Curse of the sands update Tuesday 17 August 2021

Curse of the sands 17 August 2021: At school, students bully Gopika and discuss to stick chewing gum in her hair. Siya enters as teacher and asks what is happening. She reminisces telling her idea of becoming Mann’s teacher to be around him always and notice Gopika’s activities.

Mansi tells Siya that Gopika is creating making Bheem and Mann fight. Gopika greets her as kunwar rani saa. Siya says she is her teacher here and asks everyone to take their seats. Mann informs Mansi that she is his rasgulla. Mansi says his rasgulla is cute and not like Gopika. In palace, Mallika hears Jhumri flirting with Sumri over phone, calls her out and asks her to call Sumri for daily morning pooja as Siya is going to school and cannot perform pooja and to invite even Sumri’s guru.

Jhumri gets excited. Mallika comments Jaa Jhumri eele apni zindagi; this she cannot handle chudail alone and needs support. Back in school, Siya takes students to play room and says they can stay even here. She asks each student to punch a doll which hits back. Siya says it defines that they get in return what they give, if they are friendly with others, even others will love them and if they fight, others will also fight with them.

Mann returns home and asks Siya to give him food. Guruji with Sumri walks in. Mallika thanks him for coming. Ram and Siya also greet guruji. Siya cuts her finger while cutting fruit. Ram sucks her blood. Mann asks Jhumri what is happening. Jhumri says maa is injured, so baba is treating her. Gopika thinks she found a way to make Mann evil child again tomorrow.

She walks to Mallika and strangulates her for calling guruji home to perform pooja. Mallika pushes her trying to save herself. Gopika calls down and injures her elbow. Mallika seeing blood oozing out asks how is it possible, sand used to fall when she used to injure before. Gopika runs from there down. Mallika runs behind her and tells Siya that Siya hid a big fact.

Siya asks what is it. Mallika says she is injured. Siya asks how did she injure. Gopika likes that she slipped and injured herself. Siya asks Jhumri to first-aid Gopika’s wound as it shouldn’t be left open. Mallika says she may get infection. Gopika thinks why Mallika hid truth from Siya, she needs to know what Mallika’s next attack.

Mallika thinks she will attack Gopika with a planning; thinks when Gopika became human from chudail, how she found out all her moves. She sees hidden camera in fruit basket. Gopika checks footage. Mallika taunts her that she will expose her. Gopika angrily throws her mobile and thinks it is risky here reminiscing school incidents and thinks she needs to get back Mann’s powers at any cost, he should return from school with all his powers tomorrow, else she will take him away tomorrow.

Gopika apologizes Mann and says he can call her maa, though she may be restricated from school for that. Mann forgives her and asks not to fight with Mansi again. Gopika says she will befriend Mansi and walking to Mansi extends friendship hand. Mansi accepts her friendship. Gopika sitting with Mann gives him rose to give it to Mansi.

Guruji in temple tells Mallika and Sumri that history reveals that chudails can go to any extent and sacrifice anything to get what they want, he is sure there is some connection between Mann and Gopika. Mann walks towards Mansi. Gopika thinks she will make Mansi a scapegoat.

Mansi gifts rose to Mansi. Mansi holds flower stem, thorn pricks her and she starts bleeding. Gopika reminds Mann how Ram sucked Siya’s blood to cure her. Mann sucks Mansi’s blood and his eyes glow back like chudail. In temple, earth shakes. Guruji says Gopika has reached her goal. Mann continues sucking Mansi’s blood. Mansi pleads to leave her as its paining.

Gopika thinks he will not as evil tasted blood after a long time. Mnsi collapses, but Mann continues to suck Mansi’s blood. Ram comes to meet Siya and they pass by class room and seeing students standing rush in. Gopika seeing Siya forces Mann to leave Mansi, but when he doesn’t, she pricks her hand and lets him suck his blood and wipes off blood from Mann’s mouth before Siya reaches. Siya sees Mansi and tries to wake her up. Ram rushes Mansi to hospital.

Siya calls Ram and asks how is Mansi now. Ram says doctors are transfusing blood to Mansi and told it looks like someone sucked whole blood from her body. Gopika tries to provoke students to not tell truth, else Mann will be kicked out of school. Bheem says he will tell truth. Siya walks in hoping Mann is not involved and asks what happened to Mansi. Bheem says he will. Gopika gets tensed. Just then Ram calls Siya and she walks out. Ram informs that Mansi’s condition is critical and she is in ICU. Siya returns and asks students what happened to Mansi. They say they don’t know. Gopika reminisces Mann hypnotizing all students.

Mallika informs Guruji that Mansi’s condition is critical and she is in ICU, he should do something. Guruji says evil child has awoken again and Mansi was his first prey, if she can stop evil child. Mallika says she is untrustable, but she wants to protect her family. Guruji says then she has to do a task. Mann in his room controls toys via his eyes. Siya with Jhumri walks towards Mann’s room saying Mann is afraid after seeing Mansi’s incident.

Jhumri says he is a kid. They both enter sand see Mann sitting with fixed gait without having food. Siya asks him again what happened to Mansi, but Mann continues to stare at one place. Siya asks if he doesn’t want Mansi to get well soon. Mann says he wants to meet Mansi.

Siya says he cannot meet her. Mann insists and says he will not tell what happened to Mansi then. Siya asks if he knows what happened to Mansi. Mann says yes and he will only after meeting Mansi. Siya says he cannot. Mann walks out from there to Gopika’s room. Gopika hugs him calling her son, says evil will rule over whole world now and her son will be king of whole world with immense powers and he will open hell door.

Gopika tells Mann that Rana and Sautan/Siya spoilt her life, now she will spoil their world under their nose. Siya tells Ram that they should let Mann meet Mansi. Ram says Mansi’s parents wants to file police complaint against Mann, but didn’t knowing Mann is our son. Siya asks him to be specific. Ram says Mansi’s illiterate parents think Mann sucked blood from Siya’s body. Siya is shocked to hear that. Ram says Mann is their son and not a vampire. Siya reminisces Dayimaa telling Mann is evil child and Siya kick her out of house for Mann’s safety. She thinks Mann cannot be evil child and walks towards Mann’s room. Gopika walks out of Mann’s room dancing. Siya sees her and asks how can she dance when Mann is in so much distress. Gopika says she is listening to bhajan and is in very much distress, Siya cannot allege her wrongly.

Siya walks into Mann’s room. Mann angrily asks her to get out of his room as she didn’t let him meet Mansi. Siya asks him to behave and says if he reveals if he sucked Mansi’s blood, she will take him to Mansi. Mann agrees that he treated Mansi like Baba did by sucking her blood when she cut her finger. Siya says Baba was stopping her blood. Mann says he sucked Mansi’s blood. Siya is shocked to hear that.

In temple, Mansi’s parents discuss that they lost hope to save Mansi, but Guruji’s help saved her. Mallika says Mann is evil child who sucked Mansi’s blood. Mansi wakes up with Guruji’s prayers. Parents get happy seeing that. Mansi asks where is Mann. Guruji warns parents to keep their daughter away from Mann as he is harmful for their daughter.

Gopika plucks rose petals saying she will kill Siya, Ram, Mallika, Jhumri, Maya and everyone in this house. Siya walks to her and asks if Mann sucked Mansi’s blood and if she forced students to lie. Gopika arrogantly says yes and says Siya doesn’t know her son at all, he is evil child and sucked Mansi’s blood. Siya stands shocked.

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