Curse of the sands update Saturday 7 August 2021


Curse of the sands 7 August 2021: Dolly strangulates Mann and ties he is dead. He wakes up and showing his evil red eyes warns she cannot escape now. She reminisces Pandit’s Shivji’s prasad mixed nail polish to kill Mann and extends her nails towards Mann.

Curse of the sands 6 August 2021

Mann disappears and throws powers from his eyes. She shields herself with nail polish and runs behind Mann. Mann runs into kitchen and throws horse poison bag on her reminiscing Bindu asking Jhumri to keep it away from Mann, else he will die scratching himself. Dolly starts scratching herself and reminiscing Pandit telling if it gets into human blood it will become poison again. She runs from there. Siya wakes up Ram and rushes down. They see Dolly running away and rush to Mann. Siya asks Mann if he is fine. Hes says he is fine.

He entered kitchen to have milk when he saw Dolly trying to open cupboard and bag falling on her and she running away. Siya pampers Mann and asks what if real thief had entered. He says he has grown up and would have protected them. Siya says he has to grow up like Khajoor/Ram. Ram pampers Mann and leaves with Siya. Dayimaa thinks she need to find out why Dolly ran away.

Dolly reaches temple suffocating due to poison. Pandit with his aide watches her and says evil escaped again. Dayimaa enters and says she wants to know what is happening. Pandit reveals that Mann is evil child and has come to harm Ram and Siya. Dayimaa says she has to protect them from Mann at any cost. Pandit drops Shivji’s prasad on Dayima’s sword and says this is the last prasad and she has to kill evil child at any cost. At home, Ram calls inspector and asks to search Dolly and find out if she is fine. Dayimaa returns and says she spoke to Dolly who informed that she will not take care of Ram’s illegitimate son, so as a caretaker off Sisodia family, she will take care of Mann.

Siya asks Mann to call her mom and Ram as papa. Mann says she looks sweet and chubby like rasgulla and Ram bitter and rough like khajoor, so he will call them rasgulla and khajoor. Siya thinks he is telling as he heaard Dayimaa’s words, so she walks to Dayimaa and confronts her that her bitter truth hurt Mann’s feelings, so he does not want to accept her and Ram as parents. Dayimaa says nobody can change the fact that Mann is Ram’s illegitimate child and cannot be his heir. Siya orders 4 feet cradle for janmastami and informs Dayimaa that this time Mann will become Bal Krishna and he is Ram’s heir whether Dayimaa accepts it or not.

Siya and Ram travel in car discussing Doly’s incident when Siya sees goon who tried to kidnap her and informs Ram. Ram follows goon and trashes him brutally until he reveals Dayimaa sent him to kill Mann and not kidnap Siya. Siya and Ram run towards home to save Mann. Dayimaa walks to Mann’s room hiding. Mann taunts she is so obese that anyone can hear her footsteps. Dayimaa walks to him. He showing his evil eyes and teeth tries to attack her, but she throws holy water on him and he falls down writhing in pain and pleads to spare him. She stabs him with Shivji’s prasad smeared sword when Siya enters and shouts no….

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