A magical love story Update Friday 27 August 2021


A magical love story 27 August 2021: The Episode starts with Roshni saying no….. The rocks fly in the air. Roshni tries her powers to stop them. She says I can’t stop this again, please help me. Aman looks on. He chants Sinsa and gets the sword down. He holds the sword and uses his power to destroy the rocks. Tabeezi takes the antidote and throws on Salma and Phupi. They stop and turn normal. Salma asks what’s happening. Phupi asks why are you seeing me like this. Dadi hugs Salma. Everyone smiles.

Aman and Roshni use their powers. She holds the rocks back. Aman breaks the rocks by hitting with the sword. Roshni asks are you all fine. Salma says yes, get us out of here. She says why isn’t the house coming up when moon got broken. Aman says because the moon pieces are falling on the house, its suppressing it. She says just you can stop this, but you can’t blast the house, what t do. Aman sees the sword. Everyone calls our Aman. Aman hits the sword on the ground. A huge light energy emerges from the sword. Aman falls weak. Roshni says we aren’t able to lift the house. Aman says I m not able to bring the house out, if I get late, then my family….

She asks him to use his mind and say how will the problem get solved. He says you created this problem, why did you go to black jungle. She asks why did you come after me. He says you always create problems. She says you would have let me die. He says if you are silent, then I will think how to save them. She says if this roof wasn’t there, then I would have got them out by my Ayana powers. He asks what did you say. She says is this roof wasn’t there… He says if I break the roof by my sword then…, She says I will pull them out. He chants Sinsa and breaks the roof of the house. Roshni asks them to get away from the crack and get on some carpet. Imran says I will get it. He gets a carpet. He says I will get Parveen. Everyone gets on the carpet.Roshni uses her powers to lift the carpet and bring them out. The family is brought out. Aman and Roshni get emotional. They all hug. They see Parveen getting conscious. The moon rocks get inside the house from the broken roof. Dadi says our house… Aman says we lost the house, home is made by family, my entire family is here. Roshni looks for Chotu and asks where is Mr. Chotu. They get shocked and look for him. Chotu is still inside the house, with the lamp. Aman and everyone call him out. Chotu sees everyone gone.

Roshni says we have to bring the house out to save him. Aman says I tried my best. Dadi says try again. Aman and Roshni use their powers. Chotu and Locha think what to do now. Aman says the house won’t come out, its based on the foundation. Roshni asks shall we use powers on the foundation. He says no, I have to go under the foundation and try. Parveen calls him out.Aman stops and sees her. Everyone holds Parveen. Parveen holds Aman’s face and cries. Aman hugs her. They all smile. Aman says Ammi, Chotu…. Parveen says don’t worry, the house foundation isn’t there. He asks where is it. She says we are the foundation of this house, if we call the house, then it has to come. Dadi says you are right. Chotu worries seeing the red moon rock coming to him. Aman, Roshni, Parveen and everyone hold hands. Dadi asks Roshni to hold hand. Aman gives hand to Roshni. Imran says you forgot an imp man, hold my hand. Imran gets in between and holds Aman and Roshni’s hands. They chant the slogan, haath haath me… They see some pillars coming out. They smile and keep chanting. The house gets back in front of their eyes. Roshni leaves Imran’s hand and smiles happily. Aman sees her.

Aman and Roshni entering the house and fixing every damage by their powers. They look for Chotu. They get shocked seeing him lying inside the moon rock. Dadi gets Parveen home. They get worried. Everyone rushes to Chotu. Aman asks how shall we bring him out. Parveen rests. She says bells are ringing. Sara asks what. Dadi says she is ill and talking such, relax. Dadi and Sara go.Roshni says I have come here just for Mr. Chotu, once he gets fine, we will go. Salma says yes, I m always with you. Aman gets sad. Roshni asks Tabeezi what shall we do. Aman says I can’t break moon, Chotu is inside the moon. Tabeezi gets the book and looks for some answer. She says red moon and Jinnat have old enmity, but the book has nothing written about red moon, there is nothing, what to do. Locha says I know about it. Aman says I will break the red moon. He uses his powers. The moon rock cracks. It starts burning. They get shocked. Roshni stops Aman and says blow off the fire. Everyone gets the fire extinguishers and blow off the fire. Aman says this story started in the black jungle, we will get the answer there. Roshni and Imran say we will come. Imran says once upon a time, I was in China, I mean Nepal border, I learnt kung fu there.


Aman says you think kung fu will work to fight Zehraal and jinns. Roshni says you can let him come. They argue. Locha finds the book and drops the book in Imran’s hand. Imran says see the magic. Aman checks the Ayana book. Roshni says red moon princess, this book fell here, it means it has the solution, find it. Aman says its written that we have to ring the two bells fixed on the tower. Roshni asks tower? Saima says you are Ayana and would know it. Aman asks Roshni to recall. Roshni says I don’t know. Sara says mum was telling about the bells. Roshni keeps hand on the book. A visual appears. They see the tower pic. Aman asks how will we reach this tower. They see a cloud guiding them. Roshni says I think this cloud will take us to the tower. Imran says no nice. Tabeezi says its white clouds to help, be careful, go. Salma asks Roshni and Aamn to take care. Aman and Imran ask Salma not to worry. Imran says we got confused. Aman asks did I get confused.

Roshni follows the cloud. She stops Aman and asks where are you going. He says I m going to ring bells. Roshni says cloud didn’t come from Ilme jinn, I m going to ring bells. Imran sees the cloud. Aman and Roshni argue. Imran says Bhai… Aman says wait Imran. He says you went to Ayana corner to get key, if I didn’t save you. Roshni says so what, why do you repeat it, I trust my powers. He says I can’t get hurt again, I had trusted you, its about Chotu, my family is already tolerating a lot, if anything happens to you then… it will be time waste. Roshni gets angry and asks don’t you care for me. He says yes. She says I will go alone. Imran says no one will go anywhere, look there, the cloud flew away. They ask what and rush. Imran asks why are we going by walk, we can go by car. Roshni asks are you taking us right.

Aman says cloud is taking us, what’s your problem. She says I don’t have any problem. Imran says so nice. Roshni says you are so slow. Imran says Aman is getting old, he has got slow. Aman gets angry and hits his back with a stone by using magic. Imran says the way got closed. Aman asks where is the cloud going. Tabeezi is with Parveen. Dadi asks Tabeezi to have water at least, she didn’t eat anything since morning. Tabeezi thanks her. Ddai says I should thank you, you are the shield of this house, you always protect us. Tabeezi says you don’t call it a favor, family does their duty. Dadi says thanks, I don’t understand, you know a lot about Jinn, how did Parveen know about the tower and bell when you didn’t know.

Tabeezi thinks I can’t tell her that Parveen was a jinn. She says maybe some angel has told it to her. Aman uses his magical stick to remove the dry grass shield. Imran asks do you cut the garden grass this way, does this stick battery get over. Aman hits him again with a rock. Roshni challenges Aman and goes to open the route. Imran goes to help and falls. Aman goes to help them. Roshni says sorry. Aman says its okay. She says you fell down because of me. Imran says its okay, are you hurt. Roshni says she hurts others, she doesn’t get hurt, bitter mind. Aman asks whom are you calling it. Imran says you. He jokes on their fight. Roshni says we can fight some how. Imran says stop it both of you, look there, the way is open and that’s the tower. Roshni smiles seeing the tower.



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