Strange Love Update Friday 6 August 2021

Strange Love 6 August 2021: The Episode starts with Mansi coming home being upset. She keeps the bouquet and the trophy and relaxes. She gets Varad’s message as sorry for not talking and she replies its ok. Shlok and Astha chooses wedding cards for Jyoti’s marriage. Anjali talks to the pandit. Shlok shows some suggestions to Varad and Sojal. Niranjan comes. Shlok asks him to select a card. He selects the card which Astha chose and says Astha her choice is very good. He leaves. Jyoti smiles. Shlok tells Astha that Niranjan has respected her opinion. He says lets final this card. Varad gets a call and says I have some work, I will come and bring the items you need. He leaves. Astha chooses the other card which Shlok likes, and makes it final one.

Anjali says the mahurat is after four days, we have go and bring jewellery. She asks her to call Kalindi and thanks her. Astha says fine, I will take sweets and go home. She leaves. Varad comes to know about Mansi getting women of the year award. He says oh god, how could I forgot, she called me and I did not talk to her, what to do now. He leaves to meet Mansi. He comes to her with a bouquet and says congrats. He apologizes saying about his day with Kavya and she is annoyed as it was a special day for her, he would have spent some other day with Kavya.

She says sorry, I m not saying you not to spend time with Kavya, but I would have been glad if you were with me. He asks her why is she overreacting. He gets angry and leaves. She reads his sorry greeting and smiles. Shlok talks to come decorators and Astha is getting ready. She asks should she wear this saree or not, she is confused. He says it does not matter, wear anything. She asks him to get ready and drop her, then when she is free, they will go for shopping. He asks her not to control her and take a driver. She says I want to go with you. He says I m busy. She points a finger at him and he looks at her angrily.

He starts laughing. She says I can become a stranger and g away from you, then you will be a Devdas and find me. He says I m not so emotional. She says fine, I will be a bahu of this house and not your wife, I know you can’t live without me, so accept it. He says I can live without you. She says fine, we will be strangers for each other now, as you don’t care if I exist or not. He says done and looks in her eyes. Its morning, Shlok parks his car. He sees Astha and thinks Astha is looking so beautiful today, look at her saree, I know she is wearing this beautiful saree intentionally to attract me. He stares at Astha and Sajna ve…………..plays……………Astha stops him and flaunts her beauty. She asks where is Anjali Nivas. He laughs and says can‘t you see or can’t you read. She says you are so ill mannered, your face shows rudeness. They argue. He gets angry by her taunts and says I m like this, I deal with mad girls like you every day. She says I wasted 5 mins on you, so excuse me. She asks him to move from her way and says I saw many like you. She runs being scared and he laughs controllably.

Sojal and Varad taste sweets to finalize for Jyoti’s marriage. He asks Astha to taste. Astha sees Shlok and tastes some. Varad asks Shlok to taste. Shlok says don’t make me have calories. Varad makes him eat many. Astha smiles. Varad asks them to finalize and he is going. Sojal makes Astha eat. She too leaves. The man asks Shlok to taste more. Shlok says Astha is the guest, ask her what she wants. He makes her eat many sweets. She thinks why is Bappa punishing me like this, I won’t have sweets for seven births. The man says I thought you are bahu of this house. Astha says yes, like that. Shlok laughs and leaves. Astha finalizes the sweets.

Mansi sees Varad’s messages and says I think I spoke to him rudely yesterday and calls him. Kavya takes the call and talks to Mansi. Kavya says about Jyoti’s marriage so everyone is busy. Kavya asks who are you, shall I give him the phone. Mansi says no, I will talk to him later. Kavya keeps the phone and runs. Mansi smiles happily after talking to innocent Kavya. Astha covers her face with her saree as Shlok is changing. She asks is he not ashamed to change like this. He asks who are you, how can you come in anyone’s room.

She says Anjali aunty has sent me here, I knew you are so characterless, with bad sight. He gets angry and holds her, asking her to mind her words and behave well. She says fine, don’t change infront of any stranger. She says hi, I m Astha. He says Shlok Agnihotri, your name is so short like you, you look from good family, don’t you have surname. She says I like this way, Astha. She packs her bag. He looks at her and thinks yes good acting, but I bet this time you won’t be able to live without me. He thinks as she is going, she will come to me in double speed. She leaves. He smiles.
Anjali stopping Astha and asking is everything fine. Astha says yes, I m shifting in Jyoti’s room, as I want to spend quality time with her. They have a talk about Jyoti. Anjali laughs and asks her to see all decorations. Astha says yes, don’t worry, we will go when Shlok comes. Anjali shows Bal Gopal’s clothes and says I m waiting to see Jyoti move towards happiness, leaving behind all her past. Astha makes her smile by her non stop chat. She says we will go when Shlok gets ready. Anjali says fine, and leaves. Astha says I have to see what happens when two strangers go together.

Sojal wears heavy jewellery and Varad and Kavya laugh seeing her.Varad asks whats this. She says I m trying jewellery and want to look unique. He jokes on her. Varad says I m going to office and leaves. Kavya laughs. Sojal says you are beautiful because of me. Shlok and Astha go out together to the decorator’s office. A man bumps into Astha and looks at her back smiling. He says some stupid liners and stops her way. Astha says move from my way. He stops her and smiles. Shlok comes there and holds his collar. He slaps him and says you want her number, you are teasing a girl. Astha says what are you doing. He says he was teasing you. She says who are you to me, I hate violence.

Shlok says Bhai, I m sorry for slapping you, she likes when anyone teases her, people like you. He asks him to tease Astha. Astha says what. The man runs. She gets relieved. Shlok says her lines and says come. She says coming. They meet the decorator and Astha does not let Shlok speak. The man suggests some sample to see. She says this one and says her suggestions. Shlok smiles seeing her talk. Her hair fly and he stares at her. Iss dil ka ab kya karun………………plays………………..Shlok is falling in double love this time. She asks is this fine Shlok. Khuda…………….plays…………… He nods yes.

She continues talking and he smiles. The man asks them to come and see the wall decoration samples. He shows them and leaves getting a call. She slips and he holds her. They have an eyelock. Maine khudko tujhme………….. tu hi meri bekhudi…………plays……………… The man comes back and they get away. He asks do you like anything. Astha says yes. Shlok says she said everything, do as she says. She smiles.Renuka says I m seeing such marriage for first time. No one gives us value even when we are groom’s side. Sid defends Jyoti and her family. Renuka says they are doing everything by their choice and at their home. Sid says you must be happy, you don’t have any tension. She says tomorrow your dad and sister Riya are coming. He says dad will be happy seeing Jyoti. She says I have to send Riya with the shagun haldi. Sid thinks Jyoti will be mine in two days.

Shlok rests in his room and says now this room looks mine. He sees cricket match on tv and says India Australia match, live, wow. He enjoys it completely and says this match is very exciting, party is called for. He calls Varad and asks him to come in his room, they will have full on party as the match is live. He arranges snacks and wine. Varad comes to him and asks what happened, why are you in bachelor’s party. The brothers enjoy having the drinks. Astha sleeps in Jyoti’s room and misses Shlok. Jyoti and Anaya already slept.Astha gets up while Shlok and Varad have a party. She says I will see Shlok once, I m sure he is not getting sleep like me. Varad says I wanted this to happen at this time, you are the best brother, thanks. Shlok says you are best brother too. Shlok asks him to stay back. Varad says then I will sleep if I stay here for long. Astha sees them hiding and Varad sees her. He says where were you. She says you here, He says yes, but why did you not sleep, go, Shlok is in good mood, we borthers had fun after a long time. She says really? Good mood? Varad says yes and leaves.

Astha says let me see why is he in good mood. She sees the wine and snacks left out on the table. She asks where is he. Shlok comes from behind and gets closer to her. She moves back. He ignites a lighter in the dark room. They have an eyelock. He says Madam, you should not come in any stranger’s room, and you called me characterless. He gets closer and she slips holding him. Music plays…………… He says if you have come here, then let me see you for some time. He stares at her and says for your info, a beautiful girl goes in stranger’s room at night, then anything can happen, if anything happens, its not my mistake. She looks at him. She blows the lighter and says no, this won’t happen. She switches on the light and says I came to say you have to get up early and wear Dhoti in the haldi ceremony. He asks why did you come here, by what right. He says as a guest. He thinks lets see till when you stay as a guest.

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