Strange Love Update Saturday 12 June 2021

Strange Love 12 June 2021: The Episode starts with Aditi lifting the hand brake. The car slowly moves on and catches speed. Astha is sleeping and does not know. Shlok sees the car going and runs calling out Astha. Aditi starts acting and says Astha, save her Shlok. She smiles and says bye Astha, I will miss you. Shlok runs after the car and Aditi looks on. Shlok shouts Astha and she wakes up. He says Astha get down. She starts crying and says Shlok…. Shlok tries to stop the car. He asks her to pull the hand brake. She says I don’t know.

She says please stop the car. Shlok pulls the hand brake by jumping in the window. The car stops. Astha comes out and hugs Shlok crying.Iss dil ka ab kya karun………….. plays…………. Aditi gets angry seeing their hug. She thinks its Shlok’s mistake, he should have not loved Astha, your love will kill her one day. Aditi comes to Astha and hugs her asking are you fine. Astha says yes. Sajna ve………….. plays………… Astha looks at Shlok and Aditi sees them having an eyelock.Ajju talks to Avdhoot. He asks her not to have hotel food. Kalindi says yes, I will make whatever you say. Kalindi brings a sweater and jacket asking him to give her. He says its old sweater, how can we give this, she will wear the new sweater which you gave few days back.

He says Astha and Shlok are going out, they will stay in hotel, Astha has grown up, let her live her life, don’t worry. She says Astha is going with Shlok, that is why I m worried. Ajju says Kalindi is emotional. He says yes, she is a mum. He says Shlok and Astha are coming closer and I m very happy. Ajju says even I m very happy, I wish their relation stays like this. Bua gets down the car to get water and asks Jyoti to be in the car. The driver also goes out.Jyoti thinks this is the chance and runs away. Bua comes back and is shocked to see Jyoti missing. She scolds the driver and says lets go fast, she ran away. Bua looks around for her and calls out Jyoti. Jyoti hides and cries. Bua leaves in the car. Bua asks some people about Jyoti. Jyoti is running on the road. Bua cries being tensed. Shlok repairs the car. Astha asks can I help you. He says I request you to go and sit.

Aditi comes with the torch and says I will sit with you and show you the way. Astha takes the torch and says I will do that. Shlok makes Astha sit on the car bumper and asks her to show the way. Khuda……….. plays…………… Shlok says lets go now.Jyoti thinks about Abhay’s bitter words and cries. Her Mangalsutra breaks. She says how will I call anyone, I don’t have phone. She says whats the use to call Anjali, she will advise me to go back to that hell. Is the relation with mother is so weak that a daughter becomes a stranger after marriage? Shlok, Aditi and Astha arrive at a resort and asks for two rooms. The man says we have honeymoon cottage, I guarantee you will get full privacy. Astha says yes book it. Shlok says we are three people. Aditi says its good to be with nature, book it. Shlok says show me. The man takes them. Abhay gets Bua’s call. Bua says forgive me. Abhay asks what did you do.

Bua says Jyoti has run away, we thought she is a fool but she fooled us. Abhay is shocked. She says I tried to find her but she disappeared. Abhay scolds her and says find out, if she runs away, it will be a big problem, how can you be so careless. She says call Niranjan and make any story, else we will be caught. He says fine, you come home then we will think, Jyoti can’t be saved from me. Anjali is taking care of Niranjan’s feet. He says its nice to see a good family. She says I tried to talk to Varad but… He says you should have talked to Sojal and Astha and ask them to complete the family.

He says it would be better if you talk to Sojal. She says I will talk to her, I will ask her to think about second child as Kavya is older. Niranjan says I want to hear a baby in this house. Shlok likes the cottage. Aditi says we will manage, I will sleep on the couch and you both can sleep on the bed, I will not disturb you. They hear a sound. Shlok asks what is it. The man says there is a party going on, you should go there but its risky place, the way is not good. Aditi says its a good chance for her. The man asks Shlok to go and enjoy. Aditi says we must go, it will be fun. Astha says fine, lets go. Shlok looks at her. Astha says no, we will go tomorrow. Aditi insists. He goes to talk to the manager.

Abhay is tensed at home. He says what should I do now, I will ask Sojal about Jyoti. He calls at Anjali’s home and Anjali gets the call. Abhay hears her voice and cuts the call. Abhay calls again and Sojal picks the call. Anjali hears her talking and asks Sojal who is it. Sojal says its Abhay and gives the phone to Anjali. Anjali asks him how is he and Jyoti. Abhay says we are fine. He says she is resting in her room, I called to ask about Shlok. Anjali says they left. He lies and ends the call. Anjali finds it strange and thinks why did he call so night without any reason, is there anything?

Party at the backyard of the out house. Aditi and Astha come there. Astha says lets go back. It is weird party. Aditi says, don’t be a spoilt sport and asks her to enjoy. Song plays. Aditi shows pond to Astha and says it is beautiful. Astha throws the stone and laughs. Aditi looks evilly. She forwards her hand to push Astha in the pond but stops on seeing Shlok coming there. She asks Astha to come and dance. Astha and Aditi are dancing, Shlok looks on at the guitar and start playing it. Everyone stop dancing and listen to the music. Astha smiles seeing him playing the music. She recalls reading the divorce papers and gets sad. Shlok recalls his moments spent with Astha. Khuda Ve Plays……………………………He stops playing and leaves. Aditi thinks I won’t lose. Until when you will save Astha. Shlok doesn’t feel good and goes to his car. Astha asks, why did you stop playing the guitar? Are you tensed? Shlok asks her to leave him alone for sometime.

Astha says, I will be with you always like a reflection. Shlok says, ok then I will leave. Astha calls Shlok. Police comes to the party area and raids the party. Everyone start running. Policemen grabs Shlok’s by his collar. Shlok says, I came here for the business. Police asks who is she? Aditi says, she is Mrs. Shlok Agnihotri. Astha is shocked. She says, I am her wife. Someone takes Astha to a place. Shlok asks her not to do the acting. Aditi says, we shall go from here. That man asks Astha to act as his wife to get safe from police.Jyoti is walking on the road and is shattered. Some goons ask her, if she needs anything. Jyoti runs and shouts, please save me. She collides with someone and falls unconscious.

That guy turns and looks at the goons. The guy Sid thinks what the goon will do with me? I am trapped. The goons run away thinking he is policemen. Sid calls madam and tries to wake her up. He takes her with him.Sid brings Jyoti home. Jyoti wakes up and asks how I am here. He says, I am a journalist. She shouts looking at the rats. He says, you have fallen unconscious so I brought you home. He says I don’t have electricity as I didn’t pay the bill. He says sorry. He says, I will drop you home tomorrow. I have an interview tomorrow. He asks her not to be afraid of rats and asks her to sleep. Jyoti rests on the bed but is scared.

Shlok asks Aditi, what are you doing? Shlok thinks, is Astha inside the out house? He comes inside and finds her nowhere. He shouts for Astha. Aditi mixes some drugs in the water and thinks you will wake up in the morning after drinking this. She says good night Shlok. Shlok is calling Astha’s name. She asks him to drink water.

Shlok worries for Astha and says I will go and see her. He asks her not to pretend to be his wife. Aditi thinks, you will be taking Astha nearer to her death by expressing your love. Shlok goes insearch of Astha.

Anjali is worried. Sojal thinks, why she is roaming in the house? She comes inside her room and thinks Anjali might be worried for Astha. Varad asks her to get water. Sojal asks him to get water himself. She says, Aayi is not sleeping and worrying about Astha. Varad asks her to be like Astha. Sojal says, Astha will leave the house after the divorce.Astha is still hiding from the police eyesight. She says, we shall leave. The man says, we will go to some place. Astha says, I will go to my husband. He laughs. Astha says, my woman just pretended to be my husband’s wife. She says, I am Shlok Agnihotri’s wife. That man asks Astha to come with him.Shlok is shouting for Astha in the jungle. Aditi follows him. Shlok worries about Astha. Aditi says, let’s go back. Shlok gets angry on Aditi and asks her to go. She thinks, I can’t accept your sayings. I will make Astha’s adventure very dangerous.

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