Strange Love Update Sunday 2 May 2021

Strange Love 2 May 2021: starts with Kalindi talking to Ajju about pati pujan. Ajju says don’t worry, Shlok is with Astha, he will take good care of us. Kalindi says its not good if Shlok goes against Anjali a lot of times. Avdhoot comes in a bad state. Kalindi and Ajju are shocked to see him and give him support to make him sit down. Kalindi asks what happened. He says all the problems came together, the Bappa is testing me, he says I got my suspension order. They are shocked. He says I have been suspended. He faints. Ajju says call the doctor. Kalindi calls the doctor and asks him to come home urgently.

Astha sees Shlok outside the door. He is happy to see her dressed in a beautiful saree. He smiles seeing her. Astha is upset. He takes her photo in his mobile and asks her to smile. He says you were a modern and educated daughter of the Kirloskars and now you are ready to do my puja, you are looking very beautiful, I wish everyone gets a wife who listens to their husband. He asks her how much do you love me, whats this love, is it a wife’s love for me and a daughter’s love for her dad. She says enough, today the time is yours, but it will change soon. She moves his hand, he holds her and says oh really. He says I m Shlok Agnihotri. He says I know how to change the time according to me.
Sojal sees Shlok and Astha together. She comes to them and does hmm… Shlok moves back.

Shlok says I was asking Astha to come downstairs with me. Sojal says lets go, we all are waiting for you. Shlok says lets go, everyone are waiting. He takes her downstairs holding her hand. Sojal says Shlok is very much romantic and her husband is not at all romantic. She feels sorry for herself. jyoti comes with her husband and greets her parents. Anjali asks jyoti why are you not wearing any jewellery. Abhay’s mum says don’t scold jyoti, its not her mistake. Abhay says its my mistake, I have taken all her jewellery and kept them on sale, but don’t worry, I will get them back. Shlok asks jyoti to tell him why she did not tell him. He asks Abhay to tell him when he needs money. He says I will give you money, take it and bring her jewellery back. Abhay’s mum thanks him and says we would have not done this.

Abhay’s mum tries to gain sympathy. Anjali makes jyoti wear her gold bangles and necklace. jyoti is tensed. Anjali says lets go now and start the puja. She asks Sojal to do the arrangements and asks everyone to come with her. Bharat says I don’t like all this. Niranjan says your mum told something, do it. Anjali looks at Bharat and he goes to sit in the puja. All the women do their husbands puja and have to wash their feet. Astha does the puja against her will. Shlok smiles. Everyone start the puja, by doing the tilak of their husbands. They then wash the feet by milk and water. Anjali says now we will drink this water. Astha is shocked. Anjali says what are you seeing, drink it. Astha says its not right. She says this is wrong. Anjali says do the ritual, you have to drink it. Astha says I can’t do this, I m sorry. Shlok looks at her. She says we do this only for Lord, not for humans. I can’t do this. Astha leaves. Anjali shouts Astha. Shlok says I will see her and goes after her. Astha goes to her room but Shlok stops her midway and says I told you that you have to do what I say, you are not taking me seriously, you don’t know what I can do.
Astha says I married you, not sold myself to you. She says I hate your mentality.

He says thats your problem. He says see what I will do now. He makes a call and smiles seeing her. Astha is worried. He says you talk. He calls Kalindi. Astha hears Ajju talking about Avdhoot. She gets worried and asks Kalindi what happened to dad. Kalindi says he got suspended from office, so he is much worried. Astha says you take care of him, I will call later. She looks at Shlok angrily. He takes his phone. She cries. Shlok leaves.Shlok coming downstairs in the hall. Kaka says Shlok, to be true, even I don’t like all this, whats the use of our education, even we are after all this. Bharat also supports Kaka and says even I don’t like it. Shlok says Kaka, I have always told Astha that I won’t force her for anything, she can do what she wants. Anjali says Astha has to fulfill the ritual. Everyone looks on. Anjali says Astha does not have any other option. Astha comes there and Anjali looks at her angrily. Shlok looks at Astha. Astha goes to her place and Shlok smiles.

Astha looks at the water with which she washed Shlok’s feet. She picks it up and is about to drink i, crying. She looks at Anjali and everyone look at her. Sad music plays in the background…….. Astha gains strength to go against this ritual and she throws the water on the ground. Anjali gets angry.Everyone are shocked. Anjali says how dare you throw it, she goes to slap Astha but Kaka stops Anjali. Niranjan and Shlok also get angry on Astha.
Kaka says what are you doing Anjali, is it good to slap your bahu, will it suit you. Anjali says I told you many times not to interfere in my household. She says I explained this girl many times, still she does not listen. She says I know how to teach her my rules, if you have any objection, you can go, we will not stop you. Kaka leaves from the hall. Bharat looks at Niranjan and leaves too. Anjali says Astha, I have forgiven you for all your mistakes, but you can’t keep doing it, I won’t bear this, you have to perform the ritual. Astha says men and women are equal according to me, so what I did was not wrong.

Niranjan gets angry. Abhay says sorry to interrupt but I can’t see Anjali getting insulted, that too by Astha, who is new in this house. He says we will leave now. He says lets go jyoti. Anjali stops him and apologizes for the issue. Abhay says its not your mistake, you can mend Astha like you did jyoti. Teach Astha to respect elders. Abhay’s mum says if you can’t teach her, send her to my house. Abhay greets everyone and leaves with jyoti and his mum and leaves. Anjali says we did not get insulted, but today we got insulted because of you. She says why did you do this today, you don’t know what will jyoti get to hear now. Astha says I know I m this house’s bahu and I don’t have any problem in performing the rituals, I know I have to do anything for my husband, but this puja is against my will, why should I do this, we are in 21st century, my parents taught me that husband and wife are equal. She speaks about women;’s strength. Anjali says stop it, I don’t care, you have to do this pati pujan.

Astha talks to Niranjan and asks him to explain to Anjali that this is wrong and against our Dharam. She says tell something. Niranjan looks at her and says you have spoken the right thing, I can understand. Anjali says Sahib……. Shlok looks on. Niranjan says this rituals are with us from traditions, they give us everything, it should be kept, as its a sign of our ancestors, we should insult those rituals, am I right, the traditions are not right or wrong as it has our trust connected. He tries to convince Astha and says Anjali is also right, I know you find this strange but we believe in this, we have seen every women in our family doing thos, if you also obey this, you don’t get disrespect, you will become more respected. He says I will not force you to do this.Astha says if you are leaving it on me, my decision is that I won’t perform this ritual. Niranjan gets angry. She says my pride does not allow me to do this. Shlok and Anjali are shocked.

Niranjan controls his anger. Astha says I m sorry. Astha leaves from the hall. Shlok looks at Niranjan. Niranjan is very much angry. jaya asks Sojal to manage things well. She says Sojal is trying to be like you Anjali, and if she follows Astha, she will become bad. Anjali leaves. Sojal asks her mum to stop overacting. jaya says your good days are going to come now. Sojal says Astha made Niranjan angry and laughs.Niranjan lights a diya and says sorry to his dad’s photo as he is not able to keep up the rituals. Shlok hears all this. Niranjan says today’e generation kids have different mentality, they don’t know if rituals break, how much it hurt elders. Shlok gets angry hearing this. Niranjan says I want the best for my kids. He sees Shlok has heard everything and told sweet lines purposely. Bharat comes to Kaka. He brings tea for him. Kaka says I don’t need tea. Bharat says Kaka, I know you are hurt, but I m sure that Anjali and Niranjan’s mentality will change, Astha will force them to change, Astha will do what we could not. Kaka says it would be bad if they mend Astha and change her.

Bharat says we are with Astha. Kaka says yes, we are, I m sure that Astha will bring a change in this house. He says I m afraid that Astha will sink in the relations. Bharat says it won’t happen, don’t worry. Bharat makes Kaka smile. They have a laugh. Shlok comes to Astha and is angry on her. He takes out a bag and packs her clothes. She says what are you doing. He says I m packing my clothes, because now you won’t stay here. He scolds her for not caring about his family, he says we don’t need you. Astha says but…, Shlok says enough, do one thing, go against me, join other women and make a community, I m permitting you to go and meet your dad as the police can reach him any moment.
Astha says I won’t let it happen. Shlok says because your dad is a sinner, I have proof against him. He shows her the papers and says you are a fool not to check your own cupboard. He calls inspector and tells him that he has proof against Avdhoot and he will send it to him soon.

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