Strange Love Update Monday 16 August 2021

Strange Love 16 August 2021: The Episode starts with Shlok bringing a hammer, nails and rope. He partitions the house by the rope. Astha looks on. Varad brings Niranjan there. Niranjan thinks Shlok, do what you decided so that I don’t have to explain you, else be adamant on your decision, I will be more happy. Shlok comes to Astha angrily and holds her hand, dragging her to the other side. Astha cries. Niranjan comes and says Shlok, whats all this. Shlok asks why did you come here, you are unwell. Niranjan acts unwell and walks with difficulty. He says this is not right and holds the rope. Shlok requests him not to stop him today, maybe he can’t agree this time. Niranjan shows his displeasure.

Niranjan cries and asks Shlok to forgive Astha forgetting her mistakes. Astha argues again and asks Niranjan not to do the drama, if she is not apologizing, why are you forgiving me, for what. Shlok scolds her. Niranjan sits. Shlok asks her to take her luggage and leave, in 5mins. Astha says you were asking me to talk with manners, how are you talking to me, I m your wife, and can expect some respect. Astha goes to her room. She comes in her room and thinks of Shlok’s words. She sees their wedding pic and thinks of their love moments.

Dil se nikle meri aahein……………….. She hugs the pic and cries. Ve Saiyyan…………….. plays……………….She packs her bag and says she will see her relation is strong or not. Varad comes and says if division is happening, he is with her, as he has regarded her as sister by heart and he will support her. Astha thanks him and asks him to take care of Shlok, he needs him, and I m very strong, and I will not break so soon. Varad says if you worry for Shlok, why don’t you apologize, I also feel you are confused, I don’t think Baba can do this. She says lets leave it on time. He says fine, take care. Varad leaves.

Jaya is happy and talks to Sojal, about Shlok’s reaction. Shlok asks Astha to leave as her 5mins are over. He throws her bangles and clothes and asks her to take it and leave. He says get out. Astha says fine and throws his clothes too, asking him to arrange it by his way. She says when its about me and your things, throw my things, but how will you get rid of my memories. She says you won’t be able to do this, as this room was mine too, this room will remind you of me, so you are making me leave, I will see how you make me leave from memories, you have broken my heart and I m proud of you, as I can never do this. He says over? Come on, leave. She takes her belongings and leaves looking at him.

Astha comes downstairs and Niranjan stops her requesting her to stop. He slowly says I told you I will make Shlok away from you. Astha is stunned. He challenges her again and asks what happened to her now. He says Shlok’s heart has got this thing that you have become so careless, he says I m hurt and you got punished. He blesses her and shows his victory. He says about the DVD which he changed. He says this game has all my tricks and smiles. The FB shows Niranjan saying Pawar he will give him more money and asks him to give fake DVD to Astha. Pawar agrees.

Niranjan gives her a good news that Pawar is not in this world now, as he met with an accident, as he was trying to bring out his truth. Astha is shocked. Shlok comes. Niranjan sees him and starts the drama, folding his hands and asking her not to be adamant and not do this. Shlok says no need, she will understand when she stays alone, don’t request her. Astha says she is not alone, as truth is with her. Astha turns and Anjali stops her holding her hand.Niranjan looks at Anjali angrily. Anjali says you are not alone Astha, I m with you. Niranjan is shocked. Anjali says if anyone was right in this house always, its you. She says today I m saying that Niranjan is wrong and was wrong always. Everyone is stunned by this shocking relevation. Shlok gets angry on Anjali, along with Niranjan.

Anjali saying Niranjan is wrong and was always wrong. Niranjan and Shlok look at hr angrily. Anjali says if anyone does not believe you, leave it, I trust you more than me. My voice was suppressed till now, but I will tell everything today and won’t be quiet. She says lets go to the other side of the rope. Astha and Anjali go to the other section. Astha and Anjali look at them. Kavya comes and says Chachi I came. She sees the rope and asks whats this rope. Are we playing any game, tell me. She asks why is everyone quiet. She asks Varad which is her team. Kavya says she has to play. Sojal says we are not playing a game. Varad asks Sojal to talke Kavya inside. Kavya asks Astha about the kheer. Sojal says she will make it. Sojal takes her to the room.

Astha says what happened Shlok, why did not you answer Kavya, where did this rope came in the house, today Kavya is asking, the world will question tomorrow, how did the house get divided. She says this decision is taken by you, you have to answer it. Niranjan gets angry.Shlok says I knew this Astha, you will question me, you mind your business, I will answer everyone. He asks Niranjan to come in his room, as he needs rest. Niranjan looks at Anjali. He leaves. Astha thinks about Niranjan’s words about women. Astha says I will just come. She goes to take that plant which Niranjan just crushed. Anjali thinks what did she do today and cries. Astha brings the plant and keeps on the table on her side. Anjali says Astha………….. Astha says lets go. The plant has got beautiful flowers now. Shlok brings Niranjan to his room. Shlok says I m sorry Baba, I know you have always tried to unite the family, but today I went against your rules and divided the house. He says I know I made you very upset, I m sorry.

Niranjan says you don’t need to apologize, come and sit near me. He says a son like you is got by great luck, its true one side is pain, that you sacrificed your love for me, and I m glad that today a son did this to keep his father’s respect. Shlok says I m really proud that I m your son, I can’t bear if anyone points finger on you. Niranjan says enough now. Shlok asks him to rest and he will get his medicines. Shlok leaves. Niranjan looks on.Niranjan says my son is my victory but my wife is my defeat. He thinks about Anjali who went against him. He looks at her pic and says Anjali has supported Astha. He says she is here and its not even a year and Anjali got so bold that she went against me, its not good if Anjali stays with her. He takes her pic and says Anjali, your place is like carpet under my feet, I can’t let your courage increase, I have to make you on my side, only then it will be my true victory. Astha cries seeing Shlok’s and her marriage pic. She hugs the pic. Anjali comes to her and hugs her. She consoles her and says you took great step in the way to truth, don’t be afraid now, we will fight being fearless.

Astha says its your support that held my courage, thanks for supporting me when I was alone, now see Baba has to bend. His defeat will make you get your family’s love and respect which you deserve. She says everyone will know truth soon and Baba will be alone. Anjali asks what about your and Shlok’s relation in all this. Astha says I heard distance make relations more strong, I have this hope, I know he loves me like I love him. He has taken this decision as he blindly trusts Baba, I did not feel bad, his words were of Baba, not his own. The day Shlok knows Baba’s truth, I will get him back. Anjali hugs her.

Its night, Astha thinks about Shlok’s I love you……….. and their love moments. Shlok sees his room messed up with his clothes on the bed, which Astha has thrown in anger. He gets the broach on the floor which Astha gifted him. He is about to throw it but stops. He thinks of Astha’s words that she loves him a lot and thinks of their love moments. Anjali sleeps and Astha sits thinking about Shlok and looking at his pic. She feels she can’t be without him. She goes out of the room. Shlok too comes in the living room and sees her. She turns and looks at him. Iss dil ka ab kya karun……………….plays………………..The rope is shown between them as they stand facing each other. They walk towards each other having despair. Saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhaade tu……………. They come to each other and have an eyelock.

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