Sacred Relationship Update Monday 3 May 2021

Sacred Relationship 3 May 2021: starts with Meenakshi saying you know Mishti knows your truth and that’s why you wanted to run with property, I m not in hurry, let Abir come and see your bad face, this property isn’t yours, you have to go jail, I will call the police. Mehul throws her phone and says remember, I m the same man who trapped you into love 20 years ago, you didn’t know I m already married. She quickly tries to call someone. Mehul says I did the fraud, you thought you got free from me, I m back, you felt you will show the pics and threaten me, you were always foolish, give the property to me, else the title news will be, Meenakshi Rajvansh got burnt in Rajvansh Sadan and died.

Kuhu collides with Kunal. She says sorry. He says I m sorry. Kunal answers the call. Meenakshi says you are threatening to kill me, don’t forget my sons are with me, my Kunal is with me. Kunal gets shocked and says Maa. Mishti says I had this doubt since long. Abir asks do you doubt me and our love, don’t you love me. She says no, how can you think this. He says whoever I love just manipulates me. She hugs him and says I will never do this, I promise, I will never use you, never leave you, I can’t even lie to you, I want to tell you… Mishti hugs him. Kunal comes and breaks their hug. He says we have to go home, Maa needs us, Mishti explain him, this isn’t any game. Mishti says just go, call me later, please go now, just listen to your Maa before deciding. Abir says come along. Rajshri calls her. Abir and Kunal leave.
Mishti says I will not let any problem come now, I promise. Mehul throws the pictures and asks will you send me to jail.

Meenakshi says not me, Abir will send you to jail. Mehul asks is Abir a puppet, he isn’t Kunal, if he sees the pics, he will ask you, why didn’t you go and save Mishti. She thinks if I know Kunal, he will come and get Abir home. Mehul asks her to give the property. Abir asks what happened. Kunal says I heard Mehul and Meenakshi’s conversation, he was threatening mum. Abir says its impossible. He calls Meenakshi. Mehul throws her phone. Meenakshi says think what will happen when Mishti tells the truth. Mehul says I m not scared of her, you don’t want to lose Abir, Mishti has controlled him, sign the property. She says I won’t sign, you will get arrested, your game is over. He says I will tell Abir that Kunal is his stepbrother. She shouts shut up.

Abir and Kunal come home and run in. Kaushal looks on. Mehul says I will tell Abir. She says you won’t do this, I have raised both the sons together and didn’t have any partiality, Kunal is also my son. He says I will tell him that you made Kunal the younger brother of Abir, so that he doesn’t get the property. She says shameless man, I will kill you. She catches his collar. Abir shouts Maa. She asks Abir and Kunal to see their dad. Mehul says your mum was bribing me with property, she was asking me to leave you. He shows the property papers and says she forced me to sign this, she was beating me. He cries. Abir gets shocked. Mehul says let me have my son atleast. Nanu asks did both of them go, why. Mishti says maybe they need you there. Parul says we should go home. Mishti greets them. Nanu and Parul bless her. Mishti says go home and call me Parul Maa, Parul Maasi. Parul cries and says yes, don’t worry. They leave. Vishwamber asks where did you go before engagement, I want to know truth.

Mishti says I was thinking if I should live with the family after marriage, I learnt Mehul isn’t a good man. He asks what. Rajshri says you should have not gone today. Mishti says Meenakshi will tell truth to Abir. He asks what’s happening. Mishti says sorry, Abir thinks his dad is good, he isn’t good, he did many scams, he wants to trap Abir in fraud, I gave proof to Meenakshi. Varsha says Mehul got the papers to change his name. Mishti asks did Abir sign. Kuhu says no. Mishti says Meenakshi wanted time to get Mehul arrested. Vishwamber says you were in tension and solved the big riddle alone, you know the risk. Mishti says I got to know today, I wasn’t sure, I had no proof. Kuhu says its epic family drama, what are you doing here, you should be with Abir. Varsha says yes, you both should be there. Rajshri says Abir will need you. Mishti thinks of Lalita’s words. She says I know, I m always with Abir, its their family matter, I shouldn’t go there. Kuhu says you should tell this to Abir.

Mishti says no, Abir should know it himself, I know how it feels when the matter gets public, when my dad came here and did that. Vishwamber says I m with you and Abir also, I wish Abir gets strength and patience to hear this truth, I promise, I m sufficient for you and Abir. He hugs Mishti. She cries. Abir reads the papers…. I won’t call Abir my son and won’t talk to him, I won’t have legal rights on him. Meenakshi says he signed the papers willingly, he wanted the property, think why will I give him everything. Mehul says don’t blame me like this, Meenakshi did the same 20 years ago, I came for Abir, Meenakshi will ruin anyone who loves Abir. He shows the paper and says Meenakshi did this scam on my name. Meenakshi says I m saying the truth, he told me to give him property, else Abir will leave the family, I m ready to give property. Mehul asks why are you making my son against me, poor Kunal didn’t understand you, Abir is grown up, he won’t come in your words.

Kunal asks why will mum do this scam. Mehul says because Abir is changing his name. Mehul says its written that Abir Kapadia did the scam, she is also framing you. Kunal says that’s enough, who are you to say this about my mum. Mehul asks Meenakshi how can she trap her own son, she was in Rajgarh on Karwachauth day, she planned all this, Meenakshi should go to jail. Kunal says shut up. Meenakshi says fine, I will go to jail, my son won’t trust me, its better I go away, I will never come back, I request you, don’t change your name, go and ask Mishti. Abir says don’t get Mishti in this. Nanu and everyone come. Abir asks Mehul to come, they will go away. He says I have no one here now, I don’t have anyone here. She says no, listen to me. Abir takes Mehul. Mehul smiles. Khushiyaan bhi baaten….plays…. Everyone tries to stop Abir. Kunal holds Meenakshi. Everyone cries. Nanu consoles Meenakshi.

Mishti worrying that something wrong is happening. Jugnu calls her and says Abir left home with his dad, he said he will never come back. She asks what, that’s not possible. Nanu says he left, do something, I will make you grahpravesh in new house, if Abir doesn’t return, this family will shatter, just you can convince him, get him back. Meenakshi looks on. Mishti says I promise I will get Abir back, then he will never leave. Kuhu says Nidhi called, she said Abir left. Mishti says I m going to find him, try to track him on app. Mehul and Abir are on the way. Mehul thinks Abir left Meenakshi and also everything, I have to explain him. He asks him to make his anger his friend. Abir says I have a right on this anger.

Mehul says your right is on that house also, why did you leave everything. Abir says they think you love money, not me. Mehul says if you trust me, I don’t need to prove anything, calm down, where is Mishti. Abir says she trusts me as you do, but mum doesn’t trust me, we are going to lawyer, we will get a stamp paper and get it written that we don’t need anything from his property. Mehul asks what. Abir drives in speed. He says I will teach her a lesson, I want to throw papers on her face. Mehul asks him to not use phone while driving. Abir says I m calling the lawyer to ask him to keep papers ready. Mehul thinks he is foolish like his mum. He says stop, you die if you want, why are you killing me. Abir gets shocked. He says I want to support you, I can’t tolerate mum blaming you, we will leave that house, she thinks your love for me can get sold, we will tell her that every relation can’t be sold. Mehul says it happens, I have right on that property and money, foolish boy. Abir gets shocked. He says you are right, I m so foolish, the entire family explained me about you, I didn’t listen, my mum told me that you are a bad man, I didn’t listen, I believed your words and you, I believed you will come back, Ganpati didn’t wish me to get more fooled, so he got your truth out in front of me.

Mehul says its not my mistake, your mum…. Abir says don’t take her name, I got to know your truth, I wanted to see how low will you fall, enough, Mishti went to Rajgarh on Karwachauth day, not Meenakshi, mum didn’t know that I want to change my name, you wanted to do this scam, no need to do drama, everything is over. Mishti comes there and shouts Abir. Mehul says everything happened because of this girl. Abir stops him. Mishti asks Abir to stop. Abir says you have raised voice on Mishti, I stopped on her saying, don’t think of raising hand on her next time, else none can stop me. Police comes. Mishti says he is the one, inspector. Inspector says we have come to arrest the scam culprit. Abir says arrest Mehul. Mehul says Abir Kapadia is the culprit, arrest him. Mishti says no inspector.

Meenakshi comes and shouts no. She says this name person isn’t here, check this. She shows documents. She signs Abir. Abir says my name is Abir Meenakshi Rajvansh and it will always be the same. Meenakshi looks at him. Inspector says enough Mehul Kapadia, we have proof against you. They catch Mehul. Mehul says Mishti, I told you, this is the first chapter of story, I will come back. He is taken away. Abir sits crying and recalls his childhood. Meenakshi holds him. She says I m with you, I will always be with you, everything will get fine, I will make it fine. She hugs Abir. Mishti thinks you need your mum a lot today. She goes. Abir goes away, doing shayari in sorrow. He steps in the lake. Meenakshi cries. He recalls meeting Mehul and vents anger. She asks him to come back to her. He comes to her. She says I know you got hurt knowing Mehul’s truth. He says I was hurt before, but its paining today. She says I should have told you his truth, but you loved him more always, you remembered his sweet talks, how could I break your heart, sorry. He says I know, you gave me bitter medicine wrapped in honey, you can’t say sorry to be a mum, I want to say sorry for being a bad son, I have hurt your heart a lot. She says no, you are my son, and strong like me.

He says you are much different than other mums, you are one in a million, I will also become one in a million son, I will become the best son and not hurt you ever. She smiles. Mishti says I have gone through this pain Abir, I wish this didn’t happen with you, I wish I could save you some how, maybe our fates had worst dads, at least your misunderstanding will end, its good Mehul went from your life. Kaushal says we have thrown Mehul from our lives, he won’t come back. Parul says we got saved from this big problem, Kaushal you did a big thing for Meenakshi.

Kaushal says she did a lot for us, I wanted to give her courage and tell her that she isn’t alone. Parul says now Abir needs you. Kunal cries and says Abir needed me, I failed to support him. Nanu says no. Kunal says when Abir was leaving the house, I should have stopped him, I don’t know handling things, Kaushal is a good younger brother, I want to learn from Kaushal, Nanu if I do anything stupid, then slap me, I couldn’t grow up, I promise to become a good brother like Abir deserves. Nanu hugs him. Everyone cries. Abir comes and calls out Kunal/Nanko. Yeh rishte….plays…. Abir and Meenakshi are at the door. Kunal cries and goes to Abir. Abir and Kunal hug. Meenakshi and everyone happily smile.


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