Strange love update Monday 14 June 2021

Strange love 14 June 2021: Kalindi ask Avdhoot to call Astha again as she is worried about her life. Avdhoot says don’t worry, she is fine and having fun. Anjali comes to Kaka and gives him the files. She says if you can do Shlok’s work, it will help Niranjan, check this files and he asked you to work as Shlok.

Kaka laughs and says now will I do Shlok’s work, you know I m an artist, I can’t manage, Niranjan tried to send me office before also. She says forget the past, see this files. She leaves. Kaka says you always worry about Niranjan, when will you take care of yourself.

Abhay comes home and tells Bua that Jyoti is no where. He says I tried finding at her friend’s house also. Bua says there is nothing to eat, give

me some money. He says I would have given if I had money, i m unable to take out money from Jyoti’s account without her sign. She says I won’t stay here, I will go to village, I told you to keep Jyoti with love and you did not control your anger. Abhay says you used to taunt me when I kept her with love. Both of them argue. He says pray that we get Jyoti, else we will be on roads, we have to get her. He leaves.
Shlok follows Astha on another horse and tries to save her. Astha screams and calls out Shlok. She cries saying save me. Shlok pulls Astha and both of them fall leaving the horses. Sojal dresses beautifully dresses and comes to Varad. She asks him to have the milk. He looks at her and smiles. He asks is there any special occasion, where are you going. She says no reason. She says Anjali asked me to give this house a son. Varad says try to bring good thoughts in your heart. She hugs him and says I m thinking positive. She says whats wrong in it, Kavya will get a brother. He says I don’t understand why you are doing this, Kavya is everything for us. She says whats the problem.

He says keep yourself away from all this, I told no to Anjali, why is she after you, I told you I don’t want another child. He leaves. Sojal says he can’t see me happy. The horses come back. Aditi sees them. The man says did the horses throw them. Aditi says sad for them, they did not give their love any name and died. She scolds the man and says where are they, answer me. He says you told your sister is trained rider. She says this horse is mad, I will take this issue forward, I will call police and media. She wipes her fake tears and smiles.

Anjali talks to Varad. He says I don’t want second child. Anjali scolds him and says Niranjan and I need a grandson, even Kavya wants a brother, even Sojal wants this. Varad leaves. He gets a call from someone, he tells I told you many times don’t call me when I m at home. Kaka asks Varad what happened. Varad tells everyone are pressurizing him for son. Kaka says its not bad. Varad says I don’t want another child, Sojal does not take care of Kavya, how will she manage. Kaka says we all are there to take care. Kaka asks is it anything else which is bothering you. Varad says leave it, you won’t understand. Kaka looks on.

Varad gets a call and is shocked. He asks how…. He says this can’t happen. Kalindi says I spoke to Astha, she is in Goa and is happy. They see breaking news on tv about horse riding club accident. Kalindi says its the same place where Shlok and Astha went, find it out. Ajju asks what happened. Kalindi tells the news. They get worried. Varad comes to Niranjan and says its a bad news. He says Shlok and Astha went for horse riding and they met with an accident, don’t know where they are. Everyone are shocked. Niranjan says how can this be, I spoke to Shlok, he told me he is going for horse riding, its not necessary its their accident. Varad says but I got the news, I have to go there.

Niranjan says I will also come. Varad says no, you be here, I will keep you informed. Niranjan says nothing can happen to my Shlok and asks Anjali. Anjali says yes, nothing will happen to Shlok. Anjali prays to Bappa and lights the diya. She says send Shlok and Astha safely to home. Sid comes home and sees his house clean. He tells Jyoti he felt he came in someone else’s house, thanks. He asks did you have anything, wait I will make anything. She says no need. He says I will make dal chawal, no khichdi. Jyoti helps him. He says I got fired from my job many times and laughs. Jyoti is upset.

He thinks why don’t she smile, I feel something bad happened with her, I have to find out, she can’t live a depressed life. Jyoti cooks. Varad comes to the horse riding club and asks the inspector where is Shlok. Aditi comes to him and hugs him. She cries. He says we will get them, you go home. Aditi leaves. The inspector says you also go home, we will inform you. Varad says no, I won’t go, find them soon. Aditi says sorry, Shlok and Astha won’t come back now. The police tries to find Shlok and Astha.

Anjali asks Niranjan not to worry as she is sure Shlok will come back. Kalindi comes and says what about Astha, you don’t care about Astha. She gets angry and says I was afraid for Astha and see this happened. She says no one cares for her. Anjali says enough, we care about Astha equally and I m sure nothing happened to them. Shlok and Astha fall somewhere in the jungle and are unconscious.

Abhay complaining to bua about the bad tasted tea. Bua shows him Astha and Shlok’s accident news in the newspaper. Abhay reads it and says they have fallen from the top. Bua asks him to go to Agnihotri’s house. Abhay agrees. Jyoti thinks, what to do as Abhay might be searching for her. She thinks I have to think about my daughter. She thinks, only Astha can help her. Sid hides all the wine bottles from Jyoti as she may think of him as a drunkard. He asks her to freshen up. He says, we will go outside, buy some clothes for you. Jyoti refuses to go with him. Sid thinks, what might be going in her mind. She didn’t tell her name even.

Anjali asks Niranjan to have tea atleast. He throws the tea cup. Abhay comes and asks about Astha and Shlok. He thinks, Jyoti is not here and even Anjali doesn’t know about her. He says, he didn’t tell Jyoti about Astha and Shlok’s accident. Anjali says, you did the right thing.

Shlok wakes up in the jungle and sees Astha beside him sleeping unconsciously. He recalls the accident. They get unconscious holding each other hands. Shlok tries to wake up Astha. He takes her in his arms and hears her heart beat. He urges her to open her eyes. Astha wakes up and takes Shlok’s name. She hugs him. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Dun plays……………………….They look at each other. Saiyaave Ab Raasta Dikhade Tu………………..plays continues playing…………………………….Astha looks at Shlok’s wounds and ties the cloth on his hand. Shlok then ties the cloth on Astha’s wound. They look at each other lovingly.

Astha says, thank God, we didn’t get injuries. She says, I said that I can’t sit alone. You didn’t listen to me. Why you have risked your life for my life. Shlok asks her not to quarrel and says we have to find the resort before evening. Astha again fall unconscious.

Shlok runs to her and takes her in his arms and starts walking. Police tells Varad that they didn’t find Astha and Shlok until now. Varad gets worried. Niranjan calls Varad. Varad says, Inspector said he will find them. Niranjan says, I will come there. Varad asks him to be at home and promises to bring Astha and Shlok.

Shlok is walking with Astha in his arms. Astha opens her eyes and asks for water. Shlok makes her sit on the stone and gets the water on the leaves. He says, we have to reach soon. Astha says I can walk. They start walking. They see Varad talking to the police. Varad says, I will search my brother. Astha calls him dada. Varad turns and is happy to see them. He hugs Shlok and says I knows that nothing can happen to you. We got worried. Shlok asks him about Aditi. Varad says, I sent her home.

Let’s go home. Everyone are worried. He calls Niranjan and tells him that Astha and Shlok are found. Anjali asks Niranjan to eat something. Niranjan refuses and acts as a caring mother instead of a father. Shlok comes. Niranjan hugs him emotionally saying my son……..Aditi looks shocked as her plan backfired. Shlok says, I can’t give you pain and can’t see you sad even. Niranjan says, I know. Sojal and Kavya comes. Kavya tells Astha that she missed her. Aditi hugs Astha and says thank God you are fine. I was very scared. She pretends to be worried. She asks Shlok, are you fine? Niranjan asks them to rest. Anjali asks Sojal to call Astha’s aayi and inform her about their safe return. Aditi looks evilly.

Astha unpacks her bags. Kalindi comes and hugs her. She says, I came to take you back home. Astha asks, what are you doing? Kalindi says, now we have don’t relation with this house. This accident was dangerous. Astha says, I could have fallen down but Shlok saved me and didn’t think of his life. She tells everything and flashback is shown. Astha says, you are misunderstanding them. Kalindi says, you always think Shlok as your saviour but I can see that he wants to take your life. Astha says, it is a matter of 2 days and then I will come back. Kalindi insists her to come. Astha stays silent. Kalindi says, you are very stubborn and your stubborness will take away my life. Kalindi leaves. Astha comes out of her home and sees Shlok.


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