Strange Love Update Saturday 7 August 2021

Strange Love 7 August 2021: The episode starts with Astha thinking she is mad to miss Shlok and Shlok doesn’t care about her. She says, I said that he is stranger to me, but how to make my heart understand. It seems Shlok has taken the challenge very seriously and asks herself to sleep. She thinks why I am not getting sleep. Jyoti tells her to go to Shlok’s room and sleep.Shlok is in his room and couldn’t sleep recalling Astha. Astha tells Jyoti that he was about to sleep. Jyoti says, you knows well. Astha gets up and sees his pic on phone. She thinks what to do. Shlok thinks to meet Astha so that he can sleep well. He gets up from his bed and thinks shall he go or not.

Astha thinks Shlok can’t come here. She hears footsteps noise and goes out of the room to see. She calls Shlok. Shlok is hiding behind he wall. Khudaya plays…………………Mahiya Mere Mahiya plays……….Astha smiles recalling their romantic moments. Maine Tujhko Mujhme Karliya …….plays. Astha says, she has gone mad. Shlok thinks he can’t stay away from her. Astha doesn’t see him. She is about to leave and her dupatta gets stuck in the wall. She thinks Shlok is holding her dupatta and says I know you can’t live without me. Leave my pallu now. Shlok couldn’t control his laughter. Astha turns to see her pallu stucked. She smiles and says I can’t live without you Shlok even for a min and goes inside the room. Shlok says, he can’t live without her even for a min.

Anjali asks Astha to tell Jyoti to get ready for haldi ceremony. Shlok comes wearing a dhoti. Astha laughs seeing him struggling with dhoti. Varad and Sojal laugh also. Shlok tells Varad that his dhoti is strange. Varad says, I would have brought one for you. Anjali asks Astha to go and help Shlok. Astha thinks how can she help a stranger in wearing the dhoti. She comes to Shlok says she will do it. She makes him wear the dhoti correctly. Shlok says thanks.Anjali tells Astha that they have to gift something to Sid’s mom and sister. Sojal’s mum Jaya comes and hugs Anjali. She says, I couldn’t control myself after hearing the good news. She hugs Sojal then. Anjali thanks Jaya and asks Sojal to give her breakfast. Jaya thinks, what happened to Anjali. She is speaking so sweetly with me. She asks where is the bride. Astha says, she is going to call her.

She comes to Jyoti and sees Anaya sleeping. She compliments Jyoti’s beauty. Jyoti says, she can’t believe that she is getting married to Sid. Astha asks her to live each moment happily. She asks her to come for the haldi rasam and says Sid’s sister would be bringing the haldi.Shlok collides with Sid’s sister and all the flower petals falls on them. She stares Shlok and comes inside. She comes to Jyoti and says you are my Vahini. She gives Shagun haldi to Anjali. Shlok looks at Astha and throws flower on her. Astha turns and gives him an angry look. Shlok signs that he didn’t do anything. Shlok throws flower at her again. Astha turns and smiles. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Dun plays…………Anjali asks Astha to mix Sid’s haldi in their haldi. They pose for the pics. Anjali says, lets start the rasam. She asks Varad and Shlok to go from there.

Anjali asks Astha to mix the haldi and asks her to call Shlok. Sid’s sister looks for Shlok. Astha calls Kavya. Kavya says, she wants to dressed up like her. Astha says, you are more beautiful than me and asks her to call her chacha. Niranjan gives safe keys to Shlok and says he wants his daughter’s marriage to be grand. He says, he is going to a NGO. Kavya comes and says Chachi is calling you. Shlok asks why? Kavya says, as she is looking beautiful. Shlok feels awkward and tells Niranjan that he will see. Niranjan smiles.Kavya telling Shlok that Astha is calling him. He asks why. She says as she is looking very pretty. Shlok comes to meet Astha and asks her did she call him. She says no, Anjali wants you to mix Gulab jal in this haldi. He says whats our relation, that we have to do this together. She says exactly, I also asked her this. He says if this haldi by my name color you then. She says no, lets mix it now. They mix the haldi together. Mahiya………….

Maine khudko tujhme ……………..Bekhudi besudi………..plays………… They have an eyelock. She says you know Mr Shlok, after haldi is mixed, you can play it too. He says its Jyoti’s marriage haldi, not ours. She says I don’t any interest in playing with you. She applies him haldi and laughs complimenting him.She leaves and Shlok says Astha….. I did not see anyone smart than you, now see how I apply you the haldi of my name. Anjali does Jyoti’s haldi happily. Sojal, Astha and others also do it. Anjali does the other rituals. Shlok and Varad also apply haldi to her. Shlok sees Jyoti very happy and looks at Varad. The brothers are really happy by heart for their sister. Shlok thinks how to apply haldi to Astha. Riya meets Astha and asks is he Shlok, your husband. Astha says yes, he is Shlok, but not my husband Shlok, he is our neigbor’s son Shlok. Riya asks are you pulling my leg. Astha says no and lies to her.

Riya says he is hot. Astha says yes, indeed hot. He is unmarried and they are looking for a suitable girl for him. Riya seems to be interested. Astha smiles. Shlok thinks why do I feel like they are talking about me, and looking at me. Astha smiles. Everyone play haldi. Astha leaves. Shlok stops Astha by holding her saree end and music plays……………. He walks to her holding it and they come closer. Maine khudko tujhme……. He says how would he not apply haldi to her and does it. She smiles as he applies haldi to her face. Tu hi mera hosh bhi, tu hi meri Bekhudi besudi……………plays…………….. He gets closer and she closes her eyes. His haldi touches her. He holds her hand.

She says its not good to hold hand of a stranger. He says you should have thought when you applied haldi to a stranger, everything is fair in love and war. She says really, it means it’s a war. He says like I applied you haldi, did you feel this. She says oh, it means you are in love with me. He says no, nothing like this, like you tried to color me, like that I colored you. She says are you not ashamed to get closer to any strange girl, I m your guest, this does not suit you. Shlok does some shayari for the first time. Sajna ve……………plays……………They have an eyelock.She says thousand girls are made after Shlok Agnihotri, you just think its your lucky you, as I m close to you. She says leave my hand and let me go. She says it won’t be good for you, I will shout and call everyone here, He says go ahead. Astha calls everyone and he leaves her hand. She laughs and says what happened, you said you are not afraid. She leaves. Shlok says she is really mad, its fine Astha, I will not leave you, you don’t know me.

Niranjan is working and gets a call from Pawar. He says I did not expect this from you, the land you gave me is useless. Niranjan asks do you know the rate, you can do anything, you don’t need the profit. Pawar says think else I can do anything for my profit. He taunts Niranjan and says I have all original papers and our conversation recorded, so keep me happy. Niranjan gets tensed. Astha walks by his study room. Niranjan asks is he blackmailing him. Pawar says no, I want to show you. Niranjan says you are doing a big mistake, to threaten me. Astha hears this.Pawar says I m requesting you, if you want to shut my mouth, give me more money. He ends the call. Niranjan turns and sees Astha standing outside. He comes to her and says you are doing all arrangements well, good work.

She says yes. He blesses her and holds a straight smile on his face. He leaves. Astha says why is he praising me so much these days, he looks in some problem. Anjali gives a gift to Riya. Riya sees Shlok and smiles. Shlok looks at her and comes smiling. Flowers fall on them and they have a romantic eyelock.Shlok kisses a rose and gives her. She comes out of her imagination. He bumps into Shlok and asks is he Shlok. She introduces herself as Riya, and says I thought you are Astha’s husband, but then I found out you are Astha’s Dewar. He says what, I m Astha’s Devar?? She says yes. He says Astha told you right, I m her brother in law, and her husband’s name is also Shlok. He sees Astha coming and thinks this lie will be costly for you Astha.

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