Strange Love Update Friday 27 August 2021

Strange Love 27 August 2021: The Episode starts with Ankush asking Avdhoot to call police. Avdhoot is shocked to know he is Prabhakar’s son. He says you….. and looks at Kalindi. He asks are you Prabhakar Joshi’s son. The lawyer comes and says yes, he is the only son of Prabhakar Joshi, he is Ankush Prabhakar Joshi. Ankush asks him to hurry up and get the sign on property papers. The lawyer gives the letter to Kalindi and says Prabhakar told me to give you this letter, he wrote this before dying. Ankush says end it fast, she will read letter late. Why did my father give all property to her? He says did my dad had any affair with you. Ajju says enough and scolds him. Avdhoot says we agree you are from rich house, but talk to elders with respect.

Ankush says fine, let me ask well, tell me why did my dad give all property to this Kalindi. Ankush and Kalindi look at each other. Its night, Anaya is sleeping. Jyoti thinks and cries. Sid comes and finds her crying. She runs to him and hugs him. She says why does bad things happen with good people always. He says stop crying, come, sit here. He says tell me what is the matter, you can share it with me. I will understand and try to lessen your pain. She says yes, maybe if I share with you, I will feel better. She tells him the home division, Astha and Shlok got apart, all because of Baba. She says Baba is not that what we think, he broke my Aai’s mangalsutra and behaved badly with her. She says I was angry on Astha and blamed her, but then I came to know its Baba behind all this. She tells him everything. Sid is stunned. Sid holds her hand and asks her not to worry, as he is with her. She hugs him.

Mansi says am I….. Varad comes and asks what is it. Mansi cries and hugs him. He asks is everything fine, tell me. She says I m not feeling well. He says maybe its food poisoning. She says Varad I missed my date, I think I m pregnant. Varad is shocked. Mansi looks at him while he bows down. Astha cries thinking about Shlok’s words. Anjali comes and Astha tells her that Shlok can’t see my love. Anjali pacifies her and asks her to have strength, as its new morning after a dark night. Astha says I can’t live without Shlok, I will die. Astha cries.Varad says we should get the doctor check up done, and follow up. She asks why are you tensed. He says its not a small thing, it’s a big thing. She says I m ready for it. He says I think you need to think. I also need to clear my head. Mansi cries. Anjali consoles Astha. Astha says Shlok will understand me when he sees Baba’s true face, what he said today, I m really scared he will really leave me, to get rid of this fear, I have to be with him, so I thought to go office and spend time with him, maybe I get some way to bring out Baba’s truth. Anjali says you thought right, don’t cry now.

Kalindi reads the letter from Prabhakar. He apologizes to her and says I know I m your culprit, I should have tell you that Ankush is your and my son. He says I don’t know why I told my healthy son to be alive and did not let you know, as I should blame you and kick you out of my house. She cries and looks at Ankush. Ankush says hurry up. Kalindi thinks my son, it means my son was not dead. She reads further and says he is telling her now because of a big reason. He says I did not give him good values, I m reason for him now, I gave him what he asked for, as he is my only son and fulfilled his wishes, but I have spoiled his future, Ankush needs you, he needs his Aai. Only you can change him now, I was wrong, very wrong, but I hope after knowing the truth, you will do your duty towards him and make him your son. Ajju asks what happened.

Kalindi looks at Ankush. Ankush asks why are you crying, what did my dad write. She drops the letter and runs. She locks herself in the room while Avdhoot knocks. Ankush asks why is she ashamed, that she run to her room. He asks Avdhoot what did Kalindi have relation with my dad. The lawyer asks Ankush to talk with respect. Ankush says he wants his property. Ajju reads the letter and looks at Ankush. Ankush says call your wife and end this matter. Ajju shows the letter to Avdhoot. He reads it and is shocked too. Ankush asks will you act to be shocked, give me the letter. Ankush reads the letter and is shocked. He laughs and says what a joke after my dad died and asks the lawyer to say his mum is dead.

The lawyer says its true, you are Kalindi and Prabhakar’s son.He asks Ankush to stay with Kalindi till she regards him perfect, else all his property will go to trust. Ankush gets angry and breaks the table. He says I m perfect. Kalindi cries in her room and says what joke did Lord do with me, why. She says I did not even know my son is alive, why did Prabhakar hide this from me, I m such an unlucky mother, what should I do now and why did he give me all his property and given back my son to me. Ankush calls out Kalindi to open the door.

He says you don’t know my anger, I will burn this house. He starts breaking the things asking her to come out. She cries.
Ankush asking Kalindi to come out of the room. Kalindi cries in her room. Ankush asks her to come out and listen to him. Kalindi says what should I do. Ajju and Avdhoot looks on. Ankush says Maate, my Priy Maate (dear mum), please come out. He says how will we know then. He bangs the door. Kalindi thinks of her happy family and Astha. Avdhoot stops Ankush saying this is not your home, but mine, so talk with respect. Ankush says my so called mum’s current husband, call police, everyone can be bought, they can’t even touch me, and see your house, its like a junkyard. He says my bathroom is bigger than this, my servants are more stylish than you. Ajju scolds him.Ankush says old aunty, stop it. He asks the lawyer to give him his property then… Avdhoot says fine, take it and get lost, we don’t want your money. Ankush says fine, tell your wife to cry today and sign the papers tomorrow, I will come and take it. He leaves. Kalindi opens the door and sees him leaving with the lawyer.

Astha sits to have dinner. She serves food for Shlok too. Shlok sees his plate and finds the roti cool. Astha passes the plate to him, and he passes it back in the other side of the rope. She then passes again. Music plays…………… He rejects again. He eats the cold food. She looks at him. He just takes one bite and leaves. She stops him and asks him not to insult food, have some. He says I m not hungry. She covers the food and keeps it, not eating herself too. He comes to his room and takes a wine bottle. Astha switches off the lights. Shlok drinks wine.He thinks about Astha’s words not to drink and stops. Astha comes there and sees his shadow holding the wine glass. He throws the glass. She looks on. Saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhade tu……………….plays…………….Shlok stands in his room being upset. She cries too. She thinks about Shlok’s love and concern. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon…………………. Plays……………….. She thinks of his words that he loves her a lot. He thinks of Astha’s words against Niranjan. He closes his eyes and thinks. Astha thinks Shlok’s words that he did a mistake marrying her, now he feels she is a burden.

Ajju and Avdhoot console Kalindi. She says she did not know about all his, you both know I have never hidden anything about my past, please trust me. Avdhoot says no need to explain, we trust you. Ajju says yes, he is right, don’t worry. Kalindi blames herself as she has realized today how selfish she was. She says she did not try to know the truth, Prabhakar told me my son died, and I did not find the truth. She says its hard to do upbringing of a son without his mum, he was innocent and would have cried for his mum. She says when he needed his mum, I was not with him.She says I should have been with him, and now when I m infront of him, he hates his mum. He says he will not accept me as his mum when Prabhakar states in his letter, did you see how he was talking to elders, he cares just for himself and his money, I will name all property to him. Ajju says yes, maybe this will be right for everyone. Avdhoot stops Kalindi from signing the papers. He says we don’t need this money, its his money, but think why did Prabhakar tell you, he was helpless to say this. He says the reason is he wanted you to change Ankush. He says you make Ankush a good person. He says we can’t change the truth that Ankush is your son, Prabhakar gave you this responsibility, it was his last wish and you have to fulfill it.

He says whatever you have to do, think and do, Ajju and I are with you in your every decision. Ajju says what are you saying, Kalindi already faced a lot, we can’t make her face this again. Avdhoot says yes, but Kalindi has to decide. Its morning, Ankush tells the lawyer that he won’t stay in Kalindi’s house, use your contacts and change the decision in court. He says you know its all my property, find some way. The lawyer says your dad said if you stay with Kalindi to get the property, else she has to sign and give the property. Ankush says brothers fight for property and now I m alone, still no use, don’t know how mum came after many years. He asks lawyer to leave.

Ankush says what to do, how to make Kalindi sign. Astha comes to office and sees Anand shifting his table. She asks whats this. He says Shlok Sir asked me to change your cabin, as you will get personal space. Astha says fine, keep my chair near his table, you won’t understand as you are not married, this will be good. He says fine. He leaves. Astha smiles and sits in her chair. Kalindi prays to Bappa. Ankush comes and says Namaste folding his hands. Kalindi is shocked seeing him.

He taunts Ajju for dying soon, what the use to live so long. He enters the house, while Ajju asks him to go. He sits with foot on the table and taunts Kalindi. Avdhoot comes and looks at him. Ankush asks her to sign on the papers and make his day good. He asks what, why are you giving this look, I know you don’t me staying here, sign papers and I will go. Kalindi asks him to keep his foot down. Ankush laughs and claps. He says great, tragedy queen became bandit queen, not bad, come on, sign fast then do what you want. She says she won’t sign. She tears the papers and throws on his face. Ankush is shocked.



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