Strange Love Update Thursday 26 August 2021

Strange Love 26 August 2021: The Episode starts with Jyoti asking Anjali why did she stop her, she can tell Shlok the Baba’s truth. She asks Anjali why did she bear all this, why did she fall in their eyes and went far from her children. She says I can’t see your pain, I m going to tell Shlok. Anjali says Astha tried to tell him, you have seen the result, I don’t want bitterness to come in your and Shlok’s relation, the truth will come infront of him, then he will realize Niranjan is wrong, but till then he won’t listen even if Lord says, support us, don’t tell him, I don’t want to break down and get lonely, he can’t bear all this. They cry. Anjali says atleast for Shlok, don’t tell anything now. Jyoti takes Anaya and goes out.

Shlok scolds Astha and Jyoti comes to him. She defends Astha and says its not her mistake, she did not tell me anything. Why do you blame her for everything, stop this, please. Niranjan thinks Jyoti can tell about him and acts sweet to her. He says leave what happened, don’t take things ahead. Shlok asks what happened Baba, come to the room. He takes Niranjan and leaves. Varad asks what happened Tai, you are saying about Baba. Jyoti says nothing is fine, but I m fine now. They leave. Jyoti says she does not want to leave Anjali now, but she has to go, so take care. She leaves. Anjali cries. Astha hugs her.

Renuka is annoyed as Anjali did not invite her. She tells this to Riya. Jyoti comes home and Renuka confronts her why did she not send car. Jyoti cries and says its not like that. She does to her room. Sid asks why is Jyoti crying, what happened. Renuka says I don’t know, she went to Anjali’s house. Hea skis did you tell anything. She says go and ask her, she won’t tell us. Jyoti thinks about Niranjan’s act and thinks about Abhay. She thinks how Anjali asked her to stay in her inlaws house and acted rude to her always. She thinks what Aai did, she did on Baba’s insistence, don’t know since when he used her and she fell in our eyes. Astha has supported her always and we are her children and did not understand her. She says Aai has bear all tortures silently.

Sid comes to her and sees her crying. He holds her hand and asks what happened. She hugs him. She says don’t ask me anything, just be with here. He says yes, I m here. Its morning, Anjali’s parents are near the Ganpati. Niranjan thinks today Shlok will see what I want to show him, so I called these old fellows. He comes to them and talks to them in low tone and speaks his evilness. He asks how are they feeling here in his house and insults them. He says you will go in two days and then I will keep Anjali in my feet.

Niranjan says he will scare Anjali that she won’t accept her mouth again, I will treat her like animals like always and she will bear. He says I wish to hold Anjali by her hair, drag her on ground and beat with shoes. Anjali’s dad gets angry and asks him to stop. He shouts on Niranjan. He raises his hand and Shlok comes to Niranjan’s rescue. He gets angry on them for insulting his Baba again. Niranjan turns sweet again. Anjali and Astha come there. Niranjan asks why Baba, I always gave happiness to Anjali, why this anger, you always treat me like animals. Everyone come and look on. Niranjan asks what do you get insulting me, what I did to you.

Shlok says if I could, I would have broken your hand. He says but my dad taught me respect elders, so I m leaving you. Anjali asks what happened. Shlok says tell them that nothing happened now, but much could have happened. I don’t want to see them in my house. Anjali’s mum cries. Anjali says I can’t my parents getting insulted here and asks them to go. Astha says yes, I will come with Aai to meet you, now you please go. Anjali’s dad says fine, we understand. They leave. Niranjan folds hands greeting them.He thinks Anjali might be sad, but what to do, you are not changing and I have the habit to think ahead. Your parents were a way to enhance the hatred wall between Shlok and Astha, I regret your parents got good welcome. The pandit comes and asks is puja items ready for Visarjan. Shlok scolds Astha and says you wanted them to come our home and be part of this Ganpati puja, see the result, its clear you are responsible for all this, you insulted Baba so much, what do you want to show. He says I will not do the Visarjan and the puja, lets see how you manage now.

Astha tells the pandit that Anjali will do all rituals as Baba and Shlok want this. Anjali and everyone are stunned. The pandit says everyone has to do it, but Visarjan is done by just men, its tradition. Astha says Anjali will do the puja as she is the head of the house and its her right. Anjali agrees. Niranjan gets angry. Jyoti is in her room. Sid comes to her and gives the Prasad. She says not now, I will eat later. He says I don’t know what is the matter that is troubling you, I don’t want to force you to say, tell me when you feel like, I m always near you. He leaves. Astha and Anjali take the Ganpati for the Visarjan. They smile saying Ganpati Bappa Morya. Anjali prays for Astha and Shlok’s happiness.

She apologizes to Bappa as he has sent Astha to change her life, she did not understand Astha earlier and prays for Astha’s pain to end and peace should come in her house. Nirajan is angry thinking about Anjali and her drastic change. He says he should not heard Anjali before and not chosen Astha. She told me that Astha is not like them, but he did not listen to her. Astha prays for Anjali to get her identity back, she has bear a lot and its time that she gets only happiness. She prays that Anjali gets her children’s love and Niranjan should respect her. Niranjan says its time to take a big step, and bring my respect, and status back in this house, else everything can slip from my hands.
Niranjan thinking about Astha and Anjali. Shlok comes to him. Shlok asks what happened, whatever is happening at home, you are upset because of it right. Niranjan says I thought something. I feel this will be good for everyone. He cries and says Shlok, my son, I want to give all my property to you and want to go away from this house, so that atleast you all stay happy.

Shlok is stunned and says what are you saying, we are nothing without you, all this is because of you, everything will end. Niranjan says no, we feel the time has come, but many times a new start happens from that point. Niranjan does great acting to fool Shlok.Niranjan says I m hurt by the distance between you and Astha, stop insulting each other, I don’t like this, I don’t feel good, I m unable to sleep. He says if I go, your life will turn good, Astha has a problem with me, if I go from here, she will come back to you. He says my age is done, I lived my life and I want my children to love happily, even when I have to leave from here. Shlok says how can you think so Baba, don’t think this, don’t tell this, I need just you and your love, no matter if anyone goes from my life.

Shlok hugs Niranjan. Niranjan says Shlok if I get apart from you, its like getting apart from my soul, but life brought me to this point and its necessary, please try to understand. Shlok says no, you are not going anywhere and I will not go to Astha. Shlok leaves. Niranjan smiles. Mansi is at her home and gets vomiting. She says my health looks unwell since few days and thinks whether she is pregnant. Astha puts Visarjan soil in corners of the home so that maybe everything gets fine. She comes across the rope and Shlok stops her. He asks what are you doing. She tells him about the lucky soil to keep at home.

She says even if this house is divided, its mine. He says oh please, let it be, I know you are acting, stop it. She says I m not acting, this is our home, I love you and want you to be happy. He says oh you want my happiness, if you really want this, what can you do. She says anything, just tell me. He holds her angrily. He says then leave me and my home. Then I will be happy. Astha cries. Astha leaves. Varad sees them.Kalindi talks to Ajju and asks her to give sweets to people. She says I will send some to Astha too. She gets a call. The man talks to her and asks is this Kalindi. He talks about property and says you won’t get it. She says talk with manners. He says don’t question much, tell me your address fast. Kalindi scolds him and asks who is he. He says whats in name, tell me the address. She says she won’t say. He says fine, leave it, I will find it myself. Ajju asks Kalindi who was it. Kalindi says don’t know, it was a guy and was asking the address. Ajju says leave it, some people enjoy teasing. Kalindi says I would have slapped him if he was here.

Varad comes to Mansi and asks why do you talk this way with Astha. He says till when will this anger go on, stop all this, this will just hurt you both, nothing else. Shlok says no, nothing can be fine between us now, I also get hurt but the fact is I don’t want Astha back. Varad says don’t lie to yourself, think again. Shlok says it does not matter, the thing which matters is what Astha wants, I want to listen to my mind, and Astha has to go back to her house and leave from here. Varad leaves. Mansi calls Varad and asks where is he. He says he is at home, don’t call me when I m at home.

Mansi says I m sorry, listen I don’t want to argue, I want to talk something imp, I m fine, you need to come here, come fast. Varad leaves. Ajju asks Kalindi to light Bappa’s name diya too. Kalindi says yes, going to do that. She lights the diya and prays. She thinks about her first husband Prabhakar how he tried to burn her and she was caught in fire. She prays for Astha. A guy comes there and asks is this Kalindi’s house. She says yes. Who are you. He says Ankush Prabhakar Joshi. She is shocked. He says what happened, is this your house, come lets sit inside and talk.

He says I m tired finding your home, come. He goes inside. Kalindi gets tensed. She goes after him. Ajju comes and sees him. She asks who are you. Ankush says just sit. Avdhoot comes and asks Kalindi who is he. Ankush says the whole family is question shop, you are slow motion film, tell me who am I, I have equal right in property. He says I stayed all life with that man and he gave away everything to you. Avdhoot calls him mannerless and asks him to sit well, and did his family not teach him to talk to elders. Ankush asks what will you do and smiles.

They have an argument. He misbehaves with them and says my lawyer is coming in some time, tell them the story fast. He says fine, the lawyer will clear everything. Avdhoot says we don’t even know you, why did you call the lawyer. Ankush says you will know and hears music. They look at him. Avdhoot removes the ear plugs and asks him to leave, else he will call police. Ankush says call, Ankush Prabhakar Joshi is not afraid of anyone. Ajju and Avdhoot are shocked hearing his name.


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