Strange Love Update Sunday 13 June 2021

Strange Love 13 June 2021: The Episode starts with Astha waking up the guy. She says he brought me here and where am Ii caught now. She looks around and says I don’t know how can Aditi tell herself Mrs. Shlok Agnihotri, I m Shlok’s wife. Shlok looks out for Astha. Aditi follows him. Shlok does not know that she is coming after him. She gets a bottle and breaks it. Aditi comes to Astha and looks at her scheming. Aditi hides hearing some people coming. She runs away. Astha also runs from the police. They stop Aditi and asks what are you doing here. Shlok calls out Astha….. Shlok sees Astha and goes to her.

She says Shlok and hugs him. He says lets go to cottage from back way.She says I want to walk with you, but you don’t let me. He says stop talking now, stay here. He says why are fighting. Shlok runs with Astha. Abhay scolds Jyoti for letting Jyoti run away. He says she did not go to Anjali’s house, where can she go. Before anyone doubts us, we have to do something. Kalindi wakes up saying Astha. Avdhoot asks what happened. She says she is worried about Astha. He says she is fine, we will talk to her tomorrow morning. Jyoti wakes up and goes to open the door. Sid says why did you wake up and want to go out at 3am, I m joking, don’t cry. He makes coffee for her and asks her to end her tension with it. He gives him and she takes it. He says have it. He says if you want to go out, then open the lock of the door.

He says tell me if you want to go. He leaves asking her to sleep. Shlok comes to the cottage and sees Aditi changing. He comes out and tells Astha don’t question a lot. She says I m hurt. He says where did it hurt. She jokes.He asks whats your problem, tell me straight. She says I tried to do as you do, when I m your wife, how can you call anyone else your wife. He says you were feeling jealous. She says I was not. She says I m your wife and I told you I love you, so what I felt jealous, I did not feel good. He says be in your limits. She says you won’t be able to understand my feelings, I felt jealous, its a symbol of love. Sajna ve…………. plays…………….. He says she is totally mental.

Aditi is shocked to see Astha. Astha is shocked to see Aditi in night dress. Aditi says Astha, thank God you came, where were you. Astha says do you care about me, you were good being Mrs. Agnihotri. Aditi says it was only a reason, the inspector was asking us and I was afraid. Astha says I would have not done like this if I was in your place, leave it, its ok. Aditi says thanks Astha, I knew it you will understand me. She says I will sleep. She rests on the bed. Shlok and Astha look at her occupying the bed. Shlok takes the pillows and says I will sleep out. Astha is angry too and comes to Shlok outside the cottage.

She sees him sleeping and covers him with the blanket. He sits at the other tree and cries looking at him. She looks at the moon and says I wish I could be with Shlok always. Shlok hears her saying. She says I wish the time stops and this night never ends. She says I m afraid of the sun as when it comes, a new morning will begin, I wish the moments stop and our life becomes beautiful. I don’t want to go away from Shlok, I want to be with you forever. Music plays…………….. Shlok hears all this and looks at her. She sees him that he is awake and looking at her. Iss Dil ka ab kya karun……………… Saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhaade tu………………… plays………….. Astha wipes her tears.

Its mornng, Sid makes tea for Jyoti again. Sid wakes up Jyoti. She screams. He says why are you afraid seeing me, relax, take this tea. He looks at her and asks if you tell me anything, maybe I can help you, what were you doing on highway at night, was anyone after you, why were you running. Jyoti keeps the cup and the tea falls. He says sorry, i understand there might be some reason, tell me when you feel like. He says shall I drop you home? Tell me the address, I will drop you, if you have to inform, then take this phone.She does not take it. He says it seems you don’t want to talk to anyone, will you have food. She says yes. He says I m going for the interview, lock the door from inside, don’t worry, you are safe here. He leaves.

Jyoti says what should I do now, I don’t even know him, is it good to stay in his house, no I should go, but where. If Abhay finds me then…Astha asking Aditi to smile as she is taking her video. She goes to see Shlok and says till when will you take bath, come out. Aditi gets a message that someone is missing and looks on. Astha asks Shlok to hurry up and knocks the door. Shlok comes out and says very funny. She slips and he holds her. Aditi looks at them. Iss dil ka ab kya karun…………….. plays…………..Astha says you always need a chance to hold me. He says you always talk so cheap things or is it special occasion today. Astha says its special occasion today and laughs. Aditi says Shlok and Astha, love how much you want as only some time is left now. Shlok smiles and asks Aditi to get ready. She says I found out an amazing tourist spot where we can horse ride, we can wait there for some time.

He says I m not interested, go with Astha. Aditi thinks thanks Shlok, I wanted to go alone with Astha, you made my work easy. Anjali talks to Sojal saying you are the elder bahu of the this, Kavya’s mum, you have many responsibilities, you should think of completing the family, Kavya should get a brother and we should get a son. Sojal smiles. Anjali says talk to Varad about this. Sojal is shy and leaves.Abhay calls Neha, Jyoti’s friend and asks her about Jyoti. He calls other friends and enquires. Bua asks what happened. He says Jyoti did not go to her friends, don’t know were she went. Bua says did she go to any other city, where will we find her. Abhay says don’t give me tension. He says Jyoti, wherever you go, I will find you out, you can’t run away from me. Jyoti says I can’t stay at any stranger’s house. She opens the door to leave and a girl comes saying my mum has sent food for Sid bhaiya.

She says Sid is the best brother. Sid comes and says she is Kiran, she talks with high speed. Kiran asks who is she, whats her name, is she your friend. She says when should I come to learn mouth organ. He says in evening. Jyoti looks at them. Kiran leaves.Sid asks Jyoti to come and have food. Shlok records in the car. Shlok gets Niranjan’s call and he says I was the site, its good and connected to the main road. Niranjan says good, go and have fun. Shlok says we are going for horse riding now. Niranjan says take care and ends the call. Shlok says I told you I m not interested, come back by a cab. Aditi thinks I don’t want Astha to be alive. Astha requests Shlok to be with them. Shlok agrees. Astha acts bubbly. Aditi thinks this rider’s paradise will send Astha to paradise.

Kalindi is worried about Astha. Ajju asks why is she worried. Kalindi says I m feeling restless, like something bad is going to happen. Ajju says pray to Bappa, he will take care of everything. Kalindi says I m afraid about Astha, she went out with Shlok, if he does anything to Astha, I don’t trust him. Ajju says trust Astha. Kalindi prays to Bappa to protect Astha.Anand comes to Niranjan and brings few files asking him to check it. Niranjan sees the files. He says its Shlok’s work, you should see it once. Niranjan praises Shlok. He says I m proud of my son. Anand says this is also another file of him. Niranjan says I don’t have much time and asks Anjali to give the files to Vinayak and ask him to match with Shlok’s files and work. Anand leaves. Kalindi and Avdhoot try to talk to Astha. Avdhoot talks to Astha and Shlok.

He ends the call soon and says you were simply worried, they are going for horse riding.Astha records further. Shlok says you both go, I will wait here. Aditi says fine, lets go Astha. Astha says you also come with us, I m afraid being alone. Shlok says then why did you come here. Astha insists. Aditi says its fine, it will be fun, lets go.

Shlok looks at them. Astha sees Lovers point and records the spot. Aditi talks to the horse man and comes to know that a horse is dangerous and may be risky for life. Astha calls Shlok. Aditi looks at them. Astha says see such a beautiful place. Shlok says stop embarrassing me. Astha shouts I love you Shlok and smiles. Shlok looks at her.

Aditi asks the man to give the horse to Astha as she is a trained rider. The man says alright. Aditi smiles. Astha holds Shlok’s hand. He says whats all this. She says this is my love. Astha says you also take her name whom you love. Aditi sees that the horse is out of control and smiles. Astha tells Shlok she will sit with him on the horse, not alone. He says you are a coward. She says what if I die. He looks at her. Aditi calls Astha as she rides a good horse. Astha sits on the impulsive horse. The horse reacts and jumps high. Astha screams. Shlok gets worried and even the man tries to control the horse. Shlok says be careful Astha.The horse runs. Shlok takes another horse and follows her. Aditi says Shlok is blind in Astha’s love that he is risking his life too, if anything happens to him, then I will regret that my dream of killing you slowly will break, anyways all is well that ends well, bye Mr. and Mrs. Shlok Agnihotri.

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