To die for love Update Friday 27 August 2021

To die for love 27 August 2021: Deep serves dishes to roma and Arohi. They eat it. Arohi says its very tasty. Roma is happy to see them happy. Virat comes. He says what are these burnt rotis. Roma says stay happy.Arohi calls chawani and says i am sure if he still doubts me. Chawani says he is happy for his family. I can know it i am an orphan too. She says he ruined my life fir his mission. He is a devil. He can kill me anything. Chawani says find out where bhabhi and niku are. Deep comes in. He holds her hand and says go get ready. She comes out and sees her phone in his hands. She says why are you using my phone. He says i was getting that Arohi video. Tara says we have to be careful. Deep says i will kill her. Arohi says i dont’ want you to take any risk. He says I am going. He shoves her and she falls down.

Arohi wakes up in hospital. He says i brought you here for check up. Arohi see the doctor is same she blackmailed. Deep says he has to check you up. don’t tell mummy ji. Deep goes out. Doctor says only checkup will tell if your child is oaky. He smirks.Virat is angry. He says I will kill deep. Roma comes and says whats happening. Virat says so excited about tara’s child. Roma says yyou are angry. Tell me what it is. She asks Prithvi. He tells roma everything.

doctor says to Deep your baby is fine. Do you wanna meet him.. he shows a fake ultrasound to deep. Doctor makes him hear heartbeat too. Deep gets emotional.
Arohi asked the doctor to show deep fake report. She says give deep a sonography report. Deep is in tears. He says I am so happy. This is the best thing that could happen to us. i will always take care of him. I promise I wont go to Arohi.Arohi calls Chawani and says deep was taking me to the doctor I warned. Thank God he couldn’t. Deep will cry. today I saw a happy dream in deep’s eyes. i will crash that dream and ruin his life. Arohi says I will take all the happiness from him and then I will kill him. Bindya comes in. She says everyone is calling you downstiars. Aroho wonders why. Everyone is downstairs.

Roma looks at Arohi. Arohi says what happened? Roma says truth is wonderful. It can never be hidden. Arohi says what truth? She says it came out. The truth came out no matter how much you tried. virat comes and points gun at her. He points gun at her. Arohi is dazed.Virat points gun at Tara. He gives it to her and says I am sorry for what I did. You should kill me. I don’t deserve a pardon. Roma says he did a shameless thing. Virat says please forgive me. I don’t even deserved to be called a brother. I was blinded by love of money. Arohi says you didn’t think that when you tried killing me and my baby. Deep says forgive him. Arohi takes the gun and points it at him. sHe says I dont’ want a single gun in this house. I was my kids to live in peace. He says yes will just play with the baby. Virat hugs her.

Roma says Tara is right. When women are pregnant they should live in peace. We should all go on a holidday. Virat says you are right mom;.virat comes to his room and breaks stuff in anger. He says mom didn’t do right. He says mom can’t do all this.Roma comes to temple with Arohi and deep. Deep picks her up and goes to the temple. Virat looks at them in anger. Pandit ji gives them blessings. Roma does pooja with everyone. Deep ties a thread on Arohi’s hand. Arohi prays for her success. She says I hope I find my niku. Arohi and Deep do arti together.Deep says what are you thinking about? He says I know everything about you because you are mine. You made me promise that I wont harm arohi but what if she does something? Deep saays what can she do? Deep says you never know. what if she comes to me as Tara. She says yes she can do what you did to her but she is a fool. Deep says I will tell you a plan to be safe from Arohi. Get a tattoo of my name on your had so I can recognize you. Arohi is dazed. She says are you mad I don’t want a tattoo. You can always ask your heart. He says try to understand. Arohi will avenge for her life. Get this tattoo made. Arohi says there can be another way. He says I am your husband don’t you love me.

She says I do but.. He says please get it done. Arohi sits down. Virat calls deep and says mummy ji fell please come. Arohi asks tattoo artist to make with just ink. Deep rushes. Some men come and try to kidnap Aroohi. Deep hits the. Deep says why you did this.Virat dresses roma’s wound. She says where is deep? He says I called him dont’ know why he didn’t come. Arohi and deep come. Deep says what happened? Roma says someone shoved me. He says some people tried kidnapping Tara. Virat says what.. Deep tells them everything. Deep says I will find out who tried doing this. Virat says I will report police. Take mom and tara home.Roma says who could do this. Arohi says I was so scared. Roma says call Virat. Arohi says I am sure Virat did this. Roma says Virat can’t do that again.


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