Strange Love Update Monday 3 May 2021


Strange Love 3 May 2021: starts with Shlok calling the inspector and saying I have proof against Avdhoot Kirloskar and I will send it to you. Astha is shocked and tears the papers. Shlok looks at her. She throws the papers on him. He laughs on her and she is puzzled. He says I told you I m more smart than you. He says these papers were not original. He says you don’t worry, the original papers will reach the police station, go to your home and save your ill and honest dad. I pity on him. Astha says I could not ever think you would do this, how can you do this with my dad, I did not see a cheap man like you, I can’t believe I loved you.

He says I m not bad, you are bad, don’t you feel ashamed to behave like this with my family, he says you have insulted my dad. He says I m the goon. He takes her with the bag in the hall. He says now its your turn, now you will feel when your dad gets insulted, then you will realize how much I felt bad. He says go now, the police can reach your house any time. Astha cries. Shlok gets the inspector’s call and Shlok says yes, I will fax you the papers in some time. Astha gets worried.Shlok smiles seeing her. Astha looks at him and he leaves. jyoti gives the bangles and the necklace to Abhay and his mum. They smile getting it from her. Abhay says what do you think about Astha, don’t worry, no one will tell you anything, jyoti says I think Astha is not wrong. Abhay says if you become like Astha, then see. He says I m your Lord, I can show you my true colours.

He says maybe Shlok did not say anything, if I was there in his place, it would have been Astha’s last day of life. Abhay’s mum says I had fun seeing it. Abhay hurts jyoti and she gets tensed.Anjali stops Astha and asks where are you going. Astha says I m going her. Anjali scolds her and reminds her of her promise. Astha says I remember, but don’t stop me today, my dad is ill. Anjali says you have broken the rituals and you have to pay for it. Astha says I have not done any wrong, my family needs me, let me go please. Anjali shouts Astha and says a girl can go from in laws house only if she is dead, if you go today then don’t ever come back. Niranjan comes and hears all this. Astha turns and looks at Anjali. Astha cries and says its about my dad. Anjali says its about Shlok, you don’t care about him, what will you care about others.

Anjali says you do the opposite of what I say. Astha says I promise I will become a good bahu and a good wife but my needs me today. Anjali says ok, you can go, but don’t show us your face again in this house. Shlok comes there and says Mrs. Agnihotri, you don’t have any right to stop Astha. He says if I have given her permission to go home, what problem do you have. Anjali says Shlok….. and gets angry. Shlok comes to Astha and smiles. He holds her face and says don’t worry, nothing will happen to your dad, I m there.
He says come on, I will drop you. He holds Astha and takes her with him. Niranjan looks at Anjali and leaves. Sojal is talking to jaya about Astha. jaya says Anjali has allowed Astha to go as Astha’s dad is not well. She says Shlok has supported Astha. Sojal says is it true that Anjali allowed her after all this. jaya says come with me, its good chance to gel with Anjali. jaya says Astha is going against Anjali and you can win over her at this time. Astha comes home. She asks about her dad. She sees Avdhoot and goes to him. She says dad, are you fine. Seh says you don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you, and don’t fear of the police, it won’t do anything.

Kalindi says he is fine, his BP is high, thats all and why are you worried about the police. Avdhoot says I m fine, did anything happen in your house. Shlok knocks the door and comes with a bouquet. Shlok smiles seeing them.Kalindi welcomes Shlok. Shlok says Astha is worried as she is far from all of you. He gives the bouquet to Avdhoot and he blesses Shlok. Shlok holds his hand and asks how are you now, how did your health become like this. He says you can tell me if you have any problem. Avdhoot says everything is fine. Kalindi asks Astha about the pati pujan and how did she come here at this time. Shlok says yes, Astha did the puja well. He says dad, I was worried about you, if you say, I will take you to any specialist. Avdhoot says its not required, I m fine. Shlok says are you sure. He says you all are looking tensed to me. Avdhoot says its not like that.

Astha thinks Shlok is superficial. Shlok says Astha, if you want, you can stay here for some days, as nothing is important that dad’s health. He says we can go on honeymoon anytime. Avdhoot says no, I told you I m fine and Astha’s mum and Ajju are with me. He is happy with Shlok, Avdhoot says Astha is very lucky to get a husband like you. Shlok smiles seeing Astha. Avdhoot says don’t change your plan for me. Shlok says fine if you insist, we won’t cancel the plan, but if you need anything, you will call me first. He says I m getting late for office. He asks Astha to call him till evening and he will come to take her if her dad gets well. He asks her to be strong. Astha smiles infront of her family. Shlok leaves. Abhay and his mum are happy with the gold. She says Astha and Shlok are having tension between them. Abhay says Shlok loves her, they are always together, how can you say they have any problem. She says sometimes its good real what we see. She says you think you are the only one who is tryint to know about them, even I m here, I know they are tensed. jaya told me everything. She laughs. She says jaya did not understand, but I understood everything. Abhay smiles and says its good we got this jewellery and this news.

jyoti comes with a bucket of water. Abhay and his mum smile seeing her. Abhay says you are Agnihotri’s only daughter, I m proud that I married you, he says I will take you somewhere today, only you and me. Kalindi asks Astha to have some food. Astha says I m not hungry. Kalindi says you took care of your dad, now please have food. Astha says I don’t want to. Kalindi insists and makes her eat. Astha says its true that Lord made mum as he can’t be everywhere. She says you know everything about me. She says you know me more than myself and hugs Kalindi.


jaya coming to Anjali and bringing juice for her. She says Astha made you angry so I thought to cool you, I understand your pain, if I was in your place, I would have not left her. Sojal looks at them. Anjali says Sojal, there is something for your mum. She is thinking a lot for my house, I have to give her something. Sojal sees that its the return ticket of her mum. jaya is excited and asks what is it. Sojal says its your return ticket. Anjali says Sojal, make food in the morning for your mum, so that she can travel well. Abhay brings jyoti to Shlok. jyoti meet Shlok in his office and hugs him. Abhay says she was woried at home, so I thought to bring you here to meet you. Shlok says you could have called me if you had to talk. jyoti says I came here because I wanted to meet you and talk about his work. She says his work had major loss. Shlok says don’t worry, I m here. Shlok calls someone and asks to file a contract on jyoti’s name. He asks jyoti to go to accounts and sign on the new project.

jyoti says but…. She leaves. Shlok gives a cheque to Abhay. Abhay says its on jyoti’s name. Shlok says yes, everything is on her name, take money from her whenever you need. Shlok says from next time, don’t bring jyoti here in office, it won’t be good for her, she is my sister, not your way to use her for money. jyoti comes back to Abhay and Shlok. Shlok says did you sign the contract. jyoti says yes, I will leave now. Shlok says take care of yourself and hugs her. Abhay leaves with jyoti. Shlok sees the watch and thinks of Astha. Astha is taking care of her dad. Avdhoot is happy with her and blesses her. Astha reads some jokes for him from the newspaper. Everyone laughs. Ajju looks at Astha and asks are you hiding anything from us. Astha says no, why did you feel so. Kalindi says now I m feeling that I was wrong about Shlok, he loves you a lot, he takes care of your happiness, I m contend seeing this. Astha smiles and says its good that you realized this.

Kalindi says yes, he brought you here even when there was puja at your home, don’t worry about your dad, we will take care of him, you go home tonight, I don’t want anyone to think wrong. Ajju asks Astha are you happy there, be true, as your eyes are saying something else. Shlok comes and says Ajju, Astha was tensed about her dad’s health and she is away from you all, so maybe thats why. He says even I want to know why she is upset, maybe my love became less for her. He says Astha, you stay here for some days, you will be fine if you stay here. Kalindi says no need, we will take care of Avdhoot, you go with Shlok being tension free. Shlok asks Avdhoot how are you now. He says Astha, shall we go now. He says dad, whenever you want to meet Astha, call me, I will bring her, no formalities. Everyone smiles. Astha hugs her dad and cries. She looks at Shlok and his superb acting. She asks Avdhoot to care take and greets everyone. She hugs Kalindi and Ajju and leaves with Shlok.

Anjali comes to Niranjan in their room. Niranjan says my ancestors got insulted, I have to regret for it. Anjali says don’t say this. He says I will be bare footed for one month. Anjali says no, you are the head of this house. She says I m here, its my duty to regret, whatever happened was because of me. Niranjan says if you knew your mistake, then did you become late for regretting. He scolds Anjali and asks her to manage Astha. Anjali says you don’t worry.

Anjali thinks of showing Astha her real place. Astha talks to Shlok outside her house. She says my dad thinks of you as his son and you are cheating him. Shlok says Astha, when you start thinking of me as a Lord, every problem will be solved. Astha says punish me, not my dad. Shlok says you are wasting your time talking to me. He says explain yourself. He says follow the rules of our house, we won’t have any problem then. He says I told the inspector that I have the proof, if you don’t obey me, I will give him the proof without any delay. He sits in the car and waits for her. Astha cries looking at him.

Its night, Anjali walks bare footed in the house. She gets hurt and Niranjan sees her. He says its looking tough for you to regret, its not easy, thats why I always asked you not to make mistake and not to let anyone make mistake. He leaves.
Anjali looks at the entrance door. She waits in the hall. jaya comes to her and says I want to talk to you. She says Kavya wants to live with me, I don’t want to hurt her. She says think about this, Kavya will be upset, so I decided I will stay here till her holidays. Anjali says don’t worry about Kavya, we will take care of her, you can go. jaya says I m staying here for you, I will give you ideas to stop Astha. Anjali says this is not your house, you should talk being in limit.
Astha comes and Anjali asks how is your dad, it looks like he is not fine. Astha says Shlok dropped me here, he had some work so he left. Anjali stops her and says did you had food at home. Astha says yes. Anjali says ok, give the food to some poor. Astha says sorry, the food won’t be wasted from next time. Anjali says you have to keep Nirjala fats tomorrow as you have insulted our traditions, you have to regret for it.Astha says my health will….. Anjali says either keep this fast or go and have food at your mum’s house and tell her that I have kicked you out of the house.Anjali says Kalindi did not teach you to respect and obey elders. Astha says fine, I will keep the fast for you. Anjali looks at her. jaya and Sojal hear this and smile.

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