishti to insult her family, you gifted me newspapers about dad, you did a drama. Kunal comes. Abir scolds Meenakshi. He says you gave me wrong address and did acting to be good mum, you did a good person act by blaming your husband. Varsha and Kuhu come. Abir says Meenakshi is a monster. They get shocked. Meenakshi asks what did you say. Abir says you heard it right. Mishti tries to stop him. Abir asks how did the people know about dad. Kunal asks him to at least hear Mishti. Abir says no, dad got more unwell. Meenakshi says you doubt on my intentions, its your birthday, I thought you will be happy so I invited Maheshwaris. Abir says you don’t care about anyone’s happiness. Parul asks what happened to you. Abir says you were saying the same. Kunal asks Parul how could she doubt on his mum. He scolds Mishti for bringing Mehul. Abir stops Kunal.

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